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I was breastfed (1973) until I said "No nurse. want my cup"
My mother was breastfed (1949!) until she started table food
My grandmother was breastfed (1920) until she
and so on and so on and so on.

On my father's side, the record is not as good. Even though my father is a total jerk, he encourages every single pregnant woman he sees to nurse her baby. One interesting thing about my dad's family is that only one of the three children was breastfed, and he is the only child who turned out to be even remotely loving toward his own family.
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My mom said I stopped nursing at around 8 months. I assume I was on a nursing strike. My two sisters and all of my aunts on my mom's side nursed.
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My mom nursed all 6 of us kids for 6 weeks. She smoked and thought that it would be doing us more harm than good. I'm still nursing past 1 year!
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I know that my mom bf all four of us kids. My sister C, she stopped early bcause the doctor told her she was allergic to her milk (?).: Is that eve possibly?

I think she nursed the other three of us around 6 months or more. That was in the 1960's ('62, '64, '67, and '69).

I am pretty sure her mom nursed all her sibs (8 kids!!!) because they were are poor as dirt and could not afford formula.
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Born in 1976. BF for three years, though my mom went back to work full-time when I was six months old. The woman HAND-EXPRESSED in a bathroom, three times a day, for a YEAR. This at a time when you could be fired for not wearing makeup to work.
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Wow Max now that is one loving mama .

I was born in 84 and bfed until mom went back to work then she ff during the day and bf at night until I was about a year. With my two younger brothers born late 80's they were nursed until she went back to work and then ff and she says they quit nursing way before they were one because they prefered the bottle. She thinks it's nuts to bf much longer then a year......she already asked me with my ds who is 13 months if I was going to be one of those crazy moms who breastfeeds until they are 3.....she said you wouldn't do that would you : .....I am working on her.

DH was born in 80 and ff from day one as were his older sisters. His mom never had any desire to bf and still doesn't regret it. When my ds starting having food intolerance/allergy issues she was sure to point out to me that he was bf and that even bf babies have these issues. I said well he'd be hell of a lot worse if I wasn't nursing : . She hasn't commented since she said something about weaning a couple months ago and I said "NO we aren't weaning anytime soon.....it comforts Jackson and since he can't tolerate any milk plus niether of us are ready and I don't think will be anytime soon."
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My mom BFed me in 1979 after FFing my sisters who were born in 70 and 71. She nursed me to my first birthday and only stopped after my dad took me to Montana for a few days and refused the breast when I came back. She said the ONLY reason why she BF me, was because my dad (her second husband, not the bio dad of her older two) insisted that she give me the best and offered support every time she had problems. My mom was a WOHM from pretty much the time I was born.
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My mom breastfed me for about four months -- really going against the grain for 1966. Her mother kept telling her that her breasts were too small and I would starve, so she also started giving me cereal when I was 10 days old. She never nursed my brother at all.

I think she's rather sad about it (especially after seeing me nurse her granddaughter and my SIL nurse her two), but we turned out smart enough and survived to tell the tale and it was just a different era. She drank martinis while pregnant and both parents smoked and her doctor ordered her to diet while pregnant and we didn't have SEATBELTS in their first car, let alone carseats. Nobody knew!

I do wonder if I wouldn't have had as many allergies as I do if I'd been fed differently, but there's no way of telling.
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I was breastfed for 3 years and born in 1979. Also born at home. My mom is crunchy.
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I'm the oldest in my family and I breastfed until 9 months then stopped on my own, preferred the bottle. At that time my mom was 6 months preggo too. My mom nursed all 7 of us girls. The youngest two nursed until they were 3 and almost 4.
DH didn't get to nurse. One of his brother's breastfed for 3 weeks, and the others didn't at all.
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I was born in 1972 and was bf until I went on a nursing strike at 9 months. She realized later through LLL it was a strike but it was too late. I was fed rice cereal pretty early. My brother was born in 73 was bf for about 16 months.

When my mom was trying to figure out bf -- there was nobody to ask. Both her grandmothers had passed away, and nobody she knew did it. Thankfully sshe had LLL.

Funny thing - we just learned that the lady who lives right behind my parents breast fed her 3 kids - all older than me. They are great friends of my parents but neither Nancy nor my mom knew the other bf. She would have been a great resource for my mom...her youngest is 2 years older than me.
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Yes, till the 'ripe' age of 5 years or so. My mom had seven children - me being the third. We had a joint family where shared nursing was not a taboo. I remember I was sometimes bf by my aunt (paternal) and my eldest cousin sister-in-law too.
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I was BFed for 12 weeks (1980), when my Mum was told that I was too big and there wasn't enough milk. She started supplementing at about 6 weeks though because the doctors told her that I wasn't sleeping through the night because her milk wasn't good enough. My sister (1984) was BFed for 4 weeks until Mum developed mastitis and was told by an ED dr that she was dirty and thats what caused the mastitis and she had to stop BFing my sister IMMEDIATELY so she wouldn't get sick. By the time she got to our regular doctor it was too hard for her to start BFing again (she did try though).

THanks goodness I have finally taught her to question Drs
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I was born in 71 and was ff. At the time my mom didn't know anyone who had bf and since she was still working, it was formula for me.

My brother was born in 79 and was bf for 1 year. By this time, my mom was a sahm and decided to give bf a try. My mother was given horrible advice then when it came to bf my brother. Her ob and the ped had her believing that he could only be fed every 4 hours and should be weaned when he turned 1. I remember both of them being so miserable. My mom went through a lot of guilt over the feeding of my brother because she knew that he was hungry but believed the doctors that she would be harming her baby if she fed him off schedule. It still bothers her to this day that she listened to them.

My other brother was born in 86 and my mom decided to ignore the advice of the doctors, stop watching the clock and bf on demand. She bf him until he self weaned at 2 1/2.

When I started having kids, it was my mom who helped me come to the decision to bf. She was a great support for me. All 3 of my kids fed on demand and self weaned.
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