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Weaning Paxil

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I have been on Paxil 20mg per day for about 6 months and I feel like I am ready to stop taking it. I've heard that you are not supposed to stop taking it abruptly but to wean it instead.

Does anyone have any experience with this and how would I do it?

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Yes Rachel,
My son wa son PAxil and we were told that that you should step down 5 mg at a time, for three days at each increment if I am remmebering correctly. (so you would step down to 15 mg and take that for 3 days before going down to 10 mg) I also think that if it's still affecting you a lot after the three days you should wait a few more days before stepping down again. With meds I always think that slower is better- it wouldn't hurt to step down a week before going down again each time. I know there has been some concern over the addictive effects of Paxil.
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Thanks so much. A couple months ago I tried to half my dose and after 2 days I started feeling very anxious and all my ppd symptoms came back. So that makes sense to go more slowly.

Thanks, Rachel
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yes you should. I don't have time to type it all right now (baby just woke up and needs to nurse), but PM me, I just weaned Paxil a couple of months ago and it sucks.
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Weaning off paxil sucks. Still, I have chosen to take it again because I've been on a few different meds and paxil is the one that best suits my symptoms...

Even weaning very slowly, I have had difficult physical withdrawal. Dizziness, shakiness, a weird disassociative feeling (I call this feeling like I'm wrapped in cotton). It lasted a few weeks.

I tried to go off paxil about a year ago and found my ppd symptoms returning when I was down to 20 mg (my regular dose is 40). So, I quickly upped the dose again and I've been there ever since! Eventually I plan to try again, but I think I will use my pill cutter and wean down one tiny sliver of a tablet at a time! Also, when I did it last time I was taking a constitutional homeopathic which definitely helped. But, I just don't think I was ready to be without my meds...

Good luck to you!
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Even weaning very slowly, I have had difficult physical withdrawal. Dizziness, shakiness, a weird disassociative feeling (I call this feeling like I'm wrapped in cotton). It lasted a few weeks.
That's it to a 'T'! It's a really yucky feeling, isn't it? It was better when I stepped up on Zoloft as I was stepping down on Paxil, but still a week of cotton head.
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And can you believe my doctor, nurse, the PA I saw all told me it wasn't Paxil withdrawal? Idiots! Let's see, it happens every time I stop taking Paxil, even when I wean slowly. Let's see, I have had my experience validated by numerous other people who have weaned off Paxil. Hmmm... What could it be? Bleh.
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I am about to wean off Paxil (the first time I have done it) to get pregnant again. Okay, now I am scared. I happen to be working a temporary job at the moment and am afraid I won't be able to do my job while I am weaning. Any tips on how to ease the symptoms? Do you all recommend that I wait the two months to be done with work? The docs acted like it was not a big deal.

Thanks! Leatherette
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Hey, Leatherette. I see you're in Seattle like me - hello!

I say go ahead and try it. If you start feeling weirder than you can handle, you can always up your dose again. Doesn't surprise me at all that your docs don't think it's a big deal... Bleh.

As for easing the symptoms, drink lots of water, get lots of rest, eat well. If you can afford to see a homoepath, getting a constitutional homeopathic medicine might help. Good luck.

Loving your sig line, btw...
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Well, I did 2 days of 15mg and I was not a pleasant person to be around. My dh is not totally supportive since he gets the brunt of my anger and anxiety. He thinks I am not ready to go off Paxil. But I just want to be my normal self again!! Where did she go? I don't like the fact that I need drugs to feel normal but I feel like myself when I am taking Paxil and I don't recognize that other person!

So here I am back on the 20mg dose. Maybe I'll give it another month. I am seeing my midwife in 2 weeks, maybe she'll have an alternative.

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Thanks, Tara!

Today was my first day from 20mg to 10. I don't feel angry or anxious, just a wee bit fuzzy around the edges. I have bad gas, too, but it could be from the iron in the prenatal vitamins or from going off my reflux medication. Major clean-out happening here. I am not pregnant yet, but ready to start fresh.

I was on it for almost a year - I was told that it takes that long to have a lasting effect on your brain chemistry. And I actually do feel a lot better emotionally overall.

2girlsmom, I am not telling my husband exactly when I am weaning - I think he attributes way too much to the Paxil - hey, I am doing some of this, too. I am allowed to be grumpy sometimes, Paxil, or no Paxil. And it's okay if you need it right now, too. Being on Paxil, I have been the person that I have always thought I was, too, and more able to sleep in in the morning (when allowed by son)!

Good luck to all,
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I'm w/ Tara. I saw a homeopath as my withdrawal symptoms were so bad. I had dizziness, brain "zaps", I was crying all the time and generally felt like I was on another planet. As soon as I took the homeopathic remedy, I felt better. It is definitely worth looking into.
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And in Seattle there's always the Bastyr clinic in Wallingford - that's where I went, and it's cheaper than seeing an ND in the community and there is a really, really good homeopath there (her name is MaryAnn somebody... I know, that's really helpful... If you really want to know I'll find out who I saw, I just don't remember right now!).
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