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I was born in 84, my mother BFed both my sister and I for at least a year (me for a year and half, until she was in a car accident that put her into a coma... they FFed after that! BTW -she's fine now)

Dh was FFed... but he was adopted... soooooo...
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Born in '79 and self weaned around 3 ish. My brother was born in '62 and self weaned as well...when we talked about it I was young (mom died when I was 15) and really don't remember what she said but I think it was 2 or 3. She said that everyone thought she was absolutely insane for both kids.
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taken into Foster Care at birth, and therefore FF from day one
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I was born in 81 I wasn't BFed, FF from day one as was my brother who was born 11 years later in 92. My DH was nursed for a year. (I love my MIL, but she weaned him because he was trying to 'play' with the side that he wasn't eating on, so she put him in a crib and did CIO to wean She also refers to crying as exersize, so she sees nothing wrong with CIO... *sigh*)
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I was bf for 18 months. My brother was only bf for 8 weeks because mom went back to work and grandma kept giving him formula right before she'd come home to nurse him.
DH was only bf for maybe a few days. MIL was told she didn't have any milk.
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My mom didn't nurse #1. Nursed #2 for 8 months. Nursed #3 for 7 months and nursed me for 2 years. I was born in 1978. She didn't nurse #1 because her husband was jelous and abusive. She left him two weeks after my brother was born but at that point he wouldn't latch on. #2 she had significant issues with mastitis and huge amounts of stress and ended up having supply issues. #3 she introduced a bottle and my sister never took the breast again. I was the hippy baby being homebirthed and EN.

ETA: I don't know if my MIL ever nursed DH. Her oversupply was so extreme she used to have milk running down her legs and would bind herself. I think if someone had helped her she probably would have nursed. DH was on formula but had intollerence to the cow milk. He was switched to soy and was primarily raised on soy formula.

ETA again: My mom was raised on canned milk. Most of her teeth are falling out. She has GERD, hyperthyroid and constant sinus infections that she can never get rid of. She and I constantly wonder what her health would have been like if she had just been nursed. My maternal Aunt, canned milk too, has asthema, hyperthyroid, obesity, and had one of the valves replaced in her heart. Poor things!
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me and my two sisters were all breastfed for a year
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LOL! Most of you were born after I graduated from high school. I was not breastfed at all. My ds, who I gave birth to a couple of months before my 41st birthday, weaned at 5.75 years (yeah, I know that makes me an old fart).
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My mom says that I (born '85) was nursed for a few months, but I've seen many pictures of tiny newborn me being given a bottle of juice (!) or formula by my dad. I was the first, number 2 (86) was nursed for 9 mos, number 3 (89) was nursed for 2.5 years.

Dh and his siblings were all nursed for a year or more.

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My mom is ridculously proud of her two "bottle babies," the only kids she had. :
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I was born in 1974 and was BF 9 months. I'm really glad my mother stuck with it. She had absolutely no support. When I was 2 weeks old I still hadn't regained my birthweight so the doctor put a lot of pressure on her to quit. She'd never even known anyone who breastfed (both my grandmothers bottlefed) but she was very determined. I'm the oldest of 8 and all of my siblings were BF 15 months to 3 years .
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I was breastfed for 6 months then switched to lowfat cow milk in a cup. (1971). Ditto for my sister 12 months later. My mom says she never got my brother to latch with out causing her pain so she pumped with a horn-style pump of all things for 3-4 months and bottle fed him. (1976)

Her mother told me she breastfed 3 or 4 of her 7 children born between 1948 and 1963 for a "while" but she could not remember which ones. Oddly enough my mom, the oldest, says she has no recollection of my grandmother ever breastfeeding.
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Born in 72, FF and my sis born in 75 was also. She said that BF was not the "thing" when she had kids.

"You had cereal in your bottle at 4 weeks and you turned out okay" quote from my mom when my ds#1 was a month old!! UGH!! :
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I was born in '67, & my mom gave me some colostrum (said she planned to BF), but the woman in the same room w/her at the hospital wanted the "drying up shot" & mom was given one too (pays to ask what they're injecting you with beforehand, no?), so she said she was told she wouldn't have enough milk, just go ahead & FF. : I had serious allergy problems as a kid, & missed most of my kindergarten year, because I was sick all of the time. DH's mom FF all 3 of her kids (1950's), & they all have lots of allergies, & 1 of his sisters is retiring early on disability due to incapacitating asthma.
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My mom is my breastfeeding hero! Honestly! She was a LLL member when I was a babe but left due to their crazy parenting ideas, but that's another story. I think we were all nursed around 18 mo -2 yrs. The best is my next younger sis though, she was born at 30 weeks in '83, with poor odds of survival. My mom exclusively pumped for her the entire time she was in the NICU, nor formula for her preemie, and then switched to feeding straight from the tap as soon as she was able to. I still remember being a little over 3 and sitting in my parents bedroom while my mom pumped milk to take with her to the hospital. It went in these weird test tube looking things with orange caps, so it's a very clear memory. She was also very big on no solids until 6 months, homemade baby food etc.

DH on the other hand was adopted so FF from day 1, I doubt his birth mom nursed him at all before the inlaws got him. Poor thing his parents didn't get him until nearly 3 weeks after he was born, and he has no idea who cared for him during that time. I have this image of a little newborn abandoned in the hospital nursery left to cry in his isolate for 3 weeks until his new crazy parents came to take him away. I say crazy because they have home videos of MIL shoving cereal into his mouth at like 2 months, and I mean shoving, spoonful after spoonful. No wonder the guy has so many allergies and other problems that might have been avoided.
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I nursed for a year. My mom weaned me b/c she got pregnant with my sister and it was too painful.
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Nope with me she did not even try, mom told me that in 1977 it was concidered bad and all her friends talked her out of it, she was 18. With my brother who is now 16, she wanted to, but she told me that she told the nurses when she was in the hospital she wanted to BF, but after she woke up from a nap, she went to the nusery and they were bottal feeding him, and after that he would not take here boob, she says she was mad, but, I think if she had had some help she could have BF.
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My mom breastfed all 4 kids in my family. My older sister was born in 78 and nursed for 2 years, I was born in 80 and nursed for 3 years, my younger sister was born in 83 and nursed for 2 years, and then my brother was born in 91 and was nursed for 5 months or so. I think it thrills her so much to see me go to LLL meetings as she did, nurse my babies like she did, etc. She gets such a mushy look on her face when watching me nurse my baby.... probably the exact look I will get when I see my daughters nurse their babies in the future.

My husband was breastfed for 6 weeks acording to his mom and 2 weeks according to his dad... comes up anytime they are fighting about who got up with the boys when they were babies Anyhow, MIL thought she didn't have enough milk because DH wanted to eat more than once ever 4 hours. DH's older brother was adopted almost 8 years earlier and was FF from day 1.
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Born in 1983

Breastfed for who knows how long. I have pictures of being both bottlefed and bf, and I don't talk to my mom, so I don't know specifics.

But in my family, everyone bf. It is highly abnormal for anyone to bottlefeed for anything other than supplementing when they would go out. So to me, bf was a given. The only experience I ever had with bottlefeeding as a primary role was from one little girl my mom used to watch. She had horrible smelling diapers, puked all the time, and was always highly irratable. Her brother (older) was the same way. My mom used to rant about how her mom didn't know what she was doing by feeding her that nasty junk and how she should just give her the boob.

My mom was smart occasionally.
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