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VBAC/HBAC/VBA2C mamas, when is your EDD? - Page 3

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Jan 31, so I would think that means early Feb.
Planning and praying Hbac.
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By my cycle, I'm due Oct. 14th. I just tell people middle October, though. Planning an HBAC.
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i just want to send good labor vibes to all you mamas to be.
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Novemeber "13"...
I went for 15 days beyond my due date last time so we'll see. I know my dates are correct though.
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planning a hopeful vb3ac in mid december!
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I'm hoping for a vba3c in april and possibly a hba3b
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Originally Posted by pease

Actually, by the wheel it was this past Wednesday, but I don't expect to go before this upcoming Wednesday.. soo... errm...

I just wanted to update that my dd was born via VBAC (or HBAC, more accurately) on August 28th!

Lots of healthy pregnancy, labor, and birth vibes to everyone!
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Well, about every two years I seem to VBAC.....

Ok, that was bad. We are eagerly expecting our next blessing on or about October 22nd. We are with yet another midwive - I've had a different team for each baby, but that's alright. My DH is hoping baby and I can wait for the midwife this time, and I'm sure I couldn't possible hope for another whirlwind baby. I'll let you all know when he or she arrives.

Blessings to you all.
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We're planning our HBAC and I'm due in late March.
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well, waiting for my VBAC any day now..........today would be good for me My business partner Mich had her baby this morning-and she was actually "due" a week after me............I have went early with my other 2, so I am getting a little anxious this time..........will he EVER want to come out LOL
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I am expecting baby # 3 and planning VBAC # 2 in early February.

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I'm due the 20 Feb. 2006. Feel a little nervous about the VBAC because it's my first time with a vaginal birth. Is anyone else due around that time?
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Hi, My "due date" is in early March. I am hoping for a HBAC, I have had 1 c-section, and hoping to stay on track with my plan. There are many people who wish me to go the mainstream way it's a game of avoidance.
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VBAC with due date of Nov 28th.
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Awaiting my 3rd HBAC late November-ish
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Vbac due 3/20
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HBAC planned for our may/june baby!
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We're looking forward to our home waterbirth after 2 cesareans in late March/maybe early April.
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Our HBAC is planned for the end of November, beginning of December. According to "the wheel", November 29th. But she'll get here when she gets here!
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