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Limiting the length of feedings?

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Is this just not at all okay to do? I have been limiting my five week old twins to 45 minutes during the day, and 20 minutes in the night. They eat every two hours at least during the day, and usually have one longer stretch, 3-4 hours, in the night. They are tandem nursing, so they only get one breast at each feeding. Does limiting the length in this way hurt my supply? They always stay asleep when I take them off, so I was assuming they'd had enough, but maybe the extra sucking is still good for my supply? Just feeling a little over-sucked here is all.

Thanks for any info!

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I saw a red flag form the heading until I read the post. Sure, 45 mins is a good long nursing session. 10-45 mins is normal. Always liminting to 10 mins would be dangerous, but of course, going 45 mins is a lot! You do need to get up and go to the bathroom and stretch your legs, get a snack, look out a window, for goodness sakes!

You're doing a great job!
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I don't know if you would call what I do limiting the time I let my dss nurse. I can tell when they switch from nutritive sucking to reflex/comfort sucking. If they are good and asleep and I'm feeling "nursed out" I go ahead and take them off. If they fuss I put them back on and go through the same process. There are some times I think they'd suck 24/7 if I'd let them .
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Just wanted to give you both another pat on the back and for giving your babies your milk and love. And to remind you, they will become more efficient nurses as they grow, so it won't always be this demanding. You're just in crunch time now.
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I wouldn't call 45 min. on one breast limiting at all. They're getting plenty!!! Real "limiting" is bad, because a babe can wind up with mostly foremilk and not enough hindmilk, but it sounds like you have babies who just stay latched forever - mine was like that. She never let go of the nipple on her own, even once she was asleep, so I would have to "unlatch" her, too. She would sort of get to that point of suck-suck-suck, long pause, repeat, and I knew she was done!
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What a dedicated mama!

You are wise to ask. Limiting feedings can harm supply, and you are right that very frequent, even constant nursing is normal and great for your supply.

However when we talk about limiting feedings we are talking about BAD advice like don't nurse more than 5 or ten minutes a side, don't nurse more often than every two hours.....NOT good advice! (Nurses and relatives told me to limit my nursing my newborns to 5 minutes, and that 45 minutes was "too long" which is NOT true, if all is well!)

If babies are content and gaining, taking a break after 45 min. is cool IMHO. If they insist on nursing more often it is likely a growth spurt and yes THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

I hope you are being pampered by your loved ones!
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