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Sewing machine help . . please

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OK, I recently got my sewing machine looked at and cleaned. The folks said it is in fine working order, so I expected to be able to sit down and use it. I'm not very proficient, but I'm pretty sure I can thread the machine and do a straight stitch.

But the sewing machine is doing something funny.

It graps the top thread and winds and winds it down below the bobbin into a big thick knot. I'm not sure how better to explain it. Instead of just catching the thread once per stitch and then releasing it, it catches it over and over again forming this big ball of fabric below the bobbin.

It's an old (20+ years) Singer, that has just been looked at. The guy who cleaned it stitched a few lines, so I know it can work.

Help! We're in desperate need!

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That's what mine does when it is threaded incorrectly.

Make sure the thread goes through the tension area properly - and make sure you're using the right tension.
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That can also happen if you pull the fabric through instead of letting the dogs guide it. Does that make sense?

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This happens to me when:

1. The bobbin is turning the wrong way -- some machines are picky the way the bobbin must turn, so try flipping it over to make it turn the other way

2. The thread I am using is too thick or stiff for the tension. My machine (Bernina 1000) is really picky when it comes to thread and will misbehave if I feed it (her?) any kind of coated thread.

3. My mechanism is dusty. My poor old lady needs a serious cleaning right now but I've misplaced my brush. She's skipping stiches on me and needs a good oiling, but I want to sew! Guess it's time to take it apart and give her the massage she needs.

4. I have wound my bobbin thread too loosely or tightly. Make sure your bobbin thread isn't catching when you pull it. Also, you can adjust the thing that holds the bobbin (don't know what it's called) so that the thread falls smoothly (not too fast and doesn't catch) when you hold it in the air.

Happy sewing!
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thank you all so much!

i'm going to work on this today.

ok, one more stupid question. where is the tension mechanism located and what should it be set at?
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