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Bummer, I hate plane changes. IMHO that's one of the worst parts about traveling.

Have you looked to see if there's a flight which stops but doesn't require you to change planes?

Good luck!
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i will say that in my experience, all pps are right, and all are wrong. IME, it compeletely depends on the flight crew and on-ground staff. I've been told that I bought the extra seat, one child (even though he wasn't sitting up - he was 3 months old) needed to be strapped in to the seatbelt when on the trip out, I was told that both babies needed to be held in my lap facing forward. I tried bringing on my Peg Prego infant seat, and it wouldn't fit in the seats - AT ALL. I've had helpful flight attendants, and those that want to know why I didn't bring my carseats for two twins, a singleton, and a dog - when I'm flying by myself - and THEN tell me that the flight attendant's union forbids them from helping to carry or install the carseats due to liability reasons. It has been a total crapshoot as to if the flight is peaceful or a disaster.

To the horror of many, I do not bring my carseats. I've seen the statistics, and for me, bringing the carseats is just not worth the hassle. The risk/benefit is just too low. I did bring it once (was shamed after reading so many posts here) and had to gate check it anyway. I have a greater chance of backing over my children with my car getting out of my driveway than turbulance severe enough to kill them. And when was the last US plane crash? And if you're going to nurse your children, either they or you will be out of the carseats/seatbelts, and there goes the "unexpected turbulance" benefit of the carseats.

Now that behavior profiling is being rolled out, I just want to get through the airport, to the plane and on my way. I don't want to have to fight any regulations, prove any points, bring any FAA-issued materials lest I get pulled off the fight as a risk. I argued with the flight attendant about my not-yet-sitting child not being safe and she pulled the "FAA regulations require passengers comply with all crew member instructions" cra* on me. So fine, whatever.

We fly all the time. Some flights are good. Some are bad. But nothing has ever been so bad as to keep me from flying. I think attitude and flexibility make all the difference. Think the trip is going to be a nightmere, worry about it for months, and watch it turn out to be a nightmere. Go with the 'whatever happens, happens' attitude, and probably not so bad. And I did get some good stories out of the deal.

Like the time my 5 month old had a blow-out, up the back, in the hair, poopy diaper. In the bording area. As we were about to be the last ones on the plane. I flipped him on the floor, whipped off his sleeper/diaper/onesie, wiped him up, tossed everything into a ziploc bag (the one my wipes came in! Yes, I had to use my ENTIRE supply of wipes) and tossed it in the trash. And made it on the plane with the door closed behind me.

Sorry to make this a novel. I just got home from flying today. After a 4 hour delay, 3 gate changes, and 3 tired, cranky kids. And am already thinking about flying again for Thanksgiving.

Good luck with your trip!
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ACK! You've had a long day.

I never bring my carseats either. I check them with baggage, but I have enough to haul around and worry about. I can't bring the bulky carseats. I've never gotten any trouble like that.

I always pack an extra-light overnight bag that has things like extra onesies, diapers, underwear, and toothbrushes, just bare necessities in case we end up getting delayed and having to stay overnight without our luggage.
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We traveled with our girls at this age. We didn't purchase an extra seat, but planned to ask at the check-in if there were any open seats. On the way there (Phoenix), there were no extra seats, so we held them on our laps....MISERABLE!!! : But, on the way home, it was not a full flight, so we got to take both carseats on. You can decide at the gate (if it's a full flight) to have them take your carseats from you (this was 3+ years ago). They'll take them like they'll take your stroller and make sure it gets on the plane. The way home...they slept most of the way, and when awake did quiet activities just like if they were in the car. They were not cuddly, want-to-be-held babies, so being held for 3 or more hours (when they'd just learned to walk) was torture for them. I don't know how you feel about TV, but I WISH we had our portable DVD player back then!!! They would watch a movie or two and probably fall asleep on our laps or something, or at least be still for a while. Lots and lots of fun, interesting, wierd things and snacks. "Wierd" things like texture balls, something small that they can open and close with a little surprise inside, mini-magna doodles, magnets, etc.
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I also would not recommend flying with ANY children not seated in a safety seat!

We are a flying family. We fly all the time. We have ALWAYS had our kids in their car seats on the plane. There has never been a time when we were not able to get a seat (infant block) for any of our kids when they were under 2.

We fly with four kids and until recently we have had to carry all four car / booster seats with us. We would never consider not using them.

As far as keeping the children content on the plane... use small trinkets or toys or books that they have not seen before. That will keep them interested longer.

As far as diaper changes, there are diaper changing pull-downs in many airplane restrooms now-a-days. I have even had to use the airplane seat (gross, but there was no other option).

It is correct that you cannot have two lapbabies in one row. Once, I had to take one of our older kids to the restroom and I gave "my" twin to DH in another row. The flight attendant came over and said we could not do that. I asked her what she thought I was going to do with my baby while I took my daughter to the restroom... she looked around, found a face she liked (I guess) and said, "I'm sure this lady here wouldn't mind holding him!" UH... I don't think so!
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