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New poem

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I am writing a series I think about my kids. This is for ds.

Being 2, part one

sweet silent eyes
blanketed in a ball of drifted sleep
cheeks warm, barely stirring
despite the gentle nudge of maternal whisperings
the luschious depth of unencumbered slumber
strewn inside the minature version of a bed
inanimate companions protecting the innocent
guarding the lively inhabitant from self imposed isolation

I curve my body around yours
struggling to balance in a space too small for adulthood
tiny arms nestled firmly around my neck
with sweet breath delighting at 6am
the blues barely peering through a shaded light
squinting into an unexpected cheerful morning expression
small kisses, my hair tangled in your babyness
the feigned snore of reluctance
begging to sleep all morning like this
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Awww, that was beautiful!

Makes me really miss mine being that young. You brought back fond memories.

Very touching...thanks!
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I like the way you use your words and expressions

That is well written.
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I love your poem. Especially the part about space too small for adulthood. Wow, that part spoke to me on so many levels.

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