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What is a "free school?"

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There is one here in town that I'd like to consider for ds (provided it's still around when he's school-age ). I looked it up on the internet....wikipedia, but I'm still somewhat in the dark about what exactly a "free school" is. Is it the same as a democratic school? Are they all different or do they all basically run the same way?
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Democratic, Sudbury and free are all used for the same philosophy I believe.

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There is a wide variety of free schools -- some of them are like Sudbury Valley School, which is a true democratic school, some of them are more structured, i.e., they allow the child to choose between several pre-determined (by the teacher) activities. The only way to know for sure is to visit the school (if that's allowed) and ask LOTS of questions.
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Interesting. Thank you to those who replied!
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