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Prescription gas drops?

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Has anyone ever used Hyoscyamine sulfate for baby gas pains?

My baby screams for hours because of the pain and I really am desperate to find her relief.

I'm dairy (andwhey and casein free) for 8 weeks now and I also am caffeine free but nothing seems to help.
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We've used them with good success. Keep in mind they can cause constipation, so whenever we'd give her some, I'd always take a Colace (we EBF) and make sure I upped my water intake.

As with anything, moderation is key. The drops contain alcohol so they'll make the baby sleepy, but when she's in a lot of pain, sometimes that helped.

We would only use as a last resort, if the Gripe Water, homeopathic Colic drops or even the infant Mylicon didn't work.

Also, if you're BFing, give the drops after she's nursed. Baby's system automatically goes into flush mode when she nurses, so any meds given right before a feeding will get flushed out of her system pretty fast.

ETA: How much SOY in your diet? Get rid of it if you can. I'm still on a meat-diet (was a vege for years) because Winnie's system can't handle any soy in my diet at all -- much worse than dairy for sure.

Also, add some probiotics/acidophilus to your diet. Refrigerated section of HFS. You can also dip your finger in the probiotics powder and let baby suck on it.
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We just started using Colic Ease, it's been a life saver for my gassy boy!
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