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Does anyone want to track their September food spending together? - Page 4

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Originally Posted by hlkm2e
There is a cookbook called "More with Less" by Doris Janzen Longacre. You can probably get it at your library. It is written by Mennonites and is about eating better with less resources using whole foods and grains. It has lots of great recipes.
I LOVE this book. I use it at least 3 times a week.
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Well so far we have spent $8.32 DH took DS out to get new plates for the car and they stopped at Wendy's for lunch : then he complained all afternoon about how physically ill he was (I got gas... my stomach hurts belch....) he never eats fast food what possessed him? I was very good... kept my mouth shut, natural consequences just might work....

total for month so far is: $8.32
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Well, not to good so far. We went to a potluck-style baby shower today. We needed to bring a dish & I didn't have time to throw anything together. I stopped at the local HF store (called New Leaf) and got a pint of pesto pasta ($10) and some snacks (I know, bad!), so I spent $20 total. The only good thing is we ate potluck food for lunch & dinner. I just checked our accounts online & it looks like dh went to Starbucks on his break ($3.65!). He works at Trader Joe's, I asked him to bring home a watermelon, I hope that's all he got!

I can't believe how little some of you spend on groceries. I always include paper goods, cleaners, etc in my total, I think I'm going to categorize things more this month. We spend a ridiculous amount I can't possibly fathom spending as little as some of you! I do cook a lot too! I guess it's because were in California & we eat mostly organic, but we don't eat meat!

My goal is to spend less then $600, but more around $400 is actually what we can afford. But HOW??? If I want to stay a sahm, I must figure it out!

I've been canning (well, jarring actually) my neighbors apples, pears, plums, & nectarines. The fruits free, but the jars add up! At least I can reuse the ones I save next year.
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Well, so far we've spent 9.29-6.00 was muffins & coffee on an outing with Dd , and 3.29 for a dozen of organic eggs to go into a kugel. I usually shop on tuesdays-so the big week shopping hasn't happened yet. I have to get coffee this week when i go to the store, I wasn't drinking it but I've started again and buying it out is just two damn $$!
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Well, we spent $61.57 yesterday. That puts us at $64.39. Not very good for it only being the 3rd.
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I'm joining in. So far this month, I've spent $4 on chai and coffee at a local coffee shop where we go for a monthly student group meeting (I'm in college). I mostly shop for DD and I, as DH is a meat eater and does his own shopping. Of course, we're trying to catch up on bills now that everyone has a job again after all unemployed for a bit (BIL and his GF live with us), so my grocery budget (as in, money available, not just how much I would "like" to keep it down to) for this month will probably be about $100. I have stuff in the pantry, but it's starting to dwindle and I'm running out of staples. This should be a challenge.
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I'm in. I've already been to the store twice and eaten out 3 times this month! I'm going to add it up and put it on a spreadsheet tomorrow....
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I did a big trip already this month and spent $166.71...I'll be spending $7 on Thursday for our farm fresh eggsa nd goat's milk...so I"ll be posting again soon.

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91.39 at 3 diff. stores. one had organic free range chicken marked down to .98/lb so I stocked up! also that included 2 six packs of beer and 20 ears of corn to take to friends house.
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I have spent around $96 so far this month. I have almost all of our dinners made and frozen as well. I did do a big trip the last week in Aug so we are set for the month (other than perishable stuff-produce/milk/eggs). I think OAMC is going to work out great for us and it's sooooo unbelievably cheap! I should have started doing this years ago!
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I spent $40.03 at Trader Joe's and $45 at the "regular" grocery store yesterday. That covered all of our food for the week, except for the lasagna I'm planning to make Friday. I also had to get household stuff like trash bags, laundry detergent and Band-Aids.

$85.03 - total as of 9/4
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Our favorite coffee was on sale this week. Bought 2 bags for $12.49.

September food budget $350, spent $60.49, have $289.51 remaining
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I budget $100 a week for all of our groceries, and I use cash. In a good week I have leftover money to spend, but lately we've been trying to buy organic more and there is not as much left over. But still about $100 week. I usually spend around $60 at Trader Joe'sfor breads, pastas, dairy products, that sort of thing, and then about $35-40 on produce at a local grocery store.
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We went to our church Greek festival yesterday evening. We spent $26 on food. DH spent $4 on snacks at the OSU football game on Saturday. Then we spent $22 on lunch today at COSI. So that is $52 for the weekend. There won't be so much eating out once our guests are gone. I will need to go to the grocery tomorrow though.
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Urk. I accidentally posted the below in the September Pantry challenge. They were probably thinking I was nuts. . . .

Omigod. Okay, here goes my first post. I think I should get the official profligacy award, but in my defense,
  1. We are having company--including fancy dinner company--four days out of this week.
  2. We are trying to make a move to once-a-month-shopping, so this covers staples (I hope) for the whole month).
  3. Most of the meat is local, pastured stuff, and so it's a little pricier.
  4. We have a (fairly high) sales tax on food here.

I spent (drum roll, please) $301.19. Since our grocery budget is $500 (although we budgeted an additional $50 for all the company), I really, really hope that I've got most of what we need for the month. I'm not going to bore ya'll with a minute breakdown, but our largest categories were:

Meat: 30%
Produce: 14%
Grains & Legumes: 11%
Dairy: 10%
Household Items: 10%

Now I have to go and breathe deeply and slowly for a while. . . Any OAMS tips would be appreciated in the meanwhile.
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Originally Posted by phroggies
[*]We have a (fairly high) sales tax on food here.
You have a tax on food? You poor woman! I think food is the only thing not taxed in Maryland. Consumer goods stuff (tp, dishsoap, etc) is taxed, but basic meat, veggies, dairy are not. We even repealed the snack food tax about 10 years ago, so pork rinds and potato chips are tax free (not that we eat them, the thought of pork rinds makes me gag a bit).

Is there no income tax in Tennessee?
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Okay, I have been so bad and we ate at McDonald's yesterday AND today and had Domino's for dinner. : Please don't kick me out of the club! I'm trying so hard but we had no food and only got our food stamp deposit today.
So here's my spending so far:
McDonald's: 23.48
Dominos: 17.37
So I went grocery shopping today. Are you ready for what I spent?
This is a lot of stocking up on staples and things we ran out of last month.
Lunch stuff for DS for school:

Ouch. Most of the stuff in the other category was not on my list.
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I SO need to do something like this, I just don't know how I can I had my second DD just over two weeks ago and am still just eating what I can make with one hand. I'm lucky if I can get breakfast in to DD#1 and I most days. It's so hard to be frugal when you don't have time to cook. I just don't know what to do . . .

On the other hand, my ex is only "alloting" me a certain amount of money so I guess I have to stick to a budget.
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We've spent $85.83 so far...
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I posted the amount I spent at Sams, later that night I hit Kroger and spent about $23.

On payday i need to get chicken, but I can't think of much else we need. Maybe some beans.
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