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Distracted baby- HELP!

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DS is teething and he's very easily distractable. He's like this-
Just excited and hyper and he simply won't latch on during the day. At first, I waited and waited, but then I caved and I fixed him a bottle. Well, now we've started a bad habit and practically the only time he'll nurse is when he's sleepy.
I've tried the dark, quiet room thing, doesn't work. He arches his back and fights it. Sometimes I can manage to squirt a bit of milk into his mouth and then he'll latch on, but he's not patient enough to wait for let-down, so he pops back off again.
Do you know how hard it is to aim a squirt of bm in a wiggly little baby's mouth?
He's 7-months-old BTW- has had 2 teeth pop out in the last month and appears to be teething again. I don't know if the two are related or not.
I've noticed a significant drop in the amount of milk I can pump out at work now, I assume it's because of the lack of feeding during the day. I also assume that DS is gettting enough milk at night cause I hear the loud gulps and he always seems satisfied after.
Any ideas? Should I just let it go and be a night nurser?

Marcy :bf
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It could just be the teething that's the problem. Lots of babies nurse less when they are cutting teeth. If you think he's just impatient you could try pumping before nursing him so that he gets the let down sooner. If he's anything like my boys he will switch his nursing patterns just as soon as you figure out what makes him happy .
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And remember that this stage does pass! You don't have to give up and stop nursing completely if you don't want to. Try not to supplement when it's not absolutely necessary, though, or you'll drift further and further away from nursing.
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This is quite common. It is called reverse cycling. Try not to offer a bottle during the day. You could offer your milk in a sip cup tho.

If you are co-sleeping, yes, he will get lots of milk at night. As long as he seems happy during the day, it's fine to go with it. Usually, by about a yr, they will learn to nurse and still monitor the action without having to get off the breast, get up and go investigate. It's a brain development thing.

He's probably still taking 2 naps a day? Offer to nurse before and after each one, that's 4 nursings right there. Then all night and in the early AM? That's probably 4 more times.
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Thanks girls!

DaryLLL, I must have neglected to mention that I work full-time , but I'll def. do this strategy on the weekends.
I do co-sleep, my favorite way to go to sleep is with Aid's sweaty little head on my arm, so he's been waking 1 more time than he normally does, which I don't mind cause I figure he's making up for some of it. I do worry that my supply will go kaputz if I don't nurse right when I get home and at least one more time before he crashes at 7. I guess I may be in store for some marathon nursing sessions once he's back to his old self.
If I didn't know better, I'd think he was weaning himself. But isn't that impossible until they are over a year old? Am I remembering right?
I hate that damn pump btw, after 7.5 months of that thing strapped to my breasts 3 times a day, but I'll try pumping to get a let-down going anyway, and then at least I may reverse some of that supply confusion.
It's such hard work! I was just bragging the other day how easy bf'ing was now, no complications, so easy. Spiteful God! I always say that when God bites me on the butt like this.

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LOL, marcy, I was so tired when I replied, i didn't even notice it was you I was talking to! (cat woke me up and then I had insomnia.) Sorry!

Anyway, what your son is doing, the reverse cyclcing thing, is even more common with babies of working moms than of SAHMs. I once knew a baby, even younger, who would outright refuse a bottle or anything else, for 8 hours til mom got home. After all there is 24 hours in a day.

I know you struggle with milk supply and are doing the best you can. No, he is not weaning if he is nursing and gulping at night.

Is he getting pumped milk in bottles during the day? I thought you were doing a cup?

To stimulate a letdown, you may not need to actually pump, just massage your breasts and twiddle your nipples for a minute or two, and/or apply a warm wet washcloth.

To make sure he gets as much milk as poss at night, when you half wake up to change position, you could always offer and see if he will come on.

I would say, continue with the 3x/day pumping til a yr or so, if you can stand it. Every bit is good. Ever think about fenugreek?
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Well, I stopped the sippy cup because the ped. said he wasn't gaining enough weight. She promised he was old enough he wouldn't have nipple confusion. I don't really trust her at all, but I was so worried about the weight thing that I listened to her.
I'm only pumping enough to give DS 1 full bottle (about 7 oz.) each day, the rest is supplementation (which is why he's reverse cycling maybe- he definitely prefers ebm to formula and who could blame him?)
I've thought about Fenugreek, but I can't get it at my local grocery store, so it's hard for me to go across town to the health food store - plus we're broke, so I keep hoping to increase the supply naturally and without having to spend any more money. Of course, if the herb works, then I'd be saving money by not having to buy as much of that formula crap. But, I'm getting into a bad cycle here, so maybe I should do the fenugreek stuff. Perhaps I'll get some online.
Any brand you particularly like DaryLLL?
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When Konur was distractable we had to move into a darkened room to nurse until I made him a nursing necklace. It helped a lot!!!!
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