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I had the sealants put on my teeth when young, would have been alright if they had cleaned my teeth better but because they didnt, the valleys in my back molars soon got cavities in them.
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My ds is only 6, so I guess I can't say I know about long term issues, but he doesn't use flouride toothpaste, and I refused the sealants. He will be 7 next week, and has never had a cavity. My dentist who is very natural in most ways does like to do the sealants. He feels that they are safe because they are so tightly bonded to the teeth. I just can't bring myself to use it. . .and if he doesn't have problems with lots of cavities, can't find a reason to.
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Brandonsmama, with all respect, do you really want him to have "problems with lots of cavities"? The whole idea behind sealants is to prevent those problems from happening, closing the barn door *before* the horses get out, so to speak. Waiting until there are problems just tells you, ooops, shoulda got the sealants. It's too late then. And it's a lot suckier than sealants, for sure!

My latest analogy on it is "bring on the bacon double cheeseburgers, I haven't had enough heart attacks yet!" :LOL

No pressure, for sure, you are his mom and you have made your decision, just had to point out the flaw in the reasoning in case someone else reads and thinks, "yeah, haven't had any cavities, so why seal?" I totally don't mean to be obnoxious and hope it isn't perceived that way!

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Thank you, Smilemomma, for your answers! (to this question and my other question.) Now I'm gonna post a couple of other questions!!
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Dang, girlfriend, you're working my butt off!


(If only that really worked, hehehehe)
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No offense taken Smilemama. I guess what I really meant is. . .Since he has no cavities yet, I feel reassured that not having sealants is the best decision for us right now. I have read, however, some difference in opinions as to how much fluoride really helps teeth. I would never tell someone else what to do, just need to feel comfortable with whatever I put into his system. If he got more than one cavity, I would try to research the subject again, and make my decision based on what we were dealing with at that time.
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