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My older sister, younger brother and I were breastfed for 6 months. After that my mom thinks it's "digusting". She still makes comments about how it's disgusting that my 9 month old is still nursing. :
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Yes! My wonderful mother breastfed me past 3 years in the early 80's....and I'm so grateful to her for that. I was such a healthy kid, and we're really close still.
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I was bfed for only a week. It was in 81. My mom stopped b/c she said it hurt so bad and she was only 17 and had no support etc...

Then she went on to bf my 4 others siblings. In 85 bf twins for 13 months, in 92 bf my brother for 10 months and in 98 bf my youngest brother for 8 months. My mom said both of my brothers self weaned....but that is b/c they also got a bottle and I think her were being fed LOTS of solids
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i wasnt bf at all because i was adopted. my mom would have if it had been an option back then. she bf my brother till he was 1.
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My mom breastfed her kids - all eight of them. We were born between 1970 and 1985, certainly not breastfeeding friendly times.

Funny though, I don't remember ever seeing bottles around my family growing up. I was raised on the same street as many of my 1st cousins (all 85+ of them), aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. and have many, many nursing memories (my own and seeing my aunts nurse). I even remember my mom nursing a few of my cousins when their mamas were gone.
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I was born in '79 and my mom bf me for only 3 weeks. She was told by her MD to wean me because she was experience postpartum depression. What a crock of sh*t!!! She said that after she weaned me she felt guilty and even more depressed.
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Born in the mid-seventies, nursed for 5+ years.

My mom became a LLL leader after my brother was born (early 80s).
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My Mom was only 20 when she had me and she didn't really know any people who DID BF, but she BF me until I was around 13 months (by which time she was preggie with #2 and experienced painful latch/dry milkness). She just couldn't see how a woman could MAKE milk and it NOT be the best thing for the baby!!!!

ETA: I was born Dec 1975 and mom lived in New Orleans, LA and moved to CA before I was 7 months... and then moved again about 9 mos later to CO.
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My brother, sister, and I were all breastfed for approximately one year (mid 80's-early 90's). My mom doesn't see the point in nursing any longer than that, but I doubt she'll say anything to me about it, she KNOWS I do my research (I even got her to way her views a tad toward anti-circ!) I'm willing to bet my mom will be a bit of a lactivist (she's already on boat with that's what they're for and why NOT NIP, which is good), but I bet I get her going hardcore on it, lol!
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All of us were breastfed somewhat - me (1978) for about 6 months, my 3 brothers (1979, 1981, 1991) for about 3-4 months each. My mom had NO support and only knew one person who had breastfed, her MIL. Unfortunately my mom had a few issues (bad latch perhaps, maybe thrush) and her MIL had no idea how to help her since she found breastfeeding simple and easy. Add that to being told by the doctor to use formula at night to help baby sleep and she was pretty much doomed. She did try though, and I know she would have been successful with a real support system.

She thinks I'm weird for still breastfeeding my daughter (19 months), but she was very happy to hear about how supportive the nurses and hospital are these days.
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Yip, both dh and I were breastfed. Dh was only nursed for I think 4 months, though his bros were nursed longer-the 2nd for about 6 months and the 3rd for almost 18 months. I was nursed for 8 months. I was very mobile and decided that breasts should be portable, lol. My sister was breastfed for a year (my mom didnt want to wean but she needed to be on pain meds or something so quit) and my step mom breastfed all 5 of her kids, from 8 months minimum up to about 3 yrs for the youngest. She knew he was her last so she wanted to nurse him as long as possible
I breastfed my oldest for a year-he kind of self weaned because he too didnt like breasts not being portable, so I just let him have the bottle. My second I weaned at 9 months for biting constantly. It went on for 2 months and I just couldnt take it anymore. My youngest is almost a year and still nursing.
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I'd be interested to see this in poll format so we can see the results visually. Anyone up for setting that up?

I was thinking:

Formula Fed
Breastfed for less than 6 months
Breastfed for more than 6 months
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I was BFed (1976) and my sister also (1983) for about a year, maybe a little more. (but mom is of the "when they can ask for it, that's the end)

my mom was also BFed-- in sweden (1948) but i can't remember for how long
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I was breastfed, i know that for sure, but i don't exactly know as to how long i was bf'd for.
However i know my brother wasn't. My mom fell really ill after giving birth to him and was hospitalized after he came home so she couldn't breastfeed him.. she was also on a bunch of meds too so it would have been risky to even try.. he was a chubby FF baby
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I was breastfed until age 3 1/2. My brother was born when I was 27 months so my mom tandem nursed for almost a year and a half. For some reason I thought I had weaned around 2 1/2 yrs but my mom cleared that up the other day I think she's rather proud of her extended nursing of all three kids.

Oh and I was born in 1979 at 31 weeks and weighed 2 lbs 12 ounces so my mom had to hand express for quite some time until I was out of NICU.
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Yes. Only child, born in 1971. My parents were semi, sorta-kinda hippie types, followed their own path.

I BF for 7months. Not a long time but better than not at all. My mom kept a journal and you all wouldn't believe the dietary recordings, it's HILARIOUS. Green beans with sugar on them to try to get me to eat some- that's the only way I would, it was claimed, LOL- and this was at like 2 months. The weirdness goes on but at least I was BF. I'm from the south and they really think that you should eat food and lots of it.

By the time I was weaned I was on cow's milk- that's right, not formula- cow's milk. Believe it or not, my mom was college educated...Emory, no less.
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Breastfed(TWINS!) and formula supplemented *as per doctor's instructions, to gain weight*
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i was born in '86, and my dad says that my mother bf me until i was about 6 weeks or so and quit once she got mastitis. i dunno if she bf me that long or not, though... my dad is old and getting senile, lol. i was baby # 5 for her..i dunno if she bf any of my siblings...i don't think she herself was bf at all...

did they not know in the '80s that you are supposed to have the baby propped up a little bit instead of flat on their back when they're being fed? i have pics of my mother bottlefeeding me with me laying down on my back on the floor!

hubby was born in '85 and was bf for awhile, but i have no idea how long because every time it's been discussed i've heard different answers. so far i've heard 3 mo, 6 mo, and 1 yr.
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Breastfed for 1 year

My mom and grandmom both breast fed all of their babies. I was born in 1967, in California and was breastfed for a year. Mom also BF brother and sister. She has been amazing support for me and my sis with our kids. Double amazing as she had really no support from LC, La Leche or even the pediatrician like we do. Just her mom. No on else she knew breastfed. All formula. My husband was ff and his mom thinks my breast feeding is strange. I can see how it can be hard to BF if your mom didn't. I am so lucky-our babies are bf and beautiful!
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My mom ff'd my oldest sister (born in '73). She was 19yo and it just never occurred to her to bf. But a forward thinking pediatrician suggested that she try breastfeeding with #2 and she nursed the rest of us for +/- 18 months each.
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