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Your Toy Storage Solution?

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I am looking to corral toys in a better way than in one big tub.

I'm kinda thinking about something like this, but not so primary-colored kid-styled. Something that would look nice in my living room. http://www.stacksandstacks.com/html/...wood-frame.htm

But, I'm not stuck on that sort of idea. Tell me what works for your house!

Jett doesn't have a whole lot of toys, but they're all small with parts, like sorters, Matchbox cars, wooden letter train parts, etc.

Thanks, Mamas!!!!!
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I use a cubby-style bookshelf with baskets for most of DD's toy storage. She has a number of toys like Melissa and Doug stuff that came in wooden boxes, so those sit on shelves by themselves. I like toys that incorporate their own containers!
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I used to have a lot of bin storage systems similar to the one in the OP, but they didn't work so well for us.

I prefer see through containers placed on cheap metal wall shelving.
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We have some EFFECTIV cabinets from IKEA in the playroom with bins inside them.
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I second the different options from IKEA, and have also used the cheap longerie (sp?) wash bags for small items. They are semi see-thru, zip shut, hang well and keep everything together.

Good luck, every little bit helps!
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we use clear plastic drawers from a shelving storage thing that broke. the drawers are still good so we have 5 of them and they are kept on the lower shelves in my fabric storage rom under the stairs. ds can get them himself from in there, and sometimes put them away when he is done. the 5 drawers are
1. vehicles
2. wooden blocks
3. animals and people
4. brio tracks and train cars
5. waffle blocks

and 1 huge round bin of duplo that sits on the floor.

having these limited drawers really helps minimize clutter. everything has a place and when it's all put away it's nice for him to be able to find what he wants easily. he usually likes to bring out 1 or 2 drawers and play with the contents until he's made a huge mess LOL then he walks away..
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We have a system very similar to the one pictures. The baskets are smaller though and there are 9 of them.

Whats working for us right now is that I have small selection of toys in the baskets and the rest tucked away in underbed storage boxes. ie we have a basket with a few wooden blocks, 1 with a couple of cups, plates, teapot etc and the rest of the sets are under the bed. If DD is showing an interest in a particular basket I will get the rest of the set out for her.

It's solved the porblem we were having, she loves emptying boxes of blocks etc but is not so keen on the picking up. She still gets to empty but I only have a few to pick up every day.
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We have the EXPEDIT shelf from IKEA. It's the tall narrow one, but we turned it on its side so that it's low and long, just the right height for the kids. We plan to put a few baskets in some of the cubbies, but right now, most toys are sitting on the shelves. We have big Legos and blocks in see-through plastic containers that stack on top of one another.
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i have something similar to the original posters, this. everything is seperated into bins and, when they start overflowing, i go in and weed out the broken and rarely played-with toys and get rid of them. it keeps the clutter from getting out of hand and makes it easier for k to find her toys.
for stuffed animals, we have a cloth laundry bin. for her dress-up clothes, she has a cubby, but i'm going to replace it with a painted chest since m will be coming up into dress-up age soon and that means their collection will expand!
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The best thing that I've come accross for toy storage is the plastic three drawer stands that they have in the rubbermaid aisle in target, walmart....,
we keep everything in them, Little People, Lincoln Logs, Matchbox Cars, Legos, musical instruments ... (we even have our art stuff in one near the table organizing the paper and art stuff)... They are perfect because the kids can take out one and easliy carry it anywhere in the house and they know that it has to be put back before they can get out another one. Also if you get a few of them lined up you can put larger toys on top of them, like the MB car garage or Little People dollhouse. Also they are clear so you can easily see in them. I have had many friends get the shelf in the picture and because they are open faced things easily get mixed up and thrown into the wrong one.

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BF HMSL mommy of DS Caleb 2/99, DS Kanyon 6/02 and DD Natalie 08/05 and I also care for a boy, Sammy 12/02 all day.
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I have a large IKEA coffee table that has 6 shelf cubbies underneath the table part. I got some baskets that fir perfectly although the Melissa & Doug bozes also are the right size so I use those too. When it is all put together, it is hard to tell that there are even toys in the room.
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We have different *stations* around our house. I find this prevents our daughter from sitting in one area and taking out every.single.toy.she.owns.at.once -- because they are so close together. Almost all of her toys are in the main living area --- for instance, near the front door which spills into the living area is a chair and a side table, under the side table is her big bin of musical instruments -- her acoustic guitar leans against the side table.

On the other side of the room I have her megablocks in a bin on the bottom shelf of our bookcase, and next to it is a matching bin of her wooden blocks. Next to the bin of wooden blocks are her wooden puzzles. On the second shelf of our bookshelf are her books -- the smaller board books are in a bin, the bigger ones on the shelf. I have a over the door cd holder hanging from the side of the bookshelf, which holds her various *people* and small *animals*. In the kitchen (which is right off the main area, separated by a couch, I have a big 3 drawer clear thingie like a pp described which holds all our art supplies (I am an artist too so it is combined).

On the other side of the common area is her "nature basket" which is basically a big wooden basket of various nature type things --- a few big rocks, big sea shells, a pine cone or two, you get the drift.... right next to that is a small laundry bag (with a drawstring) of her various fabrics and play silks...

I don't know why we even got a two bedroom apartment when I was pregnant because she co -sleeps and is hardly every in her room because all her toys are out here ....

You get the idea though... everything is accesible to her and she is free to play with what she likes of course, but having everything sort of it it's own *station* or area eliminates her toddler tendency to get.every.toy.out.at.once. in a big pile on the floor ....

Oh and i made her a cardboard playhouse too which houses her favorite dolls/animals (which she only has about 5, 6 , as we downsized )
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2 of the larger sized Expedit shelves from Ikea here.

We have had these for several months and have been happy with them. I have a few baskets and will add more eventually. I like that some things can be kept out of DS's immediate reach (he's better about this now but at times he would rip out all of the small pieces to a board game for example) yet still accessible if I was around to supervise. I think this will be handy with another babe on the way...some of DS's little stuff that poses a choking hazard can be kept on the upper level shelves. I also keep a lot of books up there, and then keep a smaller selection down at ds's eye level (again, so he can't rip them ALL out at once).
I like that this system provides lots of cubbies that DS can easily reach on his own, which also facilitates clean up a bit IMO.
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