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Originally Posted by Kidzaplenty View Post
I am really bad about waiting. I have waited as long as 34 weeks to tell anyone. :
put it this way - there were actually old friends that had no idea of #3 when i sent out email that #4 had been borned....heck, even forgot to mention i had gotton remarried.....LOL.....

my dad found out about #3 by a big fluke.....one of my cousins on mom side met uncle on dads side - realized relationship through moms maiden name coincindance. cousin made comment about my dad having new grandchild soon...uncle called dad...dad called sister, sister (my aunt) called her daughter to confirm that the comment that i was pregnant made 7 months earlier was true.....

so yea - wait til they move local! LOL
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I love big family fiction. But it is really hard to find any. Most, if they include family, are of small families that fit the "norm". I have never read "Cheaper by the Dozen" or "Bells on Their Toes", but I have seen the movies (the originals) and I really loved them.

I also really like "Your, Mine, and Ours" the original, not the remake. I did not like the open rebellion in the remake or the way the mom and dad were so . . . oh, I can't even think of an appropriate word. They just never seemed to really know the other or care about what the other did. In a large family, there is a lot of give and take (I guess that is true in any family, but it seems more pronounced in a large family), and if there is no understanding of the other, things can fall apart fast, as stress levels rise and nerves become short.

OOPS, off on a rabbit trail. : I can be very opinionated about movies and books.

On the other topic. I would love to wait until after I had the baby to tell people I was expecting, but my Mom, who always seems to live near by is one of those people that if you want the world to know, you only have to tell her. With my Gideon, I actually got away with her not knowing until 34 weeks. But hey, I could only hide it for so long.
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Usually DH and I are so delighted to be pregnant again that we cant keep it secret longer than a day. We try, man do we try....but the excitement just shows I guess and everyone guesses.

If we are blessed with another (which we truly hope for) then my mother wont know till after it is born - she disowned me after number 7 was born. I'm kinda sad about that, but she did what she felt she had to.
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Another book w/ a large family is I Should Have Seen It Coming When The Rabbit Died by Teresa Bloomingdale. published in 1979, she tells of her adventure & excitement of having 10 kids during the 50's & 60's. I laughed & cried, it's a great book.
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Hi mamas ~ has there been any talk of the Dodge Sprinter in all these 9 pages???? I don't think I can sit down and read through them all!

I've been without a vehicle since my sixth was born (my van won't hold all the car seats) and I've been exploring the idea of a sprinter. Supposedly, it takes care of the roll-over/safety factor of the large passenger vans with it's stabalization technology. I know a few MDC mamas have them......anyone here drive one?
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Hi again M: ms. WOW waiting til the end of pregnancy to tell them! I was kind of kidding about that. Well my Mom & her DH are coming out here next month to take care of details for the house they're buying. With this being #4 Im not sure I can hide it......Im tall & skinny, so in another 5 weeks I'll be showing (in fact I've alrdy got a teeny pooch....which only DH & I can tell right now). Then we'll be moving in a cpl months........not sure if they will come out again to help with that, but by June I know I wont be able to hide it. I want to share the news but I just dont want to deal with anything negative they will have to say. : I'll tell them then hang up the phone! & not answer the phone for 8 months!

Thank you letting me vent more. I appreciate all the feedback & all the congratz!

Mom to 3 : Boyz & with #4
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Thought this was funny...

Has anybody seen this?

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Just wanted to stop in for a bit...
things have been super hectic here.. im going to have 5 kids under 2 :
i must be nuts...

things seem to be getting out of control... LAUNDRY for one... i try to not use the dryer very much, the clothes just last longer but im quickly running out of places to hang this stuff... plus i still have tons of 'presents' from Jacob Natalie and Bridget to get through....

I do love our collection of kids books... we have shelves upon shelves of books... from baby cloth and board books to the harry potter series... i seem to raise book worms.. i swear the baby calms down inside when i read to the others...

as for what i drive... i have a honda odyssey.. we are soooo out of space in that... dh just got a new toyota camary hybrid... i love that thing... we never go anywhere together but if we did it would be two cars..

i feel like i live at costco/sams club... and my grocery bill is spiraling out of control...

but i love the kids.. i love the messes... the kisses and the silent children sleeping...
i just have a feeling this baby isnt our last... but i would like a break between pregnancies
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Originally Posted by queenofhercastle View Post
Has anybody seen this?

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I just found you!! Yeah....I'm expecting my 6th baby in July. I just read all 9 pages and everything sounds like our family.

As for the car thing??? haven't figured that one out yet was thinking of a suburban but gas prices are sooo high.

I have rude comments all the time made to me..So when I got preg this time DH didn't tell anyone, I thought it was because he was unhappy. It was because he didn't want to hear "Do you know what causes that?" "what are you crazy" and the one we both get "are they all YOOOUUURRZZZZ?" I don't care about the comments, people are just scared...we are the brave ones.!

I think big families are great, I have 2 bro and 3sis and soo many nieces and nephews and the funny thing is everyone always wants to stay at my house??? Never a dull moment.

Anyone do a homebirth with all the kids home? I've been thinking about it since my DH has delivered our DD and DS in the hospital anyway. I was just kinda wondering what their reactions were and if it was difficult? Do you think it was a positive experience for them? and did they help at all?

Thanks and good luck on the dishes and laundry....I'm hoping someone breaks in and steals all the dirty ones...LOL!!

Korey 11:
Libby 9:
William 7
Brad 5
Michael 3
and edd 7/07
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I have 4, and I think I'm nuts because my youngest is almost 6 months I want more already. I swear if I could afford it I would have more. I want twins soooo bad
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I always wanted twins too!! It seems like you get more for your dollar..jk!! I just love my cousins girly twins always dressed alike and holding hands they are sooo sweet.

I recently lost my Brother and my nephew (not my brothers son, my Sisters son) and when I found out I was Preg again, everyone, even the Ob said mabey its twins, my sister still says it. Its funny how a baby can turn life around it has renewed faith for our family that when something so sacred like a life is stolen, one is given back.
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Proud6, just wanted to say WELCOME! Glad you found us. This really is a great tribe.

Originally Posted by Proud6 View Post
Anyone do a homebirth with all the kids home? I've been thinking about it since my DH has delivered our DD and DS in the hospital anyway. I was just kinda wondering what their reactions were and if it was difficult? Do you think it was a positive experience for them? and did they help at all?
I have had seven children and one mid-term MC, all born at home. I can't say enough how special it has been to bring a life into this world surrounded by all the other lives that you brought into this world. For each child to see their new sibling all brand new (and still gooey). There is no better education that I could give my children that for them to see first hand what love is all about. And to see a miracle in progress.

I have had all my children at home with me for every subsequent birth. They have all learned that birth is natural. They will never think of birth as a medical event that automatically requires a hospital or a doctor. They will never believe that babies are delivered by a stork or born in a cabbage patch. And all my children know very well where babies come from (even if "how" they get in Mommy is still a mystery). It has not only tightened the bond between siblings, it has removed the jealousy of a new baby, since the baby is a gift for them, too. Mommy did not go away and come home with a rival, the baby that grew inside Mommy, decided to come out and join the family.

OK, I am quite passionate about that subject. But I really think it is very good for siblings to be there. It is such a wonderful gift that I gave my children, the bond they have developed with their siblings because they were present when they emerged into the world.

I'm hoping someone breaks in and steals all the dirty ones...LOL!!
: Me too! :
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Oh, forgot to add. I have always wanted a set of twins too. I REALLY want identical girl twins. I am not sure why, but it has always been my desire.

Maybe God will one day bless me with them.
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Thank you for the encouragement!!

I hate the hospital and When I bring newbie home the kids always say "Oh, did you get him from the hospital?" They need to know where he came from. I think that it would be a wonderful experience for them. This is probably my last..LOL..I have said that 3 babies ago. Also, about an hour after giving birth I have to go outside (a lil clostrophobic I think) and I have to leave baby inside.Hate that too!~ People have to help take care of the kids, Thats my job and I like it!

Anyway, I wonder have you heard this one before?
I sold my house about 5 months ago and was looking for a place to rent. My dd has rats (ewww, I know but she loves them,)and when I would call for rentals and they would allow the rats and then when asked about Dc their reply would be"oooooohhhh...I don't think its big enough, has enough yrd, insurance reasons" basicly whatever they could think of for an excuse not to rent to me. So, I was on the phone with a realtor, who was very nice, and she started the whole speil and said "Well mabey just 4 kids would be OK " ??? So I replied "Ok, so which one should I get rid of?" she did not say anything for a minute, then replied "I didn't mean it that way!!" Well, I contacted our state rep and the funny of it all is he is now my landlord and I live in a big beautiful house. After telling him the story, he told me how his DW was preg with their 5th child. And has sooo many of the problems and comments and such we all get.
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I'm sort of just jumping in here, I suppose. I've seven children. :-)

My last two were homebirths attended by my partners and our children. Very empowering, especially since my first birth had been a "conventional" birth in the hospital. There were just rushes of peace during the labors. And with my last one, I really wanted to show my eldest daughter, who is 13, what a natural process birth is...I don't want her head filled with ideas that pregnancy and labor are "illnesses" that need to be treated in the hospital, with 83 different interventions. She was there the entire time and was present for my partner's delivery a month and a half later, so, I think she has a healthy awareness of what a normal birthing is like.
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Originally Posted by Proud6 View Post
Anyone do a homebirth with all the kids home?
I don't quite qualify for "large family" status... I'm pg with just #4. My first was a hospital birth, and the other two were homebirths. My kids were home for them... but asleep, mostly. While I think the idea of sibs at the birth is great, I'm a really introverted birther. I spend most of labour by myself in the bathroom (mostly in the tub) and just come out to push. Even then, everyone has to be *quiet* and just leave me alone as much as possible. Honestly, it would be very hard for me to focus on my birthing and interact with anyone, even my kids. When my second was born, my first (who was 2) woke up maybe an hour before the actual birth, and my SIL (who lived with us at the time) and a friend got him breakfast downstairs and took him out to play in the snow. He came up to see the new baby once I had bathed and come out of my shell a bit. When my parents showed up a few hours later, he told them I was upstairs with the new baby. When my second was born, it was in the middle of the night, and my youngest (2.5) woke up shortly after the birth, and came and sat with me while I nursed and such. With both births, it would have been difficult to have the kids awake and in attendance while I actually birthed, but I do think that they got a sense of birth being family-centred.
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Sounds like a big happy family, My sister always says it takes a village to raise kids!!

What was DD 13 reaction and did any of the other children attend?
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new to this group...

Hi Mama's

I have three boys and a nephew that I have custody of that makes 4 in our house. And another boy who doesn't live with me but has been calling me "mommy" for about 6 yearsMostly I'm a single mom(not working out with baby's father) , but want to have more kids (possibly a girl ) in the future-find the right guy LOL Would love to adopt too, but $20,000 is sooo much $. I think its a crime for them to charge so much. Its no wonder there's so many in orphanages
Anyway I read a few pages of this long thread and love the ideas and sympathize with things such as the Mountain of laundry especially since my washer broke completely a few weeks ago! We we're riding illegally for a while with a small two door car, but in Aug. got a dodge durango..it was so nice to have enough room.

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Bumping and lurking.

Three girls here, but TTC and hopeful for a large family.
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