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Does your pre-teen (who needs it) wear deodorant?

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If so, what kind?

I'm concerned about aluminum-based ones, but the natural ones don't always work so well.
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right before toms of maine had to pull their antiperspirant, i bought $50 worth from vitaglo. its been over a yr and we still have 3 we havent touched. my adolescent son uses that. when we run out, i dont know what i'll do.

plain old deodorant has no aluminum, but it also does NADA for his and my pits.

so, if you decide to go with a natural deo, you'll have to deal with a few re-applications throughout the day.

that prolly wasnt too helpful, just my btdt.
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Dd wears secret and Ds wears something I can't recall the name of lol. Neither is a natural brand.
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Rain wears aluminum-free during the winter and scary-aluminum stuff during the summer. I never wear the aluminum stuff, but I'm not as self-conscious about some occasional odor, I guess. This is the best solution we've been able to reach. I'd prefer that she wear aluminum-free all the time, but it's her body...

We've gotten lots of natural deorodants for cheap at Big Lots, just BTW... they had Toms of Maine for a while, and then Nature's Gate Organics... all for a buck or two each.

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My 11yo does because she's a gymnast and really has to when she's working out. My 14yo was also started wearing it at 11 because she's got teenage sweat glands, lol. I think they use Suave and Degree.
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My almost nine yo ds wears the normal grocery store stuff. I tried the rock my dh uses but it really did not work for him. The boy is nearly impossible to hug or stand next to w/o deodorant..so I sorta view it as a neccessity.

And slightly OT...whats up with Tom's? I had a stick a little while ago and liked it. Why is it unavailable?
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Can't offer any help on the natural vs aluminium thingy.

DSS is 11and wears "axe" just proof of how much advertising appeals to kiddos! He was really hit or miss about wearing it until this past summer when his day camp at the YMCA posted a rule requiring them to wear it!

and a good thing too! He really, poor kid, has teen sweat glands already... I couldn't deal if he wasn't wearing it!
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Our 10 yo son wears Old Spice...
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My dd uses Dove, it doesn't irritate her armpits the way some others she's tried did, like Teen Spirit.
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Antonn uses Tom's Of Maine ... still on the shelves here. Perhaps its the last of the stock? Bran (my 10 yr old) reeks of garlic and likes it that way. He's training for a culinary career.

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Toms still makes deordorant, just not anti-perspirant...

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Dd does not wear any most (gotta be 95%) of the time. To tell you the truth, she uses secret when she does use any.
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we love burt's bees - it's the best non-aluminum one i've found - lasts longer. nak
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My son uses Degree. I don't really like the idea of it, but it's better than fighting with him about wearing it. He likes it~so I don't complain!
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My 12 y/o DD uses Bert's bees. Seems to be working for her. She used it the whole time (1month) at overnight camp and said it worked well for her.
Gonna try and see if I can get her to try the "rock", next time I need to buy more. I think it last longer, and cheaper in the long run.
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he wears what ever dh buys for himself, which means clear gel types
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My 11 year old uses Kiss my Face and Liquid Rock...both natural but also both only deodorant not anti-perspirient...

Luckily, she is scared of the nasty stuff too...during the school "growning up" unit, they had a nice talk about what make anti-perspirient work and why it is bad. One of the best parts of having a HB midwife come to speak to the class about puburty!
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My ds uses axe or tag dd wears suave or secret
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Kiss my face makes a patchouli roll-on that we use...
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Originally Posted by Jmo780
Our 10 yo son wears Old Spice...
This strikes me as hilarious. Anyway, I don't know when I started using deodorant, but I would say that my nephew started using it way too late. Poor guy stunk to high heaven while he and I were on a band trip to England a couple of years ago. I think this was when he was 14. I wouldn't think twice about allowing my child to pick whatever stink-cover they wanted, especially when they smelled pretty strongly to begin with.
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