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Wearing your own clothes, undergarments, and cloth in hospital

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Our Bradley teacher, who is also a doula, recommended last night that we just use the hospital gowns since your clothing can get so messy during labor. Also, she highly recommended using the mesh panties and disposables that the hospital gives you since lochia is so heavy with large clots. Anyone with experience got an opinion here? I was thinking I'd take my own gown, panties, and cloth pads.
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Hospital gowns aren't known for being particularly good at covering *anything*.
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I've heard the mesh panties are great. Expandable, breathable, and you don't have to worry about staining them.

The gown, whatever you're comfortable in. i'd probably want to change to my own clothes after labour (if i worn the Hospital gown) You may end up with nothing on at all if that is what you want.
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I was glad to wear the hospital gowns and use the disposable undies. It truly is a mess, giving birth and the afterbirth bleeding. It would have ruined any of my clothes. My opinion is why would I want to wear my own clothes only to get them completely bloody? Why would I want to have to clean them? After childbirth, the easier you can make things, the better. Just wear what the hospital gives you and let them worry about cleanup. You won't really care about what you are wearing afterward anyway. You will more concerned about the baby and your well being. And, hospital gowns are easy to replace while you are in the hospital. If they get soiled, just ask the nurses for another one.

But, I would bring some extra pads, not the menstrual ones and definitely not cloth. Get some of the large, bladder control pads from the drug store. They are the only thing close to what the hospital will give you and you will need something large. The hospital pads I got immediately after child birth were huge, bigger than any menstrual pad. For at least a couple of days, you will need some HUGE pads. After that, regular large menstrual pads will be fine and I imagine that cloth will suffice as well as disposable.

Regular bikini underwear, which I prefer, won't do either. I had bought waist high cotton undies just in case and I was glad I did. I wore the large undies with super sized menstrual pads for a few weeks while I wore pads, healing. You should also buy some latex or equivalent gloves. They are great for filling with crushed ice to put between your legs. You can throw them out or wash them when you are done. Also, an inflatable cushion, available at a drug store or the hospital may give you one, is a god send.
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Originally Posted by sapphire_chan
Hospital gowns aren't known for being particularly good at covering *anything*.
You can get two, one for front and one for back. That is what I did and I had no issues with privacy at all. They even gave me a hospital robe and socks.
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I was at home, but honestly it wasn't messy...

I changed pads often the first couple of days, but you're up often anyway what with a baby that wants to nurse and all that peeing....

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I definately reccomend the mesh panties. They work well and you WILL ruin your own if you use them. I bring my own robe but I wear the hospital gown too. They even gave me some really comfy socks.
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Originally Posted by NaomiLorelie
They work well and you WILL ruin your own if you use them.
How odd... I didnt even stain anything.... at all...

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oh man. i'd definitely wear whatever they give you. if you sit or lie down for any amount of time postpartum, especially nursing the wee one, when you stand up you'll GUSH blood. at least, the first 24 hours or so. it's horrendous and messy. i was so thankful i was wearing those mesh panties and a hospital gown. i changed into my own stuff the morning before we went home but by then, a heavy-flow pad and some snug undies kept everything under control.
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I think if you wear your own you will be more comfortable. I do recomend the mesh panties, so breathable.
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My clothes have never gotten messy during labor. I'm most comfortable in my own clothing, rather than an "institutional gown." You're not sick I would also use my own pads, because I can't stand the disposable style pad's chemicals. Best wishes on your birth
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I think it's an "in your head" issue. Personally, I'm more comfortable using hospital supplies - I don't have to worry about staining them or losing them. The only clothes I'm bringing for myself and the baby are to go home in. I don't have issues with feeling like a patient if I'm wearing hospital stuff.

But if you think you'd be out of your element in hospital stuff, by all means, bring your own. Be prepared to keep track of it or be willing to lose some of it. I'm not saying you will lose it, but there is a chance.
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Originally Posted by alegna
How odd... I didnt even stain anything.... at all...

I think you got lucky (be thankful!). With amniotic fluid leaking all during labor (stained with meconium) and blood coming out also, I stained everything I came near during labor. I brought my nice pillows from home (with nice, soft 400 thread count cotton cases) and they were all bloodied up. Afterward I used their mesh undies and pads (comfy and free), but wore all my own gowns.
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DD was born in a hospital, and I brought all my own pillows, blankets, food, clothes etc. I labored in a t-shirt until I got in the tub, and was just wearing a sports bra in the tub & to deliver in. My water didn't break until just before she crowned so there was no mess at all! After the birth, I put on the mesh undies and one of thier pads and then a pair of shorts I brought. I hated their mesh undies. They must be one-size-fits-all because they were constantly falling off and the pad was constantly shifting. I just used some old granny panties I had brought and didn't mind staining, but they didn't get stained at all. I used the hospital pads for maybe 3 days but I hated how they were so wide I had to waddle. I just used the long overnight maxis and they worked fine. I was glad I had my own clothes, I would have hated being in a hospital gown, especially since all the family was there and I would have been afraid of accidentally flashing body parts while moving around!
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i used the mesh panties and their pads......but I wore my own nightgowns, i also had ds in his own clothes to.
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I didn't mind using the hospital stuff for labor and for the day or so after delivery. It was nice to not have to worry about cleaning anything extra. I did wear my own nightgowns afterwards just because they were more comfortable for me. But the mesh panties and pads they provide, awesome!! I used them the whole time and took everything extra I could find in the room home with me!! (I figure you pay for it reguardless, mine as well use it!)
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I did to.....those mesh underwear were great for the first day at home to.....after that i used my normal pads and maternity underwear, until the swelling went down then i had to go back to my prepregnancy underwear to keep my pads snug.
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I think it's all about what you're most comfortable with.

I birthed at home, but of course a lot of people use disposables even at home. I used less and less disposable stuff with each successive birth. I don't like the look and feel of disposables at all, so for me it's a comfort issue. For my last (fourth) I used all cloth -- nightgown until I got really hot, my own underwear, towels, and cloth pads. I gave birth on top of a pile of blankets. For the first couple of days, I mostly just sat on towels (I really only got up to go the bathroom.) And then the cloth pads were sufficient. ETA: I didn't have trouble with staining, hydrogen peroxide is great for getting out blood.

You might find this relevant:

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I never wore any gown DURING labor. I walked around in my clothes I came in with (comfy sweats) til the contraction got real hard then I felt like being naked and so I was naked until dd was born. then I was a little chilly so I put something on. The mesh panties are actually really cool. your vagina area will be sore and the panties are real comfy and they hold the giant pad in well. If you wanted to use your own pads, I don't see why not but they had these special pads that turned into ice packs that were very comforting to me. I stole the mesh panties and ice pack pads and took a bunch home.
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all i know, is that the next birth I have, if i can't be at home, i will be wearing my own clothes again during the birth and pp......I might use their pads, i may use mama pads.

The mesh panties are actually really cool. your vagina area will be sore and the panties are real comfy and they hold the giant pad in well.
I second this, i loved the boy leg style of them, they didnt place any pressure on the sensitive areas, I had a 2nd degree tear, so that was especially important. They were also very comfy on my stomach, and I kinda credit the comfy support of them and bf to my quick shrinking of my belly.
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