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Squirming and stretching out my sore nipple!!!!!

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My DD is 13 Months (still hard to relate that to EBF) but, regardless -- She is driving me CRAZY with her nursing habits lately!

For the past week or so she started kicking off my arm or chest and squirming around. She lays on her tummy (while nursing) or gets on all fours or STANDS on my lap and constantly wiggles around.

All this motion is making my nipple feel like I'm a newbie again, and I HATE nursing her because of it! Her suction seems to be a LOT stronger, too.

She wants to nurse all day long still, and while I really WANT to support that - it's hard to live it. She's still waking three times a night and nursing every two or three hours all day long.

I'm exhausted.

Simply exhausted.

(and sore)
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my DD started that. It was like she wanted to turn all the way around in my lap and keep my nipple in her mouth too! She has settled down a bit but changed her nursing position completely. she likes to sit upright in my lap (legs straddling my waist) it was like she just had to wiggle around all the time,(stand in my lap, roll around) until she found her new "spot" that we both can live with.
hang in there!
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My dd is only 11 months but tries to do the same thing. Her favorite nursing position is downward facing dog!! It became too painfull for me, especially after she slipped and tried to hold on with her teeth!! OUCH!!! What I have done is simply put her in a position that is more comfortable for me. She will start squirming again and I just readjust her. If she gets into a position that is too uncomfortable I will unlatch her and move her to a better position. I have been very consistent about this for the past couple of weeks and she is getting much much better.


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oh, my dd also does that. Isn't it so irritating!? SHe did it constantly for a few weeks but now she doesn't do it so much anymore. It was like she wanted to walk off with my boob. Hopefully your dd will get past the phase soon.
Oh, and my dd nurses ALOT too. She is picky and will hardly eat anything, but milkies are always her favorite. And there are good nights and bad nights almost at random. Hang in there.
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