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Had the baby!

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His name is Graysen Wolf. Big name for a big guy.
Can't believe it's a boy - had NO idea (obviously... for all the girly things I made - poor guy ).

I had really random contractions all day yesterday - some 40+ min. apart... nothing to pay attention to. Real labor started last night at 10:30 and I swear I went into almost instantaneous transition (started with a 4 min. long contraction). Owie. The contractions were totally overwhelming when I would have them and they were realllllly close together (I think maybe 1.5 min. apart? lasting about 45 seconds and getting longer). Within 45 min. we called our doula and a bit later called the woman who was going to be our emergent back-up (to give her a heads up). Our doula made it here for 10 min. of it total and our midwife friend showed up 45 min. after he was here.

My husband was A.W.E.S.O.M.E - oh my gosh. I could NOT have done it without him... he was a rock... my solid place. Wow! He held it together and was incredible... I could not love him more. He just held me when I needed to lean onto his arms and supported me when I was squatting in the tub - he was encouraging and strong... awesome.

So after posting here I had 3 (count them... 3) contractions upstairs before feeling like I was not going to be able to handle it anymore... NOTHING was helping - owie is all I can say. It was bringing me to my knees (literally). I made it downstairs and had one more in our bedroom outside the tub, got in, had one more and with the next contraction started pushing. I truly thought that could NOT be happening - too fast to be 10 already!!

I pushed through 2 more contractions and both DH and I could feel the bag of water and head just inside... next contraction my water broke and his head came out. Probably 2 min. passed and I could feel him rotate and then my next contraction came and his body came out and I brought him up to the air - absolutely shocked. I could not believe all this happened so fast! It was 11:56pm and my DH won our bet on what day our baby would be born... by 4 min. Laugh!

Our doula was videotaping probably the last 5 min. of it all but it's the coolest part. I didn't wake my oldest up until the baby was born b/c it was all so intense and he didn't have his support person here so I was afraid that he would be scared with how out of control that I felt and probably looked. He was pretty excited when he got to see the baby though.

So there's the story, in short-ish form... talk about never imagining it happening this way. What an experience.
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Congratulations Mama!

I love his name too.

Post pictures when you can (and weight too....I am obsessed with birth weights!).
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Yay! Congratulations!!!!!!!!
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Awe Julie, I'm SO HAPPY for you!!! It sounds like you had the birth of your dreams!!! All of your patience totally paid off. So SO GREAT!!!!

Was this your first UC?
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He was 9lb 12oz - and yes, my first UC. :
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I'm so glad that you got your UC!!!! How wonderful!!! Enjoy your babymoon momma!!
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Wow - that's a big boy! Congratulations!!!
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Woo! Big guy!!!!! Congrats mama!
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Yay for big boys
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Congratulations on the birth of your 3rd son!!!
Sounds very similar to my second birth in speed and intensity. That's so cool that you got the good part on tape! Wow!
Awesome job!

- Krista
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Yippee! Congratulations! Happy Birthday to Graysen Wolf!
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Fabulous name! I just love Graysen! Way to go mama! Sounds like a great experience!
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Congrats mama! Welcome baby Graysen!!!!!!!!!!!!
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What a big guy! Great birth too! Way to go momma!
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yay! congratulations, what a wonderful birth story! welcome baby graysen (love that name!)

enjoy this special time with your cuddly new baby!
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Congrats and welcome Graysen!

Hilary, mama to another big boy, 10lb 4 oz TJ
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A beautiful name and a great story! Congrats!
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Congratulations! I love your story...and can identify with having an awesome DH who was there every step of the way! Enjoy your new addition!
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Yay!! I love his name, and congrats on the successful UC! You guys rock!
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