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head not down

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today's my due date, and I had my appt. with my mw this afternoon. it was a surprise to both of us to learn that the baby's head isn't down

she did an internal exam today and could barely feel the head...though from the external exam she thought it was down already

so, i'll be walking, doing the stairs, some squatting...any other suggestions for getting the babe to drop down? :
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At first I thought you meant the baby as breech! You're just saying the baby hasn't dropped, right? Is this your first baby?
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oops, sorry that was unclear

no, luckily the baby is not breech, it just hasn't dropped down into the pelvic area yet

i'm thinking jumping up and down might help?

and yes, it's our first baby
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i don't see why its that big of a deal. dropping is NO indication of labor!! my first although i carried low didn't drop UNTIL labor was ACTIVE. this one drops down, goes up, drops down goes up. never ending cycle and i really don't exspect her to engage until labor starts. its far easier to walk/do anything if the babys not engaged!!!
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jumping in from september ddc. my last 2 didn't drop until I was fully and pushing!! I wouldn't worry to much about that. every babe is different and not dropping isn't anything to worry yourself about!! Don't worry, you can go into labor weather babys head is engaged or not. Soon you'll have your arms full of that fresh baby....
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My baby hasn't dropped either. I was due yesterday. He is still REALLY high and in fact, I can't even feel my cervix, it is so far back.
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I agree with the above. My babies never appear to have dropped or be low but they come out great. This baby was "floating" until the end - but his head was molded like he'd been there some time. I think baby knows.
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Well girlfriend, I'm due today as well, and I can attest that "dropping" is not an indication of impending labor! Little Bean's head has been "engaged" for THREE WEEKS! I swear he is going to have the conehead to end all coneheads! The only thing him being engaged has done is make my pelvis feel like it's going to break! So, I hope that makes you feel a little better!
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don't worry,Ollie was still high 3 days before he was born.

++++ vibes to you mama
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ah, I do love this board!

thanks, ladies, for all the reassurance...I feel better now

I may still jump up and down a bit, but at least now i know i don't *have* to
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Yeah - don't sweat it. My dd didn't drop until I was pushing. She looked like a c/s baby because she spent so little time in the birth canal, her head wasn't molded AT ALL! Only pushed for 20 minutes, as well (went from 5 cm to 10 in 1.5 hours as well...)
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