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What do people know about vision and nursing?

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I am set to go get my eyes checked for the first time since I got pregnant. I'll be getting new contacts and glasses.

What do people know about how nursing effects vision? Or is it just pregnancy that has such an effect?
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I have been looking into laser surgery to correct my vision, I have to wait until 3 months after pg or weaning as the hormones still affect the eyes. Pregnancy hormones have more of an affect than nursing.

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I have read that one of the biggest changes in your vision during pregnancy is caused by all that extra fluid and blood you are carrying around. This even increases the fluid that is inside your eyeball (the aqueous humor) and causes your eye to be a slightly different shape- affecting your vision.

I don't really know how much extra you carry around during nursing, but I would imagine if you are a few months ppd it doesn't make much difference. Past that point where your breasts aren't full all the time. I agree that it is probably best to wait for permanent surgery, but I would imagine ther isn't that much difference if you have been nursing for years
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Pregnancy really affects vision and eye health as well. My vision changed only moderately, but after delivering my son, I developed tons of "floaters," which my eye dr says is a result of pregnancy and possibly exerting so much force duirng the birthing process. I don't know about the effect of nursing, though.
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I don't know if this is due to pregnancy and nursing, but when my glasses broke the other day, I decided it was time to get contacts. (Mostly because ds knocks the glasses off my face every time I pick him up, which is how they broke to start with). I had heard that pregnancy and nursing affect vision, and I knew my vision seemed slightly blurry, so I figured either old age or pregnancy, but my vision was getting worse.
Anyhow, it turns out that the vision in my left eye has IMPROVED a lot, and the blurryness was caused by the glasses over correcting! I was so excited, I may have to get pregnant all over again, just to keep nursing longer!
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