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Darling Diaper pattern recently ?

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Has anyone here ordered the DD pattern recently or know if something is going on with Amber that might cause a delay in sending my patterns. I ordered 2 days ago and haven't received yet. I've sent a few emails from different addresses to the 2 addresses she has listed but have heard nothing back. Any info would be helpful. Thanks, Renee
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I ordered yesterday late morning. She is not yet late with my order but I was hoping to get it by now...
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Will you let me know if/ when you get yours? Thanks, Renee
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I'm so sorry to anyone I'm a little late with! I ask for a 24 hour window on my website, but sometimes family stuff does get in the way (like trips to the ER in the middle of the night and two children with sever diarrhea .. blech!) and emails don't get sent. Before, that though, my email sever was up and down (mostly down) for almost two days. All things beyond my control. Just know that I would never ever intentionally ignore an email or payment. Life just has a way of piling things up on me at once and gettng a kick out of watching me run to cathc up becaue it must be funny to see me so frantic

All patterns have been sent. I've been assured from the server guy that everything is now in working order but since this is our third time with this same problem, I'm wary. So if you still don't have your patterns, first check yoru spam folder since large attachements often get caught in there, and if they aren't there, email me so we can get you taken care of.
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Hi Amber, I totally understand. My excess anticipation was completely of my own making. I ordered your patterns then mailed off all my fitteds and covers to another momma who needed them. I use another style for days and was gonna sew up DD's for nights. I learned a lesson though lol. Wait till it gets here.

I never assumed you had taken the $20 and fled the country Just figured something beyond your control had come up. Hope all the lil' ones are doing fine now.

My patterns didn't make it. I sent you an email. Thanks, Renee
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I’m like a mad woman today.. my hair is all frazzled and sticking up all over the place. Ever see those nightgowns with the frazzled cartoon character holding a cup of coffee and big circles under here eyes and it says “I don’t do mornings”? I swear I feel JUST like her *LOL*. This week has been a booger!
I can imagine how frustrating it is waiting on patterns when you have time to sew NOW and might not later. Totally been there. Thank you so much for bearing with me. I'm sending them out again right now.
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Amber, sent you a PM
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Hi Amber, no patterns yet for me either. I sent you an email as well. Thanks!
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Awesome, thanks Amber!
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Did you intend to send the Potty pants pattern? If not, I won't use it. If it's a perc --- Gee THANKS! lol Renee
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you both should have gotten all five patterns as an apology for the wait. I hope that means you both got the patterns okay. If you hear about anyone else not getting theirs, please tell them not to be afraid to email me or pm me. Sometimes I don't even know there's a problem unless soeone give me a holler. According to my email outbox and my email server guy, both your patterns should have arrived to you yesterday but they didn't. They patterns are probably hangin out with the lost baby socks and diaper wipes that disappear on a regular basis.

Thanks for being so patient nice about this gals!
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all 5 patterns? Nice bonus!
I ordered the bib pattern about a week ago, but I got mine in about 24 hours. I already tried it out. I like it. I didn't order the dipe patterns, because I already own some dipe patterns, and my DH thinks I'm obsessed!
The shoe pattern looks really cute, though..
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Originally Posted by kittykorat
all 5 patterns? Nice bonus!
I know-Right? That potty pants pattern is gonna come in handy! Thanks again Amber. Hope life has calmed down again.
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Makes me wsh I had ordered my bib pattern when you ladies did! I love trying new patterns! I want to try them all
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