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Who's left?

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So many babies have been born and its only the middle of the month! So, who's still pregnant?

I am and I have a little over a week until my due date, but I am so ready right now (especially reading all these birth stories)!
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I'm still here. I have 3 days until my due date. I'm struggling between my belief that our bodies know what they're doing - and panic when I bite down too hard and have a shooting pain in my mouth. Calm and panic - there's seems to be no in between! LOL. Oh well. It'll be okay. In the whole scheme of things - a toothache is not a big deal. Birthing a baby is.
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Still here...my due date is a week away. My patience officially disappeared about 4 days ago especially since this baby has decided that my intestines are a nice place to rest her head, thereby making it impossible for me to, ahem, go. And oh, how I miss going!!! Never will I take it for granted again
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9 days to my due date and I'm still here...
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10 days till my due date :
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Still here, I was "due" 8/16.
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Me! Eight days "late" and feeling like maybe the time is approaching. Could just be wishful thinking though. It's hard to be patient with all of these exciting birth announcements streaming in.
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I'm still here! My due date is today. I think that I am going to be pregnant for at least another week, though.
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norajane- it's my due date today too!!!

Of course with the twins they consider me postmature but I had my NST today and the babies looked great! So I will patiently wait until they are ready...
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Due the 21isht.
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I was due on the 11th.....
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I'm due the 22nd...
b/h and crampiness are picking up and I think I lost part of my plug (but no blood) this morning!
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My EDD is SUnday, but I think I'm in the early stages of labor now....not for absolutely sure, but I've had contractions for the last several hours, although they are mild. I am still walking and talking through them. Called my folks, though and made them promise not to be mad if it's not the real thing! they live 1 1/2 hours away, so it's better safe than sorry!
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Originally Posted by Zuri'smom
My EDD is SUnday, but I think I'm in the early stages of labor now....
Lots of luck!
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Hi! Still here!

: Just waiting (trying to be patient - at least I have managed to get the teeniest bit nicer). My EDD is tomorrow. My MW said she thought I would go close to my dd, but not too far after. Considering dd was exactly 2 weeks late, I will be happy if I don't have to do the whole late U/S to check fluid, NST thing.

Some crampy bh stuff, some clear to yellowish mucous here and there, but nothing really definate going on here.
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i'm still here, too, due on Monday

cranked out my last official day of work today, whew! brought a bit home with me, but will survive if it doesn't get done...big relief to be done with that

SIL's wedding tomorrow, then I'm free and clear of all obligations YAY!!!!!!! that mean's time for baby to come, yes?

the phone calls began today...grandparents, other SIL, step-mom..."just checking in..." I'm afraid to call anyone because I don't want them to freak out and think I'm in labor

still feeling OK, BH are beginning to ramp up but that's about it
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Having severe cramping today but still here. I was also due the 16th so I feel ya wyseamom and Melaya!
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Still here. Not due until Wednesday, but very impatient, b/c I will be induced on Wednesday if she's not here yet (high-risk perinatologist talked us into it for a blood clotting issue, and I'm not willing to fight or pull an AMA quite yet)

So, I really want her to be here before Wednesday, so we can have a "natural" birth. No GIO with my pelvic pain, but this weekend, I may muster through it.

I keep telling myself that regardless of anything, I will have a baby in a week... that's hopeful, at least.... :
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I'm here. Due the 20th. No, I have no intuition as to when I'm going into labor, so don't ask. : I swear if another person asks me..
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I am due August 31st and he isn't showing signs that he'll be coming any earlier.
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