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Where to get moving boxes and packing paper?

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We're moving : I have about two months to pull it all together (not bad, I'm thinking). I want to start the "packing/getting rid of" process now.

Can someone reccomend to me where to get/buy boxes for packing and where to get that blank newsprint to wrap things in?

Thank you!!!!
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We are moving hopefully by the new year but we'll see... i'm already trashing things the more i throw our between now and then the less i'll have to pack into boxes. As for getting them I have my mom get them from work (school and resturant) ask around at stores, schools, ect. usally the won't mind if you take them off thier hands and save them from having to break them down and throw them out. As for news papers, ask anyone you know to save it up for a week or two, that can be a lot of papers... but it may as well be recycled once by you before it's recycled! LOL
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Go to grocery stores in the early mornings and ask for their boxes. They usually crush them after they unload the new stock for that day...so catch them before they do that. You might just ask when the best time to come would be...we got tons and tons of boxes that way. We also drove around our neighborhood and grabbed boxes from people's and apartment's recycling bins.
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Call the newspaper and ask them about end rolls. They will usually give them to you free or sell them to you cheap. They are the leftover unprinted newspaper.

You might try posting a wanted on freecycle as well asking for boxes.
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also, UHaul sells them pretty inexpensively.

i tend to utilize all of my linens first. then move onto paper.
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Also, moving companies will often sell used boxes very cheap.

Do you live near a military base? We're a military family and the moving companies are very generous with boxes and packing materials when we do a government move. Ask around and see if there are any military/government families around who would allow you to pick up their boxes and materials when they are done with them. When we last moved in January, I had probably 50 boxes sitting in our carport with a ton of packing paper and just ended up having the moving company come-they just turned around and resold them. I would have gladly given them to anyone who came by to pick them up.

Good luck with your move!
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find one in your area and ask for some. or, look for the offers. newspaper also works.

i work near a copy center and use the boxes paper comes in for almost everything.

congrats on the move!
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Liquor stores usually have boxes that they're willing to give away.

If you're willing to do a little extra laundry after the move, you can use washcloths, towels, t-shirts and bedding to cushion some of the fragile stuff. You'll probably still need to find some paper or bubble wrap for some things, but using what you've got around the house might be easier in some ways.
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I would definitely try freecycle first.. I see a lot of families move to the area and then freecycle their boxes to another family about to move. It's a nice way to pass on the materials

I would also check a print shop.. I got lots of boxes that way. They order so much paper and materials that they always have extra boxes lying around.
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I used sheets, blankets, bath towels and kitchen towels to wrap up a lot of my breakable stuff, I left out 2 bath towels for each person plus 3 extra. Same with the other cloth stuff. I cut it all down to minimal.

You can also use shirts and sweaters, even socks.
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I was also going to suggest grocery stores and liquor stores.

I use all of our linen type stuff to pack breakables. We have enough towels, tablecloths, napkins and sheets to get most everything pack safely.

Also going to your local recycling center may yield you some boxes, granted you'll have to tape them.

I think we may be moving if so I will have just a couple of weeks. :
The house doesn't scare me but the storage shed sure does :

Happy moving
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We just moved and have moved several times... some ideas that may be of help...

-- as you are already doing but let me validate the merit of it :: PURGE, PURGE, PURGE! (friends, freecycle, public library, local charity, recycle, DUMP, etc)

-- pack with linens (towels, sheets, blankets) and clothes
-- pack dishes with inexpensive paper towels (no need to rewash items and with a little patience on the other end, you can reuse the paper towels
-- use your local freecycle group(s)
-- is there a craigslist in your area?
-- does your local newspaper offer a few lines of advertising for free? i was surpised when i discovered one local paper who does this
-- bookstores, liquor stores, grocery stores

If I think of anything else, I will let you know. Good luck!
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I found it helps to call the grocery store in the evening when the night manager comes on duty. If you wait till morning often they have already crushed the boxes during the night. We have had great luck with Walmart. Around 10 pm we called and asked for them to save boxes, and at about 6 am went and picked up TONS of boxes. The boxes the disposable diapers come in are GREAT for moving, and walmart always seems to have lots of those!

I too use towels and other linens to wrap up breakables. We've also used newspaper (we don't get the paper but asked family members to save it for us) but then you have to wash the dishes to get the newsprint off. Asking the newspaper publisher for the unprinted paper is a great idea though.
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I worked for starbucks and twice a week the stores get their big shipments in. You can go into any starbucks and ask them for boxes.
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I use(d) thos boxes paper comes in. I got almost all of my moving boxes from Staples and other office supply stores that do a lot of printing. I also got a lot from the office building I work in.... I just asked the janitor to save them for me and I picked them up from the compactor room. We have moved 4 times, and I still have most of the boxes from the first move. I use them after we move to store Christmas decorations, kids clothes by size, craft items, you name it. I like how everything has a label and the boxes are easy to stack & store. I also had a lot of old milk crates from college that made great packing bins for things like my plants. The crates are now "shelves" in the kid's closets and in the garage. Any additional boxes I got from the grocery store and from a hardware store. Pretty much every where I went the week of the move got hit up for boxes

Like a lot of people here I used linens and towels to pack. I got some newspaper from my office building (some of the offices get the paper delevered every day), but really did not use much newspaper to pack.

HTH, and good luck with the move!
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Around my town, now is the perfect time to check the dumpsters of apartments that rent to college students and near dorms.
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