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I'd like to introduce myself...

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Hello, everyone! My name is Karen and I'm a 28-year-old SAHM to three beautiful daughters. Haven is 2 & 1/2 and Lillie and Faith are 3 & 1/2 months old. We just found out through DNA testing that the babies are monozygotic! Such a surprise for us since they each had thier own placenta, chorion and amnion!

We found out at 8-weeks that I was carrying twins and it's been an emotional rollercoaster since then. The girls were born vaginally at 38 weeks, 3 days and weighed in at 6 lbs. 13 oz. and 7 lbs. 1 oz.!!We co-sleep with the babies and our older dd and the babies are exclusively bf'd.

I'm SO EXCITED to find kindred spirits to share the twin experience with.

Haven 9/2000
Lillie & Faith (MZ) 12/2002
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Nice to meet you, Karen! I will introduce myself as well . . .

My name is Lex, and I am a 22-year-old SAHM to Jasper and Lukas whom we mostly call Jazz and Luke. They are five-week-old fraternal twin boys. We found out at 6 weeks that we were having twins, but I had a premonition that we would the night before I got pregnant. In fact, I was so sure that I was having twins that when we went in for the u/s to find out and only one baby showed up on the screen I said, "But where's the other one?!" The technician moved the wand, and there he was! Jazz and Luke were born at 38 weeks, 2 days via c-section (they were both breech). They weighed 8 lbs. 7 oz, and 6 lbs. 4 oz. Jasper is the littler one (his placenta stopped working, and he didn't gain any weight the last few weeks), but he is quickly catching up to his brother. At the last weigh-in, they were only a pound apart. The babes are exclusively breastfed, and almost exclusively tandem fed. We co-sleep with not as much emphasis on the "sleep" as I would like!

I am also a devoted partner to my wonderful Dp who is a fraternal twin herself!

I, too, am very glad that Mothering has started this forum for us.

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Hi again, Lex. That is so cool that you just knew that the second baby was there! DH and I went with our DD for a standard ultrasound to determine my due date. I was still nursing my DD (she weaned at 25-months...the day before my 3rd trimester started) so my OB wanted to confirm my due date. It was odd because right before going in I *almost* said "Watch them find twins!" but didn't. I could kick myself in the rear for not saying it out loud. LOL!! The tech was asking me standard questions and threw in the one about anything genetic. We said nope and that's when I looked at the screen and saw both babies. We laughed and cried at the same time. The tech asked if we were happy and we emphatically told her we were THRILLED!!!

I look forward to getting to know you better!

Oh...check out my babies' web site if you get a chance:


Password: two girls
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I am thrilled to have a multiples forum and to get to know the multilple moms.

We had no idea we were having twins. I wanted a home birth and at 18 weeks, due to my age 38, went for an u/s and amnio. Low and behold we had a two headed baby..........wrong!!! Twins!!!!!. I was shocked, my sister has identical and 2 of my paternal female cousins have three sets of fraternal twins between them. In my mind twins were all played out in my family. Unfortunately/fortunately I knew what lay ahead. I was very depressed, at first.

I also have a wonderful, kind, caring,compassionate 4 yo girl. The combo,although not what I expected, has worked out well.

Needless to say we did not have a home birth. We have 18mos old B/G twins. The work involved in APing twins has been overwhelming at times but I'm so glad to have gotten to 18mos.......still nursing and cosleeping. The worst is behind us and we are looking forward to so much FUN.

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My boys are so much older than everyone else's! My frat boys were born (vag also) 8 years ago at 32 wks. They stayed 1 week in NICU & 2 weeks in the special care nursery before coming home. So far, I've found unique challenges at every age. I'm glad my twins were born first though, because I had no expectations--nothing to compare it to. Having dd when the boys were 4 was a piece of cake...comparatively.

It's nice to meet everyone!
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Welcome Karen!!! Your daughters are beautiful.

My name is Susie and I have frat boys 2 1/2 yrs and dd 7 yrs. We cosleep, bf and cloth diaper (well until about a month ago when they started using the potty)

Those were great weights on the girls btw. Mine were 6 lb 2 and 6 lb 8 and born at 36 wks and 1 day by c section. the bigger babe was breech. We found out at 6 wks. by u/s. The doc was expecting to find 5 babies judging by my levels!

Any way, just wanted to say welcome.
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Welcome! Nice to meet you
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Welcome Karen! The pictures of your girls are sooo cute! I had to smile when I saw their picture because it could of been a picture of my dd's at that age! My first daughter had a head full of hair while the second one had hardly any. It was easy to tell them apart unless we put hats on them!

Glad you have come to hang out with us!!


Mom to ds 11/94 and identical twin daughters 7/97
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Nice to meet everyone!

I chatted with a few of you on another thread that we had started but I will reintroduce myself.

I'm a 27yr. old SAHM to identical girls. They were born at home at 37wks. They were strictly breastfed for 20 months! Now we are working on potty training! We still use the family bed and love to snuggle with our dd's!
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i wanted to introduce myself also.. I have been reading these twins threads like crazy, and I am getting such good info from all of you! I am 28, Dh is 30, we have two boys 7 and 4 whom we homeschool. WE had the shock of our lives back in Feb. when we learned we were having twins! We found out they are b/g, and are really excited coupled with waves of fear! I am a doula and childbirth educator, and we are having a homebirth with two wonderful midwives and a doula friend also. I love to hear the great weights on these babies! Mommy of Twins... I would love to hear your homebirth story! I am feeling well, but learning I can not walk very far anymore without that nasty pelvic pressure/pain. This is such a different pregnancy for me, but I am thinking positive thoughts of full term and healthy babies! Thanks for being here, i can not tell you how alone we felt at first having such a different parenting style, and then twins on top of that!
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Welcome JoDoula!

Congratulations on your pregnancy! If you haven't already checked out the thread "twins at home" it's under pregnancy and homebirth. We shared pretty many stories there. If I can answer any questions for you let me know.

Best Wishes to you!
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1Plus2, thank you for giving us all the chance to "formally" introduce ourselves! It is so nice to read everyone's stories.

I found out I was expecting twins at 14 week sono. However, like Lexbeach I also strongly suspected twins. My pregnancy was totally uneventful until one day at 28 weeks I had a sonogram that showed preterm labor with cervical "funneling". In fact, they caught the contraction during sono and could measure changes. Though I was still 0 and closed thank God. From there, I went on strict bedrest, with terbutaline pump, daily uterine contraction monitoring, etc etc. I probably bounced into the hospital three or four times over the next month due to contracting over my threshold. The last time I went in I was 32 weeks 2 days - I was having 13 and 14 per hour, and the IV I was given, and all the terbutaline did nothing to touch them. Finally, I was on mag sulfate, which wasn't bad, but it only got them down to 6 or 7 an hour. At 3am on Saturday, I "broke through" the mag, and started contracting more (though painlessly). Early morning, I was 0 and 50% effaced. By late morning, I was 4cm and 100% effaced. At that point, there was nothing they could do. I was wheeled into L&D room with dh, the two of us praying over and over again to God that our babies be OK. I delivered dd vaginally w/ no drugs and ds was heading in the right direction when he turned and became transverse. We gave him about 2 minutes to turn, but no one was interested in playing any games, so into a c-section I went. Dd was 4 lbs even and 18.5", and ds was 4.5 lbs and 18". They were pink and healthy and screaming bloody murder. They were in the NICU for almost 5 weeks, just growing, learning to suck/eat, and generally getting big enough to come home. Thank God they didn't have any problems. The only issue was both came home on apnea monitors at 36 weeks gestation equivalent. Which was good because they went off all the time during those first couple of weeks! They would urp-up milk and their heart rates would plummet ("bradycardia") -- we all got so used to doing to that over-the-knee baby Heimleich maneuver, and they would come around quickly and resume noshing just like nothing had ever happened. I can laugh about that now, but man it was hard to trust my instincts back then.

All in all, they are happy and healthy, with no problems. We had a big 6 month checkup at a developmental clinical and all was OK thank God. They do had bad reflux, but that never bothered me much. Plus, they started growing out of it around 6 months, and now it's a non-issue.

Dd is 90% for height and around 85% for weight - she caught up fast! Ds is about 60% for height and 7th for weight! He's a stringbean. Everyone always comments that he's smaller than she is, and we're always like, "Duh! What's your point?" :

Anyway, this is a tome, but it felt so good to share. I don't think I've ever told the whole story before to anyone. It brings back powerful memories, some bittersweet but most just true joy. Thank you!

I am so glad to get to know each of you too!
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<<<Congratulations on your pregnancy! If you haven't already checked out the thread "twins at home" it's under pregnancy and homebirth. We shared pretty many stories there. If I can answer any questions for you let me know.

Best Wishes to you!<<<<

Thanks for the welcome Mommy! I have been reading that thread also and am so grateful for all that everyone has shared. I do have some questions for all of you. These may have been answered in another thread, but I haven't gotten through them all yet.

Will I ever sleep again? LOL

no really...

Did anyone find it necessary to pump, or do you get down nursing two at once ok?

What was your favorite accesory? Slings, stroller, bouncy seat, etc.

What was your biggest fear about the pregnancy?

Did you find it hard to eat as much as you knew you should?

Thanks in advance... so many questions, and time is ticking away.
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JoDoula.. here are answers to your very good questons! Feel free to ask away. We MOMs like sharing our lessons learned!

1. Did anyone find it necessary to pump?
You will have to pump if your babies are in the NICU since they don't let you room in. Otherwise, you may not need to. However, it is pretty common to have to pump AND nurse to maintain good milk supply after the first few weeks so if this is true for you, don't be discouraged. For my twins, they got EBM via NG tubes in NICU then EBM via bottle in NICU, then breast (finally!). (Great order, eh?) Eventually they learned how to do well enough on breast to do that for a while. Around 6 mos. I stopped pumping and just nursed which I continue to do.

2. Favorite accessory. Baby Bjorn for newborn phase - sooo snug and secure and as I've written before the "kangaroo" position was familiar to us from NICU days. Maya Sling for older babies. Peg Perego Duette stroller - top of the line and worth every $$$ IMO b/c we had so many doctor's appointments post-discharge and it made it easy to attach their carseats to (also Perego), and it's one of the few strollers that allows both infants to lie down fully. I love it. We still use it every day for walks.

3. Biggest fear. That something would be wrong with one or both of my babies. That I would go into labor like at 24 weeks and have micro-preemies (which I didn't - at 32+3 weeks I had 4 and 4.5 pounders, which helped them so much). That my stomach would never look the same again!!! :LOL

4. Did I find it hard to eat. NO!! :LOL I followed Dr. Barbara Luke's book ("When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets or More") to a T. I ate really really well, drank lots of water, etc. I gained too but thank God because my babies were measuring 2 weeks ahead at birth, and they needed every last gram. I shiver today wondering what would have happened had I not eaten well and taken care of them nutritionally.

Best advice I can give: drink your water!! It goes a long way toward preventing complications, everything from low amniotic fluid to preterm labor.

Best of luck to you. This is an amazing time. Make sure to get lots of rest now.
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Thank you for sharing your birth story I'm glad everything worked out!


Here's my answers to your questions:

1. I did not need to pump. It's amazing what the body can do. When my milk came in I went from a 34B to a 36E! Can you imagine that!!!

2. I used the New native baby slings and loved them. I was able to criss cross them and leave the house by myself to run errands. It was also nice not having to worry about getting a big stroller around if I was just doing something quick. My husband and I would sling one each and go for walks and that was nice also! I got two boppy's for a baby shower gift and I would use one of them to nurse the girls. As they got bigger I had to use pillows along with the boppy.

3. My biggest fear was having a large baby with a big head! Then I found out I was having twins and I relaxed and thought they couldn't get as big. I was 3 weeks early and they were 5lb. 14oz. & 6lbs. 11oz.

4. Early in my pregnancy before I found out I was having twins I would get sick in the stomach then when I found out it was twins I increased my protein intake and felt fine. Toward the end it was hard to eat solid foods (I'm 5ft. 2in.) I was running out of room so I would do protein shakes with this protein powder that my husband sells in his office. It was about 30grams of protein per shake. I gained a total of 45lbs. with the girls.

As for sleep plan on being deprived!

Best wishes & let me know if there are more questions!
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My babies are only 9.5 weeks, but I thought I'd add my two cents as well.

1. I only needed to pump on day 5 when I got engorged. My partner fed the babies with an eyedropper because my breasts were so full that the babies couldn't latch. They were back to nursing in 24 hours, though. Sometimes I felt like I must not have enough milk because the babies wanted to nurse constantly, but I just trusted my body and the # of wet diapers and now I know that there's enough milk. But they might nurrse a lot in the first 5 weeks or so to build up your supply.

2. I could not do this without my new native slings. It's an instant-nap for the babes, and the new native slings are very easy to double-sling with. I also could not live without my EZ-2-Nurse twin nursing pillow. It makes nursing two at once, well. . . easy!

3. My biggest fear was that the babies would be born early. I was put on bedrest at 29 weeks, but even though I continued to have contrax until the day they were born, they didn't come until 38 weeks during a scheduled c-section (both babies breech). They weighed 8-7 and 6-4.

4. I just ate whenever I was hungry or nauseous. . . tried to get as much protein as possible. I ended up gaining 70 lbs, but lost 50 the first week, and another 10 the second week.

5. have you thought about co-sleeping? I am not sleep-deprived and it's definitely because we co-sleep. The family bed doesn't have as many benefits when you have twins as when you just have one baby, but it's still great. I sometimes nurse them together at night, and sometimes separately.

Gotta go, hungry babies!

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Welcome jodoula and congratulations!!!!!

My answers to your questions:

1.) Only pumped three times. I had plugged ducts at three points during the first year and used the electric pump someone lent me to help clear the plugged duct.
With my first I pumped to store milk to mix with first foods and the like. With the twins I was just too busy to pump. But I am fotunateenough to be a SAHM. Mythen 3yo was in preschool 5 days a week from 1-3:30 and I carpooled with a freind. I also had two great play groups with wich to draw support. I had meals any time I wanted and child care for my older child at the drop of a hat. Networking and good friends saved my life. My immediate family is 3,000 miles away.

2.) My favorite accesory was my mom. She stayed with us for 5 weeks before the babies were born. ( delivered in a hospital OR at 39 weeks completely unmedicated. No induction and with my original care provider/ midwife assisting me. Her partner and OB had the hospital priveleges (sp). ) mom generously lived with us for four months after the twins came. After my mom I used a baby bjorn. Never could get the hang of a sling. To this day I live and breathe by my Graco side by side 13lb stroller. It is light and folds up easily to fit in the back of my mini van. my babies are 19 mos and I have used it since they could sit up at 6 months.

3.) My biggest fear was to deliver early and spend any amount of time in the NICU. I was on bed rest for 15 weeks with my first pregnancy and assumed the twins would come early. At 28 weeks I enlisted the help of famly to come and stay for one week at a time so I could have help with my then 2.5 year old and be able to rest as much as possible. I also indoctrinated my then 12 yo neighbor to be a mom's helper and come over when she could to play with my older daughter. Now that she is 14 I can leave the twins with her for 2-4 hours. It allows me special time with my first born.

4.) Believe it or not I only gained 32 lbs with the twins. found eating to be my biggest challenge. NOTHING appealed to me. i had to force feed myself through the entire pregnancy. I did drink alot of protein smoothies. Some sort of juice, protein powder and a banana. Occasionally I could stand to add milk to the mixture. Food had absolutely no appeal to me. I really struggled with this. Hope you are ravenous during your pregnancy!!!! In the long run I lost 5 lbs so at delivery I had only gained 27 lbs. Pretty awful. I did deliver two beutiful and perfectly healthy babies.

I hope some of this is helpful and my best wishes for the first 18 mos. For me from that point on life became tolerable!!!!! and my babies are only 19 mos!!!! Gotta love the toddler time!!!

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I'd like to respond to my sleep deprivation comment.

We do use a family bed and I nursed the girls for 20 months. It seemed like they were nursing all the time but at least using the family bed I was able to get some sleep while one was nursing. Now that I am no longer nursing but we are still sleeping together I have one baby who sleeps between my legs so she can suck my twinskin to sleep and the other baby is wrapped around my head playing with my hair. The stuff I do for my kids! But I wouldn't have it any other way. My girls don't like to sleep, they only started napping for over an hour about a month ago. At night we struggle to get them to sleep and if they go to bed late they wake up at the same time as if they went to bed early (early for us is 9:00p.m.). So that's why I'm sleep deprived.
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