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Laura May's unassisted birth

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Laura May was born 8/16/06 at 6am after 2 hours of labor. I started having contractions right before 4am, and they were pretty hard. They were coming regularly pretty fast, and while I was vocalizing through one, DH woke up. I asked him to start timing them, and they were coming about 4 minutes apart. I still wasn't sure if this was it, I didn't want to get my hopes up. After they had been coming for about an hour and I was having a tough time getting through them, I had DH call my mom just in case DD woke up. She arrived around 5:10am, and I had to kick her out of the room during a contraction (for some reason I couldn't stand her looking at me, lol). Shortly after I got into the pool, hoping it would help relieve the contractions. It didn't help, but I was determined to have a water birth b/c I thought it would be so much better. I vocalized through many contractions, they were coming pretty fast, and then I started screaming through them. Miraculously, DD stayed fast asleep the whole time (thank goodness for white noise machines!). At some point my mother came upstairs b/c I was screaming so loud, I started crying begging for help, b/c the pain was unbearable. Suddenly I felt like I had to have a bowel movement, and pushed with it. It hurt so bad to push, but I felt like I had to. After about 20 minutes of pushing, Laura was born. Mom grabbed her and handed her to me, b/c I was on my side in the water and couldn't reach her. She did not cry right away, and Mom and DH panicked and called 911. I begged them not to b/c I knew she was fine, but they insisted. Suddenly I was surrounded by men in uniform who insisted I go to the hospital. The placenta was mostly out, but was hanging on by a bit, so I agreed to go just to get it out. I didn't want to take the baby too, b/c I didn't want them to admit her, but they insisted on that too. She had cried and pinked up by this time. I wanted to nurse her but the paramedics wanted to suction her out and make sure she was ok. I was pissed off at the intervention and being a beast, they called me feisty. LOL We got to the hospital around 7am, the placenta had finished coming out in the ambulance. The m/w on call was the other natural m/w in the practice and was quite proud of me for having a homebirth by myself. When I was FINALLY able to breastfeed, she latched on like a pro, nursed both sides for over 30 minutes total, then an hour later nursed again. We left the hospital around 9:30am, after the pediatrician on call had checked her over. He tried scare tactics to convince me to give her the Vitamin K shot, and when I refused, told me I was foolish, and didn't warm the stethiscope or wrap her back up after. It doesn't matter, he is not her dr. All the nurses were amazed at my super fast labor and that we were perfectly fine "despite birthing at home." We are home now and healthy, I am very tired. Last night was tough, she did not sleep well and spit up a lot. We went through all of the clean receiving blankets (she hates to be un-swaddled), so it looks like we're going to be doing laundry every day.

PS Her nickname is Lola, given to her by her big sister, who is very much not interested in the new little creature in our house.

Lola is 8lbs 3oz, 20.5" long and 14" head circumference.
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It's so cool you got to have your baby at home by yourself! I'm so sorry for all the interventions though. That must have been really rough! Thank you for sharing your story with us. Enjoy that new baby smell and your baby moon!
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Congrats on the UC!! Sorry about the fiasco at the end though.
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That is so great!!! I am so proud of you! It sounds like you did an awesome job! "Depsite having a homebirth" LOL! Some people... Ya never know!

Anyway, you gave me great inspiration for our UC and I can't wait to post my birth story. Sounds like the RRL worked it's wonders! I hope I get the same results!

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wow...we had a UC, and my ds didnt cry right at first either, but he was just shocked. I am SO glad no one tried to call911 on us!

sounds like you were a great mama bear and kept things as minimal as possible!! good job!
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Congrat's mama! You did good!
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Great job, Mama!!!

Sorry that dh/dm decided to call 911... that part sounds like a drag, but you got right back home & that's what counts!

Congrats, again!!!
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what an awsome job mama, you and the other storie give me faith that i can do this... i am glad you stuck to the no K eye drops.. the intervention sounds like a party pooper, buty im happy to hear you and baby were back home soon.. Congrats to you and your family
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Big congrats to you mama!
That was a fun story to read. The fiasco at the end would have been frustrationg :
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Great birth story! sorry you had to deal with the paramedics...
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Glad you had your beautiful girl and UC. To bad about the whole 911 thing. Glad your home now and can settle into your babymoon!
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I am awed by your presence of mind! Congrats on your beautiful Laura May!
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How are you doing now mama?
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Congratulations! You did great! Sounds like you were wonderful and dealt with the doctor/hospital as adeptly as possible.

And it is a good wake-up call for me (planning a UC) to make sure DH knows he is not to call 911 w/o my say-so unless I am unconscious.
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Congrats Meghan! Enjoy your babymoon!
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