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looking for pox in PA

I'm located in Indiana, PA (about 45 minutes NE of Pittsburgh) and I'm looking for pox for my 28 month old. Please let me know if anyone around here has it!!
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Okay, my ds is going to be 2 next week, so we're officially looking for chicken pox in the East Tennessee area. We're in Knoxville, but I'd consider driving a bit. We still haven't seen one single case of pox around here, sigh. We also have friends in Atlanta that we could stay with, so if you have pox near the Atlanta area, please PM me!
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I don't know how to link to the tribes threads, but I posted this morning in the Washington, Oregon, and Idaho tribe that we have CP over here in Seattle. Feel free to PM me if (g)you're interested.

Ok, eta the link - http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=826535
Thanks ramlita for telling me how to do that!
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Originally Posted by naturegirl7 View Post
eagerly awaiting the pox to come to Florida....PLEASE let me know if you hear of any cases - I am willing to travel for a pox party!
Ditto that, I think we are ready! Subbing!
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Are you Florida folks watching this active thread?


Everybody else- have you started or joined threads for your geographical area in the Finding Your Tribe section here?
If you started one, could you post a link here, too? Thanks :
uncertain, the way I do the links is to open up another window for the other thread, copy the address, and paste it into a message here.

I'm overdue for a general search of new Pox threads... will do soon...
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Anyone in Arizona? My kids are 4.5 and almost 6 and I never hear of anyone around here having chicken pox.
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Thanks for starting a thread, Michelle- would you like to post it here as well?
(I could do it, too- either way!)

There's a new thread for an upcoming pox party in Salt Lake City, Utah:
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Got pox in Anoka, Minnesota.
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Cool! Here's Gemini's thread:



(if it weren't for your post, I might have missed the news about Shannon... )
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May she rest in peace.
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I know there is a breakout in Mobile, Alabama. I am in Pensacola and I want some, and I don't know how to get it!!!
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here is the most recent GA and possibly FL thread...

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Chix Pox in SC??

I'm new to MDC and found this thread as I'm looking for a way to expose my son to CP - we live in Columbia, SC. I noticed no one's posted to this thread for awhile, but it's the best resource I've seen so far. Anyway, any advice about where else to look or info about CP in the SC area (or GA, or NC), would be great!

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there is active pox near Cleveland, OH

Hi Everyone,

I belong to a yahoo group for cp parties in ohio - these are not my pox, so I don't want to post info here, but here is a link to the yahoo group for those interested:


Good luck!

: Melissa
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Thanks Melissa!!!

Carrie, there's a forum for people who live in N. and S. Carolina and Tennessee:

There are a few existing chicken pox threads I found just now, but they're all very short, specific, and two-or-more years old!

You could post a new thread with your location, and bump it up once in a while to keep it visible. Keep us updated!
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is there a thread for MO/KS/IA/NE area?
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Hi Christi!
I went through this thread and found three that should fall in your area:



check out post #6 in this third link, especially.

Try going to your Tribal Area and doing a search.
I'm not supposed to be sitting at the computer right now, or I'd do it for you :
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thank you Ramlita! I'll look for the tribal area.
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We finally found someone to share some CP with us in Knoxville, TN! DS was just exposed today, so cross your fingers for us! And if he gets it we'll be very happy to share!
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