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I forgot...

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how sweet the top of a baby's head can smell!

And how cute their little toes are.

OK, carry on.
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actually, mine's smelling a little...funky. He really needs a bath : With the first two, the day the cord stump fell off we celebrated by bathing. The third time...his cord fell off several days ago and he has yet to be bathed.
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I love that intense newborn stare when they are quiet, still and just soaking in your face. They look you right in the eye and stare at you when you talk as if to say "Hey, I know you!"

I also love how she sniffs, snorts and grunts when she is about to latch on and eat.
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i had no idea their toenails were so small. it looks like ds will be 26 before his baby toe ever needs to be trimmed!
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Andrew's smile, melts my heart and heals my soul
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