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I'll join! I'm seeking that "freeing" feeling as well and need the encouragement to get started. This thread is very inspiring. We don't have a ton of stuff, but we have absolutely no space, so even still it looks cluttered. I've started going through DS' stuff and deciding what is a "have-to-keep-for next-baby" and what can go. I'm just so tired of feeling overwhelmed by mess that I can't keep clean. Some of it hurts to let go of, but I can't keep up, so it's got to go.
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Progress report...

I have two more bags and a fan to take to the charity shop!!!

My telephone table is beautifully clutter-free (there are only 5 things on the entire table), and one shelf of the bookcase has also been streamlined.

I'm becoming addicted to empty space!

How's everyone else doing?
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Friday morning bump...

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I'm in...

if only to get inspired. We did a big purge and yard sale a couple of months ago. Unfortunately it rained buckets (unpredicted) on yard sale day all morning. I have outgrown baby clothes boxed up for a friend's grandchild (still cooking). I did manage to send a rocking/riding toy to my SIL for my nephew.

MamaFern, I love your kitchen color!
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Zero-sum game!

I took another bag to the Goodwill yesterday. (Unfortunately, my friend gave me an even larger bag of hand-me-downs, so I didn't exactly make much progress! )

In the course of my de-cluttering mania, I unearthed two girl's Columbia winter coats. (Size 4-5 in a periwinkle blue, size 10-12 in a bright lime green. One is too small for my daughter, one is much too large.) If anyone is in need of either one, p.m. me, and you can have them.

ETA: The coats have been spoken for.
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I'm just getting started, but so far I have one very large box of clothes and one kinda large box full of clothes and shoes that DH is taking to Goodwill this week. Plus, lots of clothes that I threw away because they were torn or stained. I realized only afterward that I should have kept some to cut up for rags. But, I'm just getting started with all of this, so this is a good lesson I'll remember as I continue to declutter.
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delivered about 7 bags to goodwill
2 boxes of clothes to the consignment shop
gave away several large toys to my niece (they can clutter up my sisters place now) :

about 4 bags of crap and clutter and trash in the last 3 weeks or so
cleaned out the office/sewing room today and can actually find things

cleaned the pantry and hallway closets whew

damn! that feels good
my house is actually getting in shape~~~ really good shape:
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Hope it's not too late too join because I SO need to do this. I only have a studio, but ... ummmmm ... I'm kind of a clutter bug. Not to mention, kind of messy. Let's just say that I actually have to make paths to the kitchen and bathroom from my bed in order to make it there without tripping on anything. : I have things that I haven't worn since GRADE school.

In December, I'm moving in with my boyfriend, and I would love to do it with just the necessities. And zero clutter. Then maybe I can tackle his house.
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I have another bag full of "stuff" ready to go to the charity shop. And I gave 2 cat dishes to my neighbour along with a brownie pan, (since she makes wonderful brownies and has no proper brownie pan, whereas I never make brownies, and, therefore, do not need a brownie pan ). I also returned some toys another neighbour had lent to my daughter.

I still see clutter when I look around, so that hasn't changed much, but I can feel my thinking changing, and I think that may be even more important in the long run.

How's everyone else doing?
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I've been too busy the past few days to get back to my decluttering, but I'll be doing a lot tonight. DH brought home some boxes from work for me so that I can put all my give-away stuff in them! Yay!!!
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I've filled another bag but I've become stalled too. I tried to declutter some toys, but unfortunately the children found the box and everything in it became instantly alluring. They had not played with them for months and months before that.

I have had so little time and energy, but I need to get organized because that will be the case for some time to come. I keep checking in here for some inspiration.
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I posted this on my blog, but last night I went through my scrapbooking supplies and put a full third of them into the Ebay box! Earlier in the week I cleared out the hall closet, getting rid of conventional cleaners, and that freed up the space for the rest of the supplies to have a home, so they're not just in boxes in the corner of my bedroom.

I took five boxes of clothes to our local homeless shelter yesterday.
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Does this count?

We went to the dress rehersal of "Cats" on Wednesday. The admission for dress rehersal is a tin of food for the foodbank (per person), so I brought 5 tins of food...

Can I count this toward my decluttering goal?
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A little late, but I'd like to join...
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WOOHOO!! I got rid of a 6 ft aquarium and aquarium stand today, plus some misc fishtank junk. I am SOOOO happy. My dh kept saying he wanted to sell it, but then never did. I posted it a few times on craigslist, and only got one response. So I finally posted it on freecycle and it is GONE. I can see my fireplace again. :-) I feel so much better about my living room and kitchen now.
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Originally Posted by laurata View Post
WOOHOO!! I got rid of a 6 ft aquarium and aquarium stand today, plus some misc fishtank junk. I am SOOOO happy. My dh kept saying he wanted to sell it, but then never did. I posted it a few times on craigslist, and only got one response. So I finally posted it on freecycle and it is GONE. I can see my fireplace again. :-) I feel so much better about my living room and kitchen now.

That's awesome!
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Productive weekend

On Saturday morning, I "made" my son take everything out of the garage and put it on the cement parking pad. Then I swept the garage and put things away one by one. (I filled the dumpster with stuff that didn't deserve to live in the garage anymore. )

It looks great in there! There are a few things that are only temporary (the paint for the still-in-progress kitchen project, the seeds for my garden in June, et cetera), but even those have a place and are stored neatly.

Now for the rest of the house... :
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Oh! Oh! Me! Me! Can I join?! *waves hand frantically* Please?

I've gotten rid of a lot of old toys; the deal was that for every new toy DS got for his birthday, he had to get rid of something old. The new toys weren't even allowed into the house until he'd cleaned out his old things. So far, so good! They're still cluttering up my kitchen until I can take 'em to Goodwill, but hey... some progress is better than none, right?

I am also getting rid of two, count 'em, two desks in my teeny 12x12 living room. All I'm keeping in there is the futon and a bookcase to hold DVDs and the telly.

And can I please share with you a little "epiphanette" (that's a teeny epiphany) that I had the other day?

For years we've been rich in "things;" we've always had a lot of "things." But now the things are weighing us down and keeping us from who and where we really want to be, so...

Instead of being rich in "things," it's time to concentrate on being rich in "space."
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Where did everybody go? (Are you all buried under piles of clutter? )

I just had to share about my successfull week end. I completely de-cluttered and rearranged my kids' "study area". It looks so great!


There is a little "area" (for lack of a better word) between my entryway and my kitchen. The deep-freeze lives there, and there is also a table that is too small to seat my whole family, too nice to get rid of, kwim?

I moved everything out from against the walls and vaccuumed thoroughly. Then I sprinkled the floor where the deep freeze goes with lavendar oil. (The carpet had a funny smell, and I don't want/can't afford to have it steamed at the moment, so... The heat created by the deep freeze also sends the fragrance of the essential oil into the room. ) I put the three 5-gallon buckets of wheat that were in my bedroom between the wall and the deep freeze. Now they are closer to the kitchen, (which means I may actually remember that I have all that wheat, and, more importantly, feed it to my family ) but they aren't immediately visable. I topped the deep freeze with a mattlesse tablecloth that I forgot I had : and placed a basket of fruit on top (to be eaten for after school snacks). Next, I put the table against the window, and placed an antique suitcase underneath it. I moved the extra school supplies that were under my bed in a Rubbermaid tote into the suitcase (please tell me I'm not the only one who buys two cases of notebooks when they are on sale for 10 cents per notebook during back-to-school!) I plastered the outside of the suitcase with some really cool travel stickers that we had received from some children's magazine. Then, I put a piano bench that had no permanant home (mainly because we have no piano ) next to the table for seating. I put my eldest son's collapsable music stand, the English dictionary, and the Spanish dictionary inside the seat of the piano bench. (The piano bench is positioned so that the "open side" is away from the table, for ease of access.) I placed a large wicker basket between the table and the wall as a place for backpacks, and left room between the wall and the basket for my eldest son's cello. Then I put a porcelain jar (without a lid) in an old wooden cheesebox on the table to hold pencils. (The box holds the pencil sharpener, et cetera) Finally, I placed a straight-backed chair against the last wall for my son to sit in while he practices his cello. (The piano bench would work, but this way his brothers still have a place to sit and do their homework while he practices.)

I am so pleased with the final results! I especially love that it cost me NOTHING, gave a purpose to a few things that had just been malingering in my house, and freed up space in my bedroom. (And all of my sons told me that it made doing their homework much simpler. Now if they would just stop leaving their homework until Sunday night...)

Keep up the decluttering, mummas. It's soooo worth it! (Now I'm inspired to tackle the sitting area!)
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Only 48 days left of 2006....
How's the de-junking going?
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