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im going to post some "starting" pictures and then take some pictures as i go..

ive sold and gotten rid of a ton of diapers, wool, covers ect.. the last few days. im pretty busy, but im doing a little bit every day
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I'll definitely join you. I feel like I can get a lot accomplished by then. I have a lot of family flying a long way to spend this Christmas with us, and then early next year we are moving so I need to do this one way or the other.

I started yesterday filling a big box of outgrown/ not used toys in the playroom.

This thread will be great because I have such a long way to go!
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I would love to join in, the timeline seems doable. Thanks! My first step will be to get the four black plastic yard bags full of clothes to the thrift store! I am also a bit inspired by the PTouch labler I was given....it makes me seem a little organized and helps give a just right place for things.
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me! I am in! decluttering like crazy
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I'm definitely in! I just took a bag full of things to Goodwill on Friday and dropped off a second one this morning. Feels great to be rid of that much junk!
I still have a long ways to go.. I need to gather things up to take them to the consignment store and I know I have a lot more that should go to Goodwill. I would love to have everything finished by Christmas! A beautiful decluttered home for the holidays would be so nice

We are planning to sell our home late winter or early spring, so this will help a lot!
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my start pictures..

i feel like we have way too much stuf in such a small space. my goal is to cut it down by half : im not sure if its realistic since i really like nice stuff.. but we will see.. no closet picture added.. way to embarrasing

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mamafern, i love your house! so beautiful
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Originally Posted by emma_goldman
How do you sister-mommas get rid of clothes? I tend to keep too many. I know, I know, throw out all the clothes you haven't worn in the past year... But WHEN do you make time to go through all of them? Any advice? Why am I so bad at this?
That's hard for me to answer mainly because I was preggo with DD and then I dropped to below my original pre preg weight after she came, fluctuated a bunch, and now I'm preggo again.

But I too would love to know when the time comes to just toss it.
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I did my kitchen cupboards yesterday, not all of them, but the worst ones. One bag of trash, two bags of assorted glassware to be donated, and one bag of recycling. And now my cupboards are organized!
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Alright! I just went through ds's stuffed animals. I didn't get rid of many (I didn't expect it to be so tough!), but a couple big ones so they all fit in one bin now. I also went through his next season's clothes and got rid of a few things that I knew I would never put on him (My stepmom buys the *ugliest* clothes for him - I'm talking worn, zebra print parachute pants, ok?). I'm also gradually going through my books again - each time I go through them, I get a little more realistic about what I will actually ever read again.

Next I conquer DVDs (may have to discuss with hubby a bit on those...).

- Kari
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I did 8 (count 'em) loads of laundry on Saturday. As each load was dry, I folded it into the laundry basket, took the basket upstairs, and PUT IT AWAY!! (what a concept, eh?)

I took 2 more bin liners full of "stuff" (mostly kids' clothes that no one wears) to the charity shop on Monday.

I thought all my efforts were sabatauged when my friend brought me 2 bin liners full of hand-me-downs for my two younger children, but I was able to wash the clothes in the bags, sort out the ones that weren't "keepers" and put the rest back into bin liners to take to the charity shop tonight. (All hail Captain Clutterbuster! )

Not to mention the fact that I slept on my bed last night, because it was free from clutter!
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Wow! Such inspiration! You all are doing an awesome job de-cluttering!

We finished our 5 day rearranging/decluttering session and I am wishing that i had taken a picture of the playroom before I decluttered! It looks awesome now, while before...it was hard to even walk through! If you wanted to play with a toy..ha! Good luck finding it.

We also organized the basement (though there still needs to be some major purging down there...at least it is in the appropriate piles now).

I also cleaned the fridge! And I am talking took everything out and wiped the thing down!

I folded all of the laundry that had been sitting in the living room (like 5 loads!) and as new laundry was done I folded it and PUT IT AWAY! (as a pp did too! Yeah!!) This morning I took a load out of the drier and actually folded and put away the load BEFORE we left for school and work! Wow. Fantastic!

Next on my list is our bedroom (including my clothes!), our office space and the bathroom cupboard.....hopefully done by the end of this week!
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can i play? i'm in serious decluttering mode right now and could use some inspiration to keep it going (cuz i know i'm gonna burn out after a few more days of this!

DH just started a new position at work that required a major overhaul of his wardrobe, so we took that as an oppurtunity to declutter & organize our office and bedroom (namely his clothes and work-related stuff). at the same time, i'm paring down my wardrobe (don't need as much now as a SAHM) and the baby's stuff (if people would just stop giving us stuff for her!)

DH has tons of clothes and loathes giving anything away. He actually got rid of 2 BIG boxes of stuff, though! The rest, i am organizing to be put away (altho we have a serious lack of drawer space. and DH says it's wrong to hang T-shirts ) or stored in the attic. trying to get a system down for laundry and storage so we can stop living in piles. argh. i hate piles!

i also cleaned out the hall closet and organized wrapping paper and seasonal stuff. Not bad considering 9month old DD was helping!
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Originally Posted by kathirynne
I did 8 (count 'em) loads of laundry on Saturday. As each load was dry, I folded it into the laundry basket, took the basket upstairs, and PUT IT AWAY!! (what a concept, eh?)

That's my downfall, usually.. actually getting them put away
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Sometimes when I've been decluttering I figured out alternative uses for things. Like I had a pair of Keds that were a weird color & never got worn. I was going to toss them but instead took them to my office. They were useful there as alternative shoes, when there was a long walk to the bus stop & enough water on the sidewalks it would have ruined my good shoes. Same thing with a maybe toss it sweater or sweatshirt that lives in the car now, so if I go somewhere that has air conditioning set to arctic lows I'm not freezing to death. If you don't travel often but do have some luggage, one piece might do for keeping out of season or seldom needed jackets & hats.
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How's everyone getting on this weekend with the de-junking? I got a flyer last week that there will be a charity pick-up on Monday. It's just what I needed. I have 4 boxes of toys/ household goods and 3 bags of clothing down in the garage ready to put out on Monday morning. Also a little pile to freecycle. It feels good! I am so looking forward to it all being gone! I think I have been shuffling some of this stuff around for six months now. :
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ive slowed down a bit the last few days. i started doing in home childcare so im keeping the place really tidy and clutter free (its babies..) but my closet is still a nightmare. i need inspiration. and more shelves/storage.. its just a long narrow closet and i find myself piling stuff up because there isnt anywhere else for it.
my dp reorganised and decluttered our desk the other day (thank you!!) so its all nice and organised..at least for a while

so i would say we are 65% done.. but still some major downsizing is needed.. espcially clothes

does anyone else have lots of clothes that they never wear..either because they dont fit (prebaby) or arent comfy or whatever but dont want to get rid of theM? i need someone to come throw out all of my clothes then give me money for a new wardrobe.. what not to wear !! if only : i just dont have the money and i HATE clothes shopping for myself.
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I still have not gotten to the areas left from our major cleaning last weekend. :

I am just too tired when I get home from work and then dh is gone all weekend at work, so I have little motivation here alone.

Today I spent the day visiting with my parents, so I got nothing done. Tomorrow I will hopefully get at least one room decluttered.

Unfortunately for our office space I need to buy some shelving and storage containers (for files and such, I lost my office drawers to ds when we rearranged the house) and that is not something I am going to do alone with 2 kids! So, that is going to have to wait.

I can do my bedroom though! I need to get rid of clothes and take inventory of what I really need to buy. That way I can priortize my clothes buying....I also hate clothes shopping for myself, MamaFern. Nothing ever fits me right and it SUCKS!

I have been forcing to myself to buy at least one thing (no matter how big or small) each pay period. I am in such great need of clothing that it seems overwhelming. When I only have to buy at least one thing every two weeks it doesn't seem so hard.

---I am going to try to do the bathroom cupboard tomorrow too.....
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The kitchen counters are now cleared. Partly me, mostly dh The pictures are in my blog but aren't as inspiring as I'd hoped they'd be

More importantly, the spaces that I decluttered over the past few months are actually staying de-cluttered I guess it helps that I'm actually getting *rid* of things, not just moving the junk around.

I had an odd little moment today. Up til now, the more I de-cluttered, the easier it was to do even more. Today I found myself thinking that I didn't have to make a decision on an item because since I had gotten rid of so much stuff, I had room to keep it.

The thing is, it doesn't matter if I have room, what matters is if an item is deserving of that room! I don't want to keep clutter just because I have space to put it in.

I want to get working on kitchen cabinets soon. I was trying to do the front room first and it's looking nice, but I'm *really* wanting the kitchen to be organized. How nice it would be to grab something from a cabinet without having to push aside a bunch of junk we never use!
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Originally Posted by MamaFern
does anyone else have lots of clothes that they never wear..either because they dont fit (prebaby) or arent comfy or whatever but dont want to get rid of theM? i need someone to come throw out all of my clothes then give me money for a new wardrobe.. what not to wear !! if only : i just dont have the money and i HATE clothes shopping for myself.
yes! I have all these button up shirts that I NEVER wear - due to my nursling keeping on nursing...

they do not button anymore - but they are nice and I figure one day my chest will shrink down...but now I am not so sure.

I really really just want to get rid of them!! You all are inspiring me to do so!!!
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