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Nexium and breastfeeding???

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My friend was wondering if anyone takes this while breastfeeding. I hope no one gets mad, but we have both researched it(I know I am suppose to do that now before asking) and haven't found much info. Thanks
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I have Hale's book. What is the drug called? Nexium is a brand name. Tell me the name of the actual drug and I'll look it up, there was nothing under Nexium.
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Nexium is esomeprazole magnesium. thanks.
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duh nevermind, there's a whole index in the back. It's Esomeprazole, it says see omerprazole for recommendations, flipping over...He rates it L2: "Safer: Drug which has been studied in a limited number of bfing women w/out an increase in adverse effects in the infant. And/or, the evidence of a demonstrated risk which is likely to follow use of this medication in a bfing woman is remote"
It says "vitually all omeprazole ingested via milk would probably be destroyed in the stomach of the infant prior to absorption"
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thank you so much.
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Just wanted to chime in... totally safe. I take protonix, which is very similar to nexium and have had no problems.
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Hey Mom06, I know this is an old post but wanted to share my two cents of advise with people who may be visiting this page in future. Most doctors are of the opinion that Nexium medicine is constrained only within the body and doesn't pass along with the breast milk. So in usual circumstances, it is safe to take. I had also recently written a blog post detailing the effects that Nexium can have on breastfeeding and pregnant women - http://www.choicechemist.com/should-pregnant-or-breastfeeding-women-consume-nexium


Hope this is useful to people searching in this regard :)

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