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Does anyone want to track their September food spending together? - Page 6

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I managed to resist going to the store today. I REALLY wanted to go out and buy some rice mozerella cheese to go with the pasta at dinner, but I resisted. No money spent today.
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Originally Posted by Jenn_M
I'm in. We are just starting our first real budget (and beginning Dave Ramsey's plan) so I'll be really watching my food spending!:
How are you finding Ramsey's financial plan? My church isoffering his class this month and I was debating taking it. Can you give me the gist of it?

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Dh gets paid on Friday but we had to pay rent on Saturday, so we are down to the pennies in our change jar until then. I have been staying in the house with DS to avoid going out and spending money. I find that even if we go for a walk I end up stopping off somewhere for something.

Ok - so far for Sept. I have spent:
$72.54 on groceries
$14 eating out (DH's idea)

We live in Highlands Ranch, CO. I do not buy name-brand stuff if I can avoid it, and we do not buy convenience or processed foods (except once in a blue moon). I really need to get my food spending under control if we are ever going to get to a place financially where Dh will be comfortable having another baby. But I dont know what else I can do to cut costs. I already make everything from scratch, buy day-old bread when i dont feel like baking my own, buy cheap makeup, buy produce on sale and only buy canned goods/pantry staples/meat on big sale. I tried the Grocery Game but we just dont have the storage space to store massive amounts of toothpaste, etc.
Any ideas?

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Originally Posted by Rowdypea

OK, I love this idea. Count me in! So far our spending this month is $46.78. I am including household stuff in my "grocery" spending. (yay! for my Diva Cup)
And we just went back the store yesterday and spent another 10.00 so our total so far is $56.78. (We are a family of three people and one cat)
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Mama Hippo, I don't know the grocery game, but buy a container that will slide under your bed to store toothpaste, etc. Clean out the bottom or top of a closet, toss out some junk from a cabinet and store stuff there.

Ma Kettle...12 people!!! Man, no wonder you have a lot to pay for. Can you have 2 or 3 no meat meals a week? Rice and bean burritos, nachos, pasta and veggie sauce, stir-frys, etc. Honestly, I don't think $500 is too much for 12 people!
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Okay guys you want the good news or the bad news.

The bad news is that we spent $40 on food during our date on Friday.

But since then we spent $18 at the farmer's market. Corn, watermelon, milk, bacon, onions, and we brought home 10 lbs of tomatos from the farmer that run our CSA (they were included in our annual share prince)

On Sunday DH picked a bunch of apples from an abandoned farmstead when he was hunting and we made pie and applesauce for free. Much tastier than the game he was hunting for .

9-4 I bought a latte $4 and a pint of ice cream (for the pie) $2.

9-6 I spent $37 at the grocery story and $3 for a dozen eggs from the beloved Steve that run our CSA when I picked up our CSA share. DH had lunch out and spent $4, but that actually really good for him.

Total as of 9-6
$44 out and $50 at the grocery store/farmer market.
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Adding to my almost $50 I went to Target last night. And I don't know why i'm posting this now, because I have to stop at Sams for 2 things today. But, oh well.

Target. Let me get the receipt and figure out what I spent on food, it was a multi-things trip - saved me several trips by doing super target !

18.96 on the food.

I'm taking my son to the mall monthly kids club thing today, and we're going to have pizza lunch.

OH. I guess I should include what we've (pre-paid) for school lunches (four days this month, one of my kids didn't turn in his menu so he is bringing everyday) and that we pay $5 for their pizza lunch @ school every Thursday (the pizzas are donated and the money is a fundraiser for something - the senior class maybe?)

I'm going to start a file, i'm really interested now in what we spend / month because i've never done this before ...
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Originally Posted by Red

Ma Kettle...12 people!!! Man, no wonder you have a lot to pay for. Can you have 2 or 3 no meat meals a week? Rice and bean burritos, nachos, pasta and veggie sauce, stir-frys, etc. Honestly, I don't think $500 is too much for 12 people!
I'm trying to get it under $500 for the whole month. I usually don't spend $500 per month on groceries but we found out 2 months ago that our meat won't be getting butchered until spring so I have to buy my meats at the store now (what a HUGE difference!!! I pay $1.99 lb for ALL my meat from the farm except chicken. That's regardless of cut... ground beef and tbone or sirloin steaks - $1.99 lb...... at the store????? just a simple beef roast was almost $6 per lb!!!), and now my vegetables from the garden have been largely ruined by storms.

I was shocked by 'real world' prices! Even the coupons don't help much because most of the ones I found in the papers are for packaged foods. Which we don't use.

Does anyone know of a bulk online foods outlet or something? Like cysco?
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I use pinching you pennies, like the grocery game but free. However I don't buy half of what they list because I try to avoid most processed foods. They do list fresh foods and stuff like that too. As far as storage we have no room to store anything but I have a small area in the basement that will hold some supplies. I've yet to pay more then 25 cents for toothpaste or a toothbrush since joining pyp.
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I spent 210.88 at Wild Oats on Tuesday. That included a fair amount of meat and cheese for the freezer. My Giant Eagle is doubling $1.00 coupons this week, so I will make an extra trip there to get some things we normally buy on super sale.
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Extras rounded up to $15.00 (Dr. Pepper, clothes hangers, odds & ends)
First eat-out at Quizno's $20.00 (Budgeted to eat out 2x/month)
Groceries for the first paycheck $74.00 (Budgeted $75.00/paycheck)
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ma kettle...call teh local butcher shops, and ask about buying a meat package. In exchange for you buying 50 lbs or so, they cut the pprices. You get a variety of cuts.
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ok word to the wise (or a reminder to self) don't say yes when your dh says do you want me to go to the co-op? ay yi yi. we have food in my pantry that I didn't know exsisted. (all "good" junk but junk nontheless) 48.37 is added to my list
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Hi all- I have been pretty good this week- I spent $40.05 at kroger- got milk, eggs, fruit/veggies, some canned and frozen veggies, applesauce, cheese. I also spent $25.44 at the food coop I belong to- 25 lbs organic rye flour, tofu, apples, and pears.

Total for the month-$73.81
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With dh's lunch yesterday and Whole Foods, we spent $54. That puts us at $159.54.
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I spent 5.37 on milk and half-and-half.

Didn't I post earlier? I can't find it.
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My GI bill came in this morning, and is unfortunately not as much as we thought it would be.

I bought lunch (at Safeway!):

1 pre-packaged salad (good for 2 meals, I'll have the rest for lunch Monday)
1 organic peach yogurt, 6 oz.
1 banana
1 orange

Total: $3.75

I have to go grocery shopping tonight, for what will hopefully be most of our meals for the rest of the month. And I don't have much to spend. :

This brings my monthly total to $23.75
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Well, I'm happy with our grocery expenses so far, and very unhappy with our eating out expenses:

I've spent 49.94 on groceries-mostly organic veggies, eggs, and grains
and 45.66 eating out . 24.95 of that was our anniversary dinner (sixth)
but the rest is useless piddly things here and there.
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wow, I like the idea of doing it this way!
our food butget is 360.00- (rounding)so spent 95-have 265 left.

September food budget $350, spent $48, have $302 remaining.
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Okay, I went to Sunflower Market and hit the bulk bins for flour, steel cut oats, a couple of kinds of beans, and corn meal, and also bought potatoes and onions there: $7.26
And TJ's for soymilk, maple syrup, goat's milk, and plain yogurt: $17.77
(The syrup was a real splurge!)

Friday evening at the coffee shop (I splurged and had a scone in addition to a latte): $7

Total for the month: $55.78

I'm headed to Albertson's tomorrow, for produce (I like Sunflower Market's produce better, but I was on the bike w/o the trailer or cooler today) and some canned stuff (soups for making casseroles, mostly).
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