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gift for homebirth midwife?

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I'm trying to figure what is a good gift to thank her and her assistant after the birth??

any ideas?

My inlaws brough Krispy Kreme Donuts (I know!!) to the awesome hospital where I gave birth 2 yrs ago and the nurses went crazy over those and spoiled me rest of my stay there

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With my hospital birth of my dd, I brought lots and lots of chocolate for the nurses...
This time I'm also having a home birth and my birth attendants are all friends of mine who are volunteering their time to help me. I am 'donating' some of the supplies I buy to them...an Allen 10 Series fetoscope, a birth tub, and a scale!
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I couldn't think of anything in particular for my doctor (who, by her own admission, practices very much like a midwife - non-interventive, can't to epis under state law, etc... I love her). I didn't want to do flowers, I thought about a gift certificate for a local eatery... but didn't know what she/dh liked.

So on my son's first birthday, I made and brought cupcakes to the two offices she works at (and that I was seen at) and the LDR floor. I also included a thank you note for her and for the nurse who was my main contact through pregnancy. I did bring my son and flowers to my LDR nurse a few weeks after he was born - her shift ended about 2 hours before my labor did, and she even hung around an extra hour in hopes he would appear!
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I am into making homemade bath stuff, so I was thinking of making gift baskets full of goodies for my midwife, her assistant, and doula. I make soaps, candles, lip balm, lotion, bath salts, and shower scrubs. I have fairly easy recipes if anyone wants them (except for the soap, which is more complicated)!
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I am trying to think of something for my midwife too. I am mostly stuck because she is also my dd best friends mom so I *really* want it to be meaningful for her. She did just set up her own practice (she took her boards right before I got pregnant...like literally the day before!) and was an intern midwife when I contracted her...so not only is she delivering me she also became certified and licensed during my pregnancy!
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Hmmmmm. I think something home-made would be a really really great gift; maybe rolling some beeswax candles, or making muffins, or, when the babe arrives, a print of his/her feet mounted on card - something that could go in the office!
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i like the idea of gift certificates as I can prepare it in advance.. i'm not so good with handmade items so will have to get something but heck I love gift certificates! hmmm will ask friends of MW and find their favorite places

thanks mamas!
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At my last birth I gave my midwife some lovely bath stuff. She loved it, and I was able to get it early and then forget about it.
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