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Cravings? Already?!?

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I just found out last week that I am pregnant, I'm not very far along, just a few weeks but suddenly I am totally craving lime anything. Popsicles, candy, frozen limeade, etc. I know it doesn't sound very strange, but I HATE lime, always have and suddenly I can't get enough. DH says it is all in my head, then again he also said the all day "morning" sickness is also in my head so you all know how much I value THAT opinion. Just thought I'd share that, I'm off to have another juice bar
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Congrats on your pregnancy!!! Are you a Nov mama like me? I'm due for my first at the end of Nov...

before I tested positive...I wanted lemons!!! I found it a little weird since I like lemons but I don't think about them...!! Now it's hot sauce!!! Our bodies are interesting!!!
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I see the ob on the 8th, then I'll find out my edd, but I'm figuring end of Nov-early Dec. This is my third baby, I don't remember having any cravings with my other two (both girls) maybe we're having a boy this time? Actually I do remember craving KFC mashed potatos with my oldest (8 yrs) It had to be KFC, homemade just wouldn't do it, but that only lasted a few weeks, then I was too sick to eat anything

Congratulations to you too! Here's hoping for easy queasy-free pregnancies, and easy labor and delivery! Good luck!!
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I had cravings for oranges very early in pg1. I just assumed that it was my body's way of telling me that it needed lots of vitC to get this little embryo going, and the sourness also seems to benefit pg ladies.
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I craved Lemon's with my daughter, I'd eat Lemons for breakfast followed by PICKLED Onions!
I had my hubands brother even running around looking for lemons..... :LOL

With my son I didn't really crave anything, I did seem to need more salt, but that was pretty much it.

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