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Does anyone want to track their September food spending together? - Page 10

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oh mylanta this thread was supposed to help me be aware.... but gosh I love good food LOL

another 100. total being 513 for the month so far.... although I must say that it is lower than usual so thats good. maybe it will take me months to get it right.
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I need this thread sooo bad! I spend way too much on food and I really need help to lower my grocery bills. I spend over 800 a month on "the store". I buy only organic. It is not working because I am a sahm and we are in debt and oh boy I am grateful I found you guys
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Bought green pappers at the farm stand and corn on the cob! WOn't have it much longer!

Anyway, with my other purchases, we spent another $45. I wanted to keep it at $40 this week.That makes it $489 for the month.I think that coudl be my final figure for the month, not bad for 2 adults and 2 teens who take thier lunches every day (dh too), DH needs his chocolate every day, etc.

Just as we seem to get a handle on things...our new exhaust system on our 1995 Honda cost $484!!! YOWIE!
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So, I needed a head of cabbage for cole slaw and cream to make ice cream. I didn't MAKE teh ice cream yet, so we'll be eating it in OCTOBER. Does it really belong there?

I'm sticking it here.

$5. Makes our total $494.

Next month I hope to trim $50, at least. Maybe $100, as our pork will be in.
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My totals ended up getting a little reliant on memory, but I think we ended up with about $150 out and $220 in. We also have beef and a CSA share that we buy yearly that end up being another $100 per month.

I'm not sure what I think about the totals.
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Well, I ended the month around $700 for eating out and in. That's a lot of money! I guess I kinda knew it, but wow. So, I'm not sure what I really want to do about it? I mean, I want to buy organics, I want to go to restaurants that serve fresh food. But at the same time I want to be sure i'm not wasting things or depending on convenience food. I guess I need to evaluate exactly what my goals are going to be.

Should we do this again or do we need a new goal?
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I need to add all of mine up on here. I told you about a total of $53.10. That was in the middle of the month. Went to the grocery store, again after making a 2 week menu, and I am still so blown away!!!
I spent another $81.29.. but in my defense, we had my ds2's b-day party and I bought stuff to make a cake. Well, my dumbass made a bundt cake then he comes in and says that he wants a Batman and I couldn't figure out how to decorate it!!
With PMS and all, I went and bought a pre-made one and gave the other to my mom.
And yesterday was my birthday, so dh took me to Olive Garden (my absolute fav and I haven't been there in 3 months!) so we count that $27.
So, that would make my total for a whole month to be, including a night out!, and toiletries my grand total is $164.61.... yes, I typed that right! A family of five that normally would spend $120-$150 a week, spent less than $162... for a whole month!!!
You guys don't know how great this is for us!
With the extra money that I saved, I paid off 2 small bills, put stuff on layaway and finished buying all of the Christmas presents!
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580.69 for september for a family of 4.

where do you shave off the most while still wanting quality?

does anyone have goals for October after seeing what September was like?
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I ended up spending a little more than $200 for me and 2 toddlers..not bad at all especially considering I normally don't think twice about spending that much in 1 trip to the grocery store, let alone a whole month! and we even ATE alot better this month too as mostly everything was from scratch! this was a real eye opener for me! oh and to boot I also have alot of stuff in the freezer (at least 15 meals leftover) I made in Sept. as well I am doing OAMC (actually spread out over a period of days, but still the same concept) and it is SO cheap!
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what were your favorite OAMC recipes that you tried this month? do you have any tips that you learned? I always want to do it, but chicken out.
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here's what I made..lmk what recipes you'd like and I will post them!

black bean/sweet potato burritos
veggie burritos
black bean and cheese burritos
cheese/bean enchiladas-these came out kind of dry after freezing..
mexican rice
veggie lasagna
soups (lentil, pepper,minestrone)
homemade bread to go with the soups
pizza beans (these can go on anything from bread to pasta/rice,etc. good for dinner in a hurry!
muffins/sweet breads/cookies-some of these didn't freeze so well so I need to refine what I am doing a bit,
breakfast buritoes (eggs,cheese and beans)

yes we eat ALOT of beans. usually at least 1 meal a day.. my kiddos love beans though and eat them right up no matter what they are in! we are vegetarian so it is a staple here!

I could save at least another $10+ a month if I knew how to make my tortillas round I buy at least 2 packs of 30 flour and a large pack of corn ones every month. every time I make them from scratch though they come out all funky. I need to get someone to show me first hand..

I also could save more if I made all my beans from scratch but I do buy them in cans most of the time..
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So is this our October thread? 'Cause I shopped today.

I''ll have to refinethis total when I find the slips. I think I spent about $165 on food. I couldn't get a list together for the life of me, so I took one from a few weeks ago, with the menus spelled out on the back. At least I got everything I need for the week, plus some extra.

My goal this month is to drop my food only portion to $400. It was about $600 before I started this! Last month was nearly $500.
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So I got bad about tracking the specifics, but I think my overall total for September was aroudn $525--actually not that bad considering how the month started.

This was so helpful--knowing I was up against a limit really made me evaluate things more carefully. We CD, but not at night or when we go on outings, and when we ran out of disposables last month, I decided to try super-extra-double-secret stuffed Fuzzi Bunz--and they worked just fine. So that's going to save us a chunk in the future.
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well I ended up at 360.45-I had budgeted 340.00-I'm working on doing better this month!
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I'm going to start a Oct thread for a clean slate!
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