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Hi ya'll

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Hi everyone! I am new to this site and I am slightly embarassed to say there are some things I don't understand. But I decided to join so maybe I could find someone to talk to that I have something in common with. I am a stay a home mom 26 yrs old w/ two daughters, 2yr old Kazmynn and 1yr old Bailey. I love gardening and pretty much anything to do with it. I love staying at home with my girls but the problem there is we just moved across country and I have no family here, no friends and no one to talk to that actually knows how to talk. My husband is a federal firefighter :fireman and he works 24hr shifts every other day and one 72hr shift every two weeks.The thing is that I desperately need someone to talk to. I don't normally put this much info into anything on the web so that should let you know how desperate I am. So if anyone wants to take pity on me I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much.
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Hi And welcome
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I had to reply to you because you sound so sad! Please check out this national group:


They may have a chapter in your area and can plug you in a playgroup. We have a huge Momsclub here and we are not a big town at all. We meet often, have field trips, moms' night out, etc. We also trade babysitting.

Check at your library for a local calendar of events for kids. Our county has a magazine for parents that has a great calendar.

If you are breastfeeding and could use some support, you can check out La Leche League to meet other nursing moms. Look up your local group at www.lalecheleague.org

If you are Christian, you can look for a MOPS group in your area. Here is their national website: http://www.mops.org/ I haven't been to this group but I am friends with many moms who regularly attend MOPS and love it.

Good luck and keep trying to get out of the house and socialize.
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Please don't feel embarrassed if you don't understand something! Most of the forums have permanent threads ("stickies") at the very top that answer frequently asked questions or to define the purpose of the forum. Reading those helps to avoid asking a "newbie" type question if you're concerned about that. Beyond that, ask away! Most mamas here are more than willing to share information and knowledge. We're all on the same journey to be better parents -- just at different points in the path with different backgrounds and experiences. Welcome
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Welcome! And please don't be embarrassed. You may want to check out this link:

It gives a nice overview to MDC and what you might find here.
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Hi Mama!
It really is hard starting over with noone nearby. I am only just getting out meeting people myself.
If you are needing someone to chat with that answers back right away there is usually someone over at www.mommychats.com Also, I am not sure what your parenting style is but you can also check out...

http://www.attachmentparenting.com/contact.shtml They meet monthly and also usually have weekly playgroups.

www.holisticmoms.org They also meet monthly and have playgroups.
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Welcome to MDC!!!
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Wow real people talking to me! thank you all for trying to help. and especially the mops site. I am in the middle of dinner write more later. thank you all so much!!
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w e l c o m e !
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Where in Washington are you? We are in Hillsboro, Oregon... close enough to do a meet up, maybe?

Welcome to the forum!
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I am in Port Orchard. Across the puget sound from seattle. where is hillsboro? I don't know much about oregon, except my father in law lives outside portland.
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Welcome to MDC!

There are so many wonderful people here. I am sure you will fit right in.
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Welcome mama! You will fit in here and make lots of new friends. You will always have someone to talk to here. Please dont be sad : Be happy
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s for you.

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Have you checked the finding your tribe area here at MDC? I have met mamas irl this way. Are you going to homeschool? If you are you should join a support group in your area right now and start participating in field trips and park days.
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I understand how you feel! I think that you'll like it here and if you need an ear to bend message me and I'll give you my email address.


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Hi and welcome!

Sorry, you're having a rough time. I have a friend on here whose in Western WA also and her husband is also a firefighter. I'll send her over to this thread.

We're hoping to be out that way again soon (hopefully before the end of October). My husband is in law enforcement.
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Also try:

Matching Moms


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Hi mama! Looks like the other mamas have given you some great links and welcomes. I hope you're enjoying MDC!
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Hi, welcome to MDC!

I'm in Silverdale.

I just PM'd you with a link to a local group.
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