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Does anyone want to track their September food spending together? - Page 2

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I'm in! We get a co-op share once a week of organic produce, so I can share with yall what we get each week! I'm always so excited because it's different every week, and it's like getting presents! I could check to see what it will be on the www, but it's more fun this way!

Oh, and I'm in Houston, TX and I shop at two different stores (as well as the co-op)
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I'm in for sure. Our eating out is out of control and needs to change. I did some tracking form our CC (points) and checking.

I'm in CA and it is really expensive
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I'm in, subbing.

I can already track to the penny since I have quicken. But I want to know detailed where it goes. maybe I'll do a spreadsheet of different subjects- meat, veggie, fruit, snacks, dairy...
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Sweet--I had planned to start this this month anyway, so I'm definitely in. I have huge ambitions to track price of different categories and whether things are local and/or organic, as well.

Does anyone have any recommendations for (free, Mac OSX) software for this, or should I just try and do a spreadsheet?

For the record, I'm not tracking eating out. We don't do it that often and we have a separate category for it since it's a treat for us. I'm also not tracking DH's occasional Starbucks visits. He can create his own darn spreadsheet for those.
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now I am thinking of dividing it by the sections in the grocery store- produce, dairy, meat, deli etc
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I'm in. I have overspent on food something terrible during August, and i need to get back on track in September.
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I am so glad it's not September yet. I have been SO bad lately.
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I'm in! My dh & I were just talking about this. We are in Ca, it's expensive, and if I want to be a sahm (well, I baby sit a little) I have to break a lot of bad habbits...and pay off $25k in debt...Lets do it!
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I'm glad its not september yet either! I'm being awful this month! except last week I MADE myself stay on track.

I'm in the south btw.
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Dh and I had already committed to do this so PERFECT timimg.
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I am in!!

Is it okay if we just track our "grocery store" spending? (Including loo roll, soap, et cetera - not only food). It's easier for me to just keep track of what I spend at the grocery store, without breaking it down into categories. (I am also including eating out/take away in the month's tally.)

Between this thread, and the "September Pantry Challenge" thread, I hope to keep it under $100. (Desperate times...)
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I'm ready! I think this thread will just be a good check in place for us all. We each need to get different things out of it, but it seems like we need a place to talk about it.

I'm going to be tracking all grocery food items and eating out. I'm not going to try to be frugal or do a pantry challenge or anything. I need a baseline to build from. I will keep track of what is organic/conventional and where I buy, either Whole Foods, Marc's, or Giant Eagle. I also am going to note coupons.

Can't wait for tomorrow!
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I myself am going to watch and seperate it into catogories so I know what is going where. I already track it with quicken how much I spend to the penny. I am curious what we are spending on though.
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I'm in! I am also from Ohio. Just outside of Cincinnati. I average around $350 a month for our family of 3. That doesn't include the occasional dinner out or DH's lunch.
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I'm in. I just went shopping for the month. I do "once a month cooking" so I'm going to try really hard to make this food last the whole month. I spent 110 at the grocery store. Not too bad for two people, I guess. We used to eat on 60 or so a month, but we've gotten luxurious since we've got more money coming in
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I am in and subbing. My cupboards are nearly bare and the freezer is empty. I am challenging myself to a $350 budget for a family of four. We eat all meals at home, no takeout. This will also include tp and dishsoap type of stuff. $350 is down 50 bucks from what I have been spending, but I need to shave a few more bucks off the budget.

Okay, big deep breath. I have to get my creativity juiced up and ready for lots of cheap meals. I am off to dig out all my recipes for rice, beans, oatmeal, baked goods, etc. Think frugal.
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Ruthiegirl - I could have written your post! We are a family of four and normally spend about 400 dollars a month (more if DH goes shopping with me!), and my goal is $350 this month.
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I'm in too!

tomorrow is my big monthly shopping trip. MIL just recently bought us a new chest freezer and fridge so it will be hard trying not to fill them up! I usually spend around $200-$250 (counting food only) for the big shopping trip of the month then just get milk/produce/etc. as needed. we eat so cheaply these days (If I can avoid frozen dinners which is my downfall) the best thing about the new freezer though is I have lots of space to freeze dinners/soups/snacks/etc. I made from scratch!
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Subbing! I just did a stocking run including edibles for the get together we're having this weekend so I should be able to sail this month (I hope ). I really want to get a better handle on all of the "snacky" foods I buy, as well as plan breakfasts/lunches better (we have a great dinner menu plan that works).
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Count me in! We just started budgeting. Last night I figured out how much we have to spend on what and put cash in labeled envelopes. I have a food envelope for $500. I honestly don't know how much we normally spend - I write out the grocery list and my husband does the shopping after work. I really look forward at keeping track to see where our money is going and if we can stick to the budget I have worked out.
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