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Having nausea one week before AF now...

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Could this be part of the reason we're having difficulty TTC? Before I had dd#1, I never had nausea or any other PMS symptoms except regular cramps. From your experiences, was nausea a sign of endimetriosis or any other complication?

I finally broke down and went to my OB GYN before Christmas. He checked me out and said I was fine - very fertile based on mucus, etc.

But for the past 3 months or so, I've had some major nausea and complete tiredness one week before AF. Any ideas? Any help you can give me would really help me out.

I'm trying to get dh to do a semen analysis, but he is so against it. He said when the time is right, we' will get pg again - just to let nature take its course.
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I've never heard of nausea being associated with endometriosis. Sounds more like bad PMS, but I suppose anything is possible. I wonder if it could indicate a hormonal imbalance of some kind--not really ringing any bells though. Good luck. -J
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I don't know what other symptoms you've had but it could very well be PMS. This was the first time I've ever had nausea as a PMS symptom but it happened. I get very imbalanced, my prog drops too much and my estrogen gets too high so my PMS has always been bad and this time was the worst but I have recently stopped getting Depo-Provera injections and am nursing and I'm just starting to cycle again for the first time since being preg with DS.

You might want to try and find Christiane Northrop's book on menopause, she has some great info about hormone imbalances, which are usually very easily remedied
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The same exact thing happens to me 2 weeks before my period starts. I also get sore boobs and cramps. I too worry that I may endimetriosis. I never in my life had PMS only in these last few cycles. :
I am going to be getting tested soon so when I find out any answers I will let you know.
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The last 3 mos we've been TTC and last month I was nauseous 1 week prior and m/c early. Then this month the same thing-really nauseous and AF was EARLY by 3 days then quit for 3 days then started again. I talked to my dr briefly at my DD 18 mos appt and she said it could be my thyroid was messed up. She said it's not uncommon in women-esp those that have had children in the last few yrs.
So if I don't get preg this month she said to make an appt to have it checked so we can see what's up!
Just a thought for you to look into.
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Nausea usually means high estrogen, esp. if the trigger of the nausea is hyper-sensitivity to odors.
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