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Popping in to sub and introduce myself.

I am Donna, have 8 kids and we're expecting #9 in April. So far, we have only told 2 family members, my brother and MIL. My kids are 21, 19, 16, 13, 10, 7, 5 and 2 1/2. I also have a 1yo granddaughter.

Okay, just subbing now. Look forward to chatting.
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Welcome wildthing!

Congratulations on your pregnancy. You are truly blessed!
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I've got 4 all told. 3 boys 1 girl. 2 of my boys live w/ their father. I'm also working out details to be a surro for a friend of mine. He and his partner have decided that they want me to be Mom not just surro. (Is an interesting dynamic but works for us) So, seeing as they want 2 I'll end up being Mom to 6 in a few years. Maybe more if I find the right guy.
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I thought I would revive this thread once again!

SOOO....Any of you large families still out there?
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I'm still here! And my family just got a little larger! Our new baby boy was born 6 days ago and we can't get enough of him.

Thanks for reviving this thread!
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OOOOHHHH! A tiny baby! I love them at that age.

Of course, I love them at any age!

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Still here
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There does not seem to be much activity on here lately. I thought I would just bump this up again!

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Mommy of 4 here! We are going to have about 2 or 3 more.
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I'm still here too and there is no noise here at the mo. Unusual don't you find?

Dd2 is asleep on my arm, dd1 and dh are on their way to sleep (dh will get up again to sort out the kitchen I hope!) dss are in their bunks reading before sleeping.

It snowed here overnight and we woke up to a note on the bathroom door from the boys saying "If we are still out when you wake up its because we are in the garden"

The neighbour said she saw them out there not long after 7! They built a pile of snow and made a face in it. Dd was so pleased when she got up and our neighbours kids all talked to the 'nowman on their way to school. It was all gone by lunchtime as usual

This kind of thing makes me so happy that the boys have each other to share fun with and that dd has them to help her have fun too; I wouldn't have had time to make a snowman before school!

Right now shopping is getting tricky. While the boys are at school if I walk to town with the girls - one in the sling, one walking - and we need milk or flour or fruit and juice or all of the above the weight of what we need is too much to carry. I don't use a pushchair (oops stroller) because I don't want to put either of them in one. DD loves walking and needs to walk everyday for my sanity! Babe is warmer with me and oh I'm probably preaching to the choir now.....

Things are very tight at the moment and I don't want to be using the car just to go such a short distance and pay to park sooooo I've been looking at these

I love the colour of the mauve 'Go Pink' one but dh thinks I'm crazy because basically its a 'biddy trolley' for old ladies. I'm thinking one would be useful in the summer for days in the park and outdoor pool too.

Do any of you have a trolley or similar?
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Originally Posted by SoggyGranolaMomma View Post
Shoot, we have 5 and the minivan was fine with 4 but now, jeez.

I do NOT want to graduate to a minibus. :
My 14 yr old is always saying we need to buy a yellow bus LOL
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I'm lurking on this thread... we have three now, not a large family IMO (though every third person I meet when I'm out with the kids seems to think so!). We're hoping for #4 soon, and more after that. I grew up in a family with 3 kids, so it's nice reading about your lives and getting a peek of what things might be like.

orangefoot, I've seen those carts without the covers at grocery stores... they are generally fairly cheap. Or you could get a wagon, though that might be tricky for bringing it in with you. I'm not sure what your grocery store set up is like.

Or you could get a stroller and still sling your babe and have your dd walk, and just use it to put groceries in, and then if you were in a situation where you did want to use it to put your babe down (when she is older), you have the option. Sometimes I wish we had a stroller with a shade for sunny days when I'm out with a babe in the sling who won't keep a hat on!
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I think those carts are so great. I wish I had one for each of my children, and myself. As often as we go out, they could all put their own "stuff" in it and then carry it around! I would not have to end up holding it, or trying to keep track of it.
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We finally got the van we need last week. We had an 8 passenger van, but just got a used 12 passenger van. It's an older(1998) van, and it was a painter's van, so it doesn't look pretty, but mechanically it's awesome, so that's great! I'm sooooo excited. Now, dh will drive the 8 pass van, and I'll drive it when I run to the store, or for short trips,etc. I'm totally psyched!
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When we had our 4th we broke down a bought a new Chevy express 15 pass van. We thought about getting a 12 pass but then taking out the back seat for cargo was only seating for 8 and the back seat goes right up to the door and it had no more seating then our previous minivan. I love driving it but with gas prices we only take it when we compete with the dogs. We have 4 dogs now and the crates fit great in the back and load up our stuff. We go out of town 1-3 weekends a month. We bought a third vehicle once the gas prices hit almost $3 a gallon driving around in Atlanta especially when everything is on the northside we got a 7 pass crossover vehicle that gets 26 mpg. We'll go back to using the 15 pass everyday if we have another one.
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Our last van was a 15 passenger van. I really loved it. So large and roomy. And realistically, not that much larger than the 12p. That was one of the reasons that we went with the 15p over the 12p; why spend the same money on something that is just the same but has one less seat (so we can just take out the one seat). But the "new, wonderful" gas prices did keep us from driving it much.

Our new one is a 12p. And I like it almost as much as I did my 15p, but not quite as much!
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we got a used 15 pass van but somewhere in its previous life it lost the back row - so I think it only seat 12 - ONLY -

when all the kids are together - it sure is handy....when the stepkids are with their mom - we drive around in a standard minivan.....

we looked into a small bus for comfort but they are just too expensive....
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We are looking into a 12 or 15 passanger van for when our Suberban stops running.

What things can be done to make it as environmentally friendly as possible?
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I am curious what your role as mom and you dh role within each of your families look like.

How are household tasks divided? Care of children? Diapering? Cooking?

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Fuel at $3 gallon

We pay almost £1 per litre and at current exchange rates that's just under $8 a gallon:

My dh has a contractor who is looking to sell his 7 seat Honda Stream (like the shuttle/odyssey) It's done 120,000m in 4 years but is fully serviced so we're hoping to do a deal on it with him so that we can all go out together again. We've had only a 5 seater since the summer and its getting us down now.

Our house looks like this

About 2/3 cooking
9/10 laundry
1/2 washing dishes (no dishwasher)
about 2/3 EC (we are nappy free)
1/2 taking and collecting from school
1/2 taking care of children (when I am working)

Dh makes all the above up to 100% with the help of the boys. He has his own business in property management and lettings. Most of the business is done online or by phone so he's not tied to an office and he can do appointments at times to suit.

We conceived dd2 and started the business at the same time and although financially it is hard it is great for family life at the moment because he is here to share so much joy and excitement with the little ones which he would miss doing 9-5.
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