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Will you be doing this again??

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Will you be doing this again?? Having another baby I mean.
I thought for sure it would be years before amnesia kicked in and I'd even entertain another pregnancy. We'd talked about how we will go about adopting a baby or older child.

And now, I can't wait to be in labor again, about to welcome another baby.

I am scared to death of the morning sickness I had this time. But labor was just so awesome, and for the first time I fell instantly in love with my new baby (sadly that didn't happen for months with baby #1, and not until some time after his first birthday for #2 ). I'm just giddy with baby ga-ga-ness this time, and I can't imagine not experiencing it at least one more time.

Anybody else gonna have more? Or is it too soon to even consider it yet?
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I'm not even UN-pg yet and I know we'll do this again... just give me about 3 years (really). I would like an even bigger age gap than I have now (this is the longest I've had even) - and then it'll probably be our last baby unless something changes and makes this our last baby.
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Yea, we'll be dong it again at least once. Honestly though, I'm so not at that point of being excited about it yet. BUT, when the time is right - I will be totally excited, taking a million pee tests to confirm, etc. But right now, I'm still totally trying to adapt to 2 children. It definitely hasn't been as easy as I thought it would be. (who thinks ahead to get 2 kids down for a nap anyway? ) Though I've discovered I'm way more creative than I thought.

So, yes, we'll be doing it again. But, it will be at least 2 years, but maybe more like 3. And, as much as I love August babies - I hope to plan for a May baby so that dh will be home for the entire summer with us!
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Originally Posted by peilover010202
But right now, I'm still totally trying to adapt to 2 children. It definitely hasn't been as easy as I thought it would be. (who thinks ahead to get 2 kids down for a nap anyway? )
Going from 1 to 2 was a HUGE adjustment for us. Going from 0 to 1 I found lonely, since I was alone at home with the baby a lot. But going from 2 to 3 seems to be relatively easy, if you don't count the need for a new car! Then again, it may have a lot to do with the age of the other child/ren and their temperaments.
Ryan stopped taking naps the day Nate was born. But today he was just so tired that we got 2 pages into a book (we'd been reading long books together during A.J.'s naps while I nurse Nate) and he said "I think I want to take a nap today". Nate fell asleep shortly after that. So ALL THREE were napping simultaneously. Of course I couldn't bring myself to do anything constructive because I was too thrilled they were all asleep, so I watched tv and ate a sandwich and a bowl of cereal .
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I dfinitly want at last one more. I'm scared of hyperemsis again.
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Still pregnant but KNOW I want more and don't care how soon either. I have loved pregnancy, even the hard parts...of course I haven't had LABOR YET but I can't see anything changing my mind. I wouldn't be sad if I were pregnant in 6 months!
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I'll have to be the odd one out. We're planning for ours to be an 'only,' although we would like to do fostercare at some point well into the future. I have had an incredible pregnancy thus far and have really tried to savor every bit of it, but I have intense feelings that one is the perfect number for us. I know I'll miss this awesome feeling of growing a whole new person.
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hard to say. i've never planned a pregnancy!! dh didn't really want kids and both of our angels are mistakes. i think it would be nice to actually plan a pregnancy, say yeah lets try, purposely have to do stuff. at this point tho we shouldn't have another because of the strain on the budget its going to create (even now with just one) but maybe if dh gets promoted the way he has been in 5 or 6 years he will be bonded soooo well with his children that we will want to bring another child into the world. and of course by that time it will be a whole NEW way of coping cause it will be having 2 in school (or almost) and then just one at home again!!!

long story short...we aren't planning it....but that hasn't stopped us!!
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I definitely want another one when ds is out of diapers....or weaned....or both.... I hated being an only child...very lonely for me. And I want another chance at pregnancy where I wasn't so stressed out and unhappy to enjoy it.
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This is it for us. I am sad I will never birth another baby but I can't handle the stress and worry about losing another pregnancy, add to that DH's "advanced" age. I am really happy with the 2 and when Kienen was born felt our family was complete

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This is our last one. My dh will go for the big snip soon. I'm almost 35 and my body does weird things when I'm pg, so we're counting our blessings with 2 healthy kids. I may consider foster care/adoption when these two are older but for now, we are just going to enjoy our little ones.
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This is it for me *sniff, sniff.* Unless, of course, we have an oops baby! Dh is done. I made him agree to four before I married him (he only wanted 2 and I wanted at least 6). He's kept up his end of the bargain, so I guess I need to as well.
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Not sure... when I was pg with dc2, we said "one more, maybe two" then after dc2 was born, dh said, "can we have two more?" and I said yes. After dc3 was born, I wasnt sure I wanted to do it again (dc1 is old enough that dc2 was like an only and so having dc3 so close really threw me). Anyway, dh has always said he'd have as many as Im willing to have. I finally decided I DID want #4 and here I am pg. But for some reason, I keep thinking five.... which is really weird cuz a few months ago I wasnt sure about having number four. I also keep thinking/hoping for twins so I can be "done" after this pregnancy. I dont know why I feel like that. I just feel like Im SUPPOSE to have two more babies.....
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We'll be doing this again...the plan is to have 4 children of our own...BUT not again for several years. I'd ideally like to wait until dd1 has started kindergarten and dd2 (who is stubbornly still inside) is out of diapers. I just want some time to spend with my girls, without worrying about pregnancy or another infant, you know?
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We'll be doing this one more time, God willing. DH turns 40 in a week, so we're hoping to conceive the next one in about two years time.....
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oh no : I actually went in for my iud today
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I will join secretresistance's team and say we're thinking of only having one...but we'll have to see how we feel a couple years from now and where our lifestyle has taken us...

this pregnancy has really made me re-think a lot of things, including life priorities, so I might change my mind about how many kids...work really becomes less important when you have babies (or you're about to have a baby) in your life...
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after the events of this pg,hospital stay,stress on the other kiddies,we said we would be done.well now that Ollie is here and I stare into his eys as he nurses or I feel his little hand searching for me in the night,my heart just melts and the thought of being 'done' just brings me to tears!!!
I think i could probably sway dh but I tell you one thing,getting three out of the house without one of them injuring another(or me being tempted to leave them behind!!!)is quite a challenge.that being said,Ollie is only 11 days old.I am sure it will all come together...probably just as I decide to throw a spanner in the work and do it all over again
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I am really thinking this is it for us. I don't feel sentimental about this being supposedly the last baby, but I'm sure I will later.
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Oh H-E-L-L no! 4 is definitely enough. Plus, my body does not carry pg well. And after 4, I'm thoroughly convinced that my pelvis isn't designed to birth well. All four deliveries have sucked big time. This last one was by far the worst. No WAY am I doing this again. DH has an appt for getting snipped next week.

Oh, and don't get me wrong, I love the idea of being pregnant and birthing babies. Unfortunately, my body just doesn't agree.
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