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Really Important News Re: Swap - please read

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Hi mamas,

Unfortunately we are going to have to cancel the November Swap; as Chanley has pointed out, all swaps have to take place in the TP, and I do not have the required number of swaps to co-ordinate this one (have to have completed 3 swaps). It would also exclude any newer members who do not have TP access yet. I do have an idea for an alternative, but can't publish the details here - please PM me if you're interested and I'll give you my thoughts

I am so sorry that we have to do this, and I totally apologise for letting y'all down
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This is ridiculous. If you have to have a certain # of posts, then that would exclude a lot of ddc members, not just on this board
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Just curious to know the reasoning behind not permitting swaps. I didn't even know what TP was until now and that it existed.
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Access to the board is restricted to members who have been registered for 6 months and have at least 150 posts.

Organizers must have participated in at least 4 swaps before taking on the coordinator position. This is to include at least one swap of the same type you are organizing (i.e. traditional, craft, reverse, etc...)

Organizers shall not be in charge of more than 1 swap at any given time.

Participants shall not be involved in more than 3 swaps at any given time.

All participants must have some proof that a package has been sent. This can be DC, Insurance, Customs forms, PO receipt that can be scanned, etc...

If a member does not send out a swap package in the allotted time and is not actively working with the recipient to resolve the situation, the moderator of the forum is to be contacted and they will lose their TP access until the situation is resolved.

the above are the rules for all MDC swaps. So sorry
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i wish i didnt lurk so much now
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I PMed you.

Is there any way we can all "virtually sign" something stating that we recognize the risk of swapping with newbies (like most of us are)? This just seems really odd. We don't want an open swap with all of MDC - just with the other mamas that are due our month!
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Let's set up a yahoo group.
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Those rules make sense GENERALLY but a DDC needs to be where the DDC people will see it, in my humble opinion. I haven't participated, but I haven't felt "left out" either. I understand having a certain number of posts to participate may make things feel "safer" but that doesn't guarantee that someone won't flake. So personally, I think DDC swaps should be allowed to stay on the DDC forums. I mean, we wouldn't want the people in a different DDC to feel left out of our DDC swap...they aren't in our DDC so they don't need to have it in their faces, so to say. But I'm not in charge of MDC, obviously...
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I wish i could participate that sucks..

a yahoo swap would be a good idea... I have a "craft swap" for yahoo that is a ghost town... no members nothing.

I would love to participate but I wouldn't want anything lol I am a surrogate... but if you ladies do make one and someone bails on ya let me know... I could send something... just don't want to be sent anything
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Just want to let you know that I am trying to work something out so that ddc swaps would be an option and still comply with the forum regulations. This is a real mind bender. So please be patient with us. I know how frustrating this must be.

I also want to thank the members of this ddc for being so understanding and proactive in solving this situation.

We are workin on it.

Ohh and to explain, we have recieved complaints from mamas on ddc swaps who have had problems. We have also recently revamped our swapping rules. We are just trying to make sure that the rules are upheld across the board. I know this is not fun for anybody, trust me, I would rather be folding laundry right now (and that says quite a lot).

Thanks mamas!
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Does it have to be considered or called a "swap"??

I've seen many DDCs do a bead "exchange". I'm not trying to get around MDC rules, but just curious...
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Any activity where mamas are exchanging goods, services etc... needs to be held in the trading post.

The bead exchanges and virtual showers have also been removed. It does not matter what you call it, it is still a swap.
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