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False positives are really rare!! EmiLy, I think you should introduce yourself!!
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Keep us posted
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bleh AF arrived today- hope to be in the june group congrats and best of luck mamas!
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Sadly, I won't be joining you all. : I guess my cycle's just gone irregular again. Still haven't gotten AF but not one BFP and as far as I know there is only a very very slim chance to not have gotten one by now.
Hope you all have healthy pregnancies and babies.
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sorry sara and joshsmom.

i tested (way to early i tested on the 4th and i think it won't be working until about the 11th) it's negative. but since it's so early i am still holding out hope. i just never felt like i have. i have never known i was pregnant but things seem diffrent. more cramping today, sore back and hips. but that could be b/c of the high heels i wore for hours at a wedding or helping my mom move or b/c my new native is to big and a little uncomfortable.

i'm still hoping to join you ladies.

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Any news yet?

Sorry Sara & Joshsmom
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Hi. I don't "feel" pregnant at all. But I'm a few days late and today is 16DPO. No POAS yet- I have been out of town the past week and didn't want to spend money on tests (I have a pile at home) and don't want to get a BFP away from DH. I am going home tonight and will test tomorrow AM if AF hasn't shown up today. I am ambivalent about what result I want. I would love a baby, but for a variety of reasons this is not the best month for it to have happened.
I will let you all know tomorrow, either way. Feel free to check out my chart and make predictions. Best of luck to everyone else who is waiting and congrats to those who got good news.
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Hey, not waiting anymore!
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