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Any other moms feel like they're Busting at the seams?

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I mean seriously.... I will be 26 weeks on wednesday and I feel SO uncomfortable!!! My belly feels so tight like it couldn't possibly stretch any further. I don't have any stretch marks (yet) but I feel like I should be covered in them because I feel so distended. I can't imagine how I'm going to feel when my ninth month hits!!!! It isn't so much my skin that feels tight... it's my abdominal muscles and right around the bottom of my ribcage. This really stinks!!!!
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Oh, and I also want to add that I am getting absolutely no sleep because I'm so uncomfortable... this isn't my first rodeo, so I don't know why I feel like this!
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Right there with you! It's SO uncomfortable, especially at night..
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I feel like I need a rib spreader to make some more room in me... I should take a belly pic... its really quite sad lol
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Yes, yes, yes! I just wish that I could take a full breath. Just one! And I know it's only going to get worse and that really kind of freaks me out.
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yeah, I could happily grow a couple more inches externally to make up for the feeling that the skin at the bottom of my belly is at its full capacity. But I keep on massaging it and encouraging it to stretch just a bit more...I know it will, but it seems as though it has to get really really taut for a while, and then make space :
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i feel the same way and like the op, no stetch marks...yet. im slowly watching my belly button get smaller and smaller...i fear the morning i wake up to it popped, hehe. im also glad to see that im not the only one having trouble breathing..i was afraid it was too early for that.
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Yes!!! I feel immense, but I had an OB appointment today and was only measuring a week ahead, so go figure.
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Lol, my belly skin actually looks normal for the first time in a really long time. Last pregnancy, it was so covered with stretch marks that it hardly looked like skin. Then in between pregnancies, it was just the saddest, baggiest puddle. Now it is nicely fitting over this growing babe, with only very faint white (old) stretch marks--no new ones. I don't feel any tightness at all, and I can't imagine that I will since I don't plan on getting nearly as big as I did last time. But even though I don't feel like it, I certainly LOOK like I'm bursting at the seams! I am 28 weeks and 29 cm, but for some reason I look more like I'm 8 months pregnant. Must be the muscle memory.

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Just the past few days I'm feeling huge....and today my 15 year old yelled at me for "breathing funny" :
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I feel like I've grown the last couple days. I do have stretch marks, but they're just the ones that were already there from last pregnancy (the ones I didn't see until baby was out of there!). They used to be just slightly lighter than my skin color, but several weeks ago, I noticed them turning red on either end, and now they're pretty much red the whole way. Nice. I can only see them in the mirror though.

I can still breathe at this point, but I'm tall and have a long torso, plus baby boy loves to sit VERY low, punching my bladder and cervix.

At night, I sleep with my belly propped up on a pillow. It's a king sized pillow, and I have it partly between my knees and partly under my belly. I should really get a body pillow, but I keep forgetting. Nighttime isn't too bad as long as I remember to take magnesium before bed. Otherwise, I get the restless leg stuff. I forgot the other night, and got up to take it at 2am, then sat on the computer for an hour, then finally went to bed and slept well the rest of the night.
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Yes to the rib thing:

I feel like I want to cut all my ribs down one side and stick some bungee cord in there for a little more space
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