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Originally Posted by DeeEast
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No, it wouldn't. Lots of us have positive hospital births. Relax.
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Just had our htird baby this week and had our best hospital experience yet! I will say that I am just now inching away from the 'mainstream' and starting to educate myself more on choices in having a baby and how to raise them. That's why I'm reading this board so much! Having literally found this site a few weeks before giving birth there are things I would have changed if it was earlier on, but I wasn't going to switch from and OB to a CNM with a week to go...

I woke at 1:31 AM with a leak in my amniotic fluid. We hung around the house when I went into labor since I didn't expect things to move all that quickly. When we got to the hospital it was 4 AM. I was checked once and was 7 cm. Was sent to a room immediately and was 9 cm when they checked me again. I labored on the toilet for a few minutes and got back to the bed. DH never left my side. They dimmed the lights for us without us asking. DH tried to set up our radio but things happened a little to fast to get the iPod hooked up to it (I had a set of songs for each baby's birth and wanted to labor to them) I asked for an epidural : since I had never delivered without one and thought it would still take me an hour to push. It had taken that long to push both other babies before and I didn't think I could do it. The anesthesiologist, however, knew I could do it and he only put the test dose in the epi and told me to lean back. When I leaned back I felt my water break. I pushed once, felt his head crowning. Pushed again and got the head out. The nurse was so encouraging and was just telling me that I knew what I was doing, that I had great control and that I would deliver just fine! I felt his shoulders rotate and then two more pushes and he was out! All in less than 3 hours from when I first woke up. I was amazed! I had my smallest tear of all three kids and I felt great! A big thanks to the anesthesiologist who gave me the not-really-an-epidural epidural! He knew I didn't need it even when I thought I did. I picked up DS and nursed him ASAP. I was up and out of bed within half an hour. And my MIL (who is not known for her kind remarks) said that I looked like I had just gotten back from the store, not that I had just given birth! I think that is due to the ease of pushing which was due to me actually being able to push effectively and not pushing for an hour with no effect. They listened to and followed all my requests (no eye goop, delayed exam, baby never left me for the entire stay, early discharge from hospital) even with no birth plan since I didn't even think of these requests until the week or so before the birth! Oh, and I also labored and bore our son in my own tank top, no hospital gown or anything.

If I were to have another baby I would probably do a birth center (if we even have one around here - I don't know since I never looked into it!) and a CNM. I know myself as too much of a worrywart to be comfortable laboring at home. Then again, maybe a few more kids and I would....
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Two postive hospital births...and at VERY different types of hospitals. One in a big city teaching hospital and another at a rural, small-town hospital. In both cases, as soon as I made it clear I was not having an epidural, I was treated with great respect. The only intervention that was really advocated by the OB was pitocin post-delivery. (I agreed to that as long as it was not administered by IV-- didn't want the swelling.) Ate, drank, used the jacuzzi tub on my own schedule. With my 2nd, I held him and nursed him for over 40 min before anyone even tried to weigh him, clean him, etc-- and that was only because it was the end of their shift and they needed to go home. Rooming in was expected at both hospitals. I co-slept with ds in the hospital (though I was too hyped up to actually sleep) and no one said a word. With both births, I left the hospital early and felt terrific.

I do think that I had good experiences because dh and I had educated ourselves and were very clear about what we expected.
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I was very happy with our birth experience with DS. We had a midwife-attended hospital birth. My water broke at 8am, midwife wanted me at the hospital within an hour as I had been 3cm dilated a few days before that at my regular appt. Our doula met us at the hospital.

I drank freely in labor, could have eaten if I wanted to, I mostly walked around listening to my hypnobirthing CDs and talking w/ DH. Hypno worked like a charm, the nurses just watched us like we were insane as we were laughing and talking during contractions.

The hospital did "require" (I probably could have refused this) EFM, but my midwife was okay with doing it every hour and a half or so for a few mins. That was the only time I had discomfort, and my L&D nurse wanted me on my back in bed to do the monitoring (which is why I was uncomfortable). The doula was a great asset and basically suggested the nurse figure out a way to hook me up to the monitors without me being on my back, and while it took some effort, she did that. THe nurse basically left me alone, which is what I wanted. I didn't really need my doula's assistance for the most part, but she was still a wonderful presence.

I labored in the tub during transition. This hospital did not allow water births but I don't feel I missed out. I didn't feel strongly that I needed to have a water birth, but liked laboring in the water. I was ready to get out after 20 mins or so though.

My biggest complaint is that this particular midwife, when I told her my plans to do hypnobirthing and when she read my birthplan, kind of laughed at the notion of "breathing the baby down" saying I'd want to push and push hard when the time came. It kind of annoyed me. I specified no coached pushing, but somehow, the L&D nurse and midwife kind of forgot about that aspect : and considering my midwife's previous comments, I shouldn't have been surprised. At that point though, I was not in the mood to discuss it. DS was out with 15 mins of pushing anyway. He nursed immediately (doula helped). I specified in birthplan we wanted cord to stop pulsating before cut, time to bond, etc.and those things were adhered to. We were with him about 1.5 hours before he was taken to the nursery (which I did not want, but they did the exam there with DH watching). Overall, I had an easy recovery (took one motrin for muscle soreness the next day), but I think not having the whole forceful/coached pushing would have helped prevent some of that. My entire labor (first baby) was 6hrs 20 mins or so.

Overall, it was a very good experience. This time around I'm using a birth center, and there will be no EFM and I will discuss beforehand my experiences with my previous midwife (different state) with the midwives at the birth center.

The hospital stay itself sucked (my nurse forgot to bring me food after the labor, they never brought me dinner, and DS was on the list to be circ'd somehow even though every single piece of paperwork said NO circ. Fortunately DH was at the nursery and a nurse asked him about it and erased his name from this list : . I didn't get much rest from being woken up repeatedly all night long to take my temp and push on my uterus...which seemed pointless since i felt fine. We roomed in and barely saw the nursing staff other than their temp checks, so it felt kind of ridiculous, and I think I'll recover better at home this time. I should have asked for early discharge but wasn't sure if I should speak up...which was stupid in retrospect, as I would have gotten much more rest at home. No problems with refusing vaxes. We were fine with Vit K and we did do eye ointment, although this time I'll skip it for sure.

Overall though, for a hospital birth, we had a great experience. No pressure to give formula, we had a decent LC come visit us before we went home, and pretty low-intervention overall. I could have possibly avoided some of the other interventions if I pushed hard enough I'm sure. I avoided the ones most important to me though. I didn't care for recovering in a hospital, and that's one thing that has pushed me toward a birth center this time around (would have done it last time but the nearest was a long drive away).

I wish you the best. I think the keys are your care provider (midwife or OB), and their personal philosophies and openness to natural childbirth (so many talk the talk but don't walk the walk, kwim?), researching as much as you can beforehand, learning hospital policies (the hospital closest to my house still required hep locks, no eating/drinking in labor, etc. so I traveled 45 mins to a hospital with more sensible policies and one that had midwives), and having a good birth plan. Remember you can say NO to most interventions once you are there but the pressure may make that very difficult.

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I did with both births, and I had no clue until I went online and talked to other ladies and saw how it's done in other areas.

Both times, I was allowed to walk around as much as I wanted, use a birthing ball, drink what I wanted, eat what I wanted (although I prefer not to eat at all during labour... I'm mostly focused on the task at hand) , the hospital is VERY pro-breastfeeding with LC on hand at all times, no nursery (ALL babies room in... if you're having problems you just get extra nurse attention). Although I don't remember much of my births (pain med free and I was in a haze), there was only one nurse in there the whole time that would come and go.. she wasn't there constantly. As I was giving birth, a single doctor would come in to do the actual birth. There was no coached pushing. I told them when I felt like pushing, and was allowed to push through the contraction as opposed to the set ten seconds. Episiotomies are not routine, and I actually don't know anyone who has had one.
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Well, mine was what most would consider fabulous. Even my doula thought it was a GREAT birth. And I am grateful that I had such an unusually fulfilling hospital birth. But it wasn't good enough for me, and my biggest regret is not having a homebirth. My birth story is here. Basically, I was only there for 2.5 hours before giving birth, had no medication, was able to move freely, only intervention was EFM, baby was delivered by a CNM, I was able to eat and drink, was never separated from my baby, and left that day.
What frustrated me was being given a hard time and trying to be coerced into doing what I wasn't comfortable with. For example, the nurse tried to get me to start pushing when I was at 7 cm and felt NO urge to do so, the nurse almost refused to bring me the birthing stool, they had me switch from hands and knees to being on my side because the baby was coming so fast, and they tried to get me to agree to cut the cord before the placenta was out. I felt a lot of disrespect from the way I was treated. The nurse lied to me at one point by telling me the baby's heart rate dropped, to force me to lay down during a contraction so she could monitor the baby for a moment. She later was trying to get me to lay down to monitor again, during a contraction, and towards the end, rudely told me the contraction was over. I thought, Don't tell me what's going on with my own body! After my daughter was born, they said she was having trouble breathing and suctioned her, which I wanted to avoid and found unnecessary.
The worry of being hassled, or someone doing something against my wishes, as well as the fear of being under the care of people I don't know and don't trust, just isn't worth it to me. Everyone I know IRL thinks I'm crazy for having any complaints about my birth experience. It completely depends on your standards and what you value during birth. My birth was nowhere near as fulfilling and sacred as it could have been if I had stayed home.
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Yeah I don't see how very many women can have a great hospital birth. I don't see how any women wants to go to a hospital and have a bunch of people touching and staring at their privates even being in a position that they make you be in is humiliating call me ultra modest but I don't see how any women can deal with that just the thought of it grosses me out. I would totally be closing my vagina if people other than my husband were touching me down there. We did not create our children with a person around so why should we birth our children with a person between our privates? It dosen't make sense to me. 95% of births can successfully take place at home.
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Originally Posted by Galatea
No, it wouldn't. Lots of us have positive hospital births. Relax.
I'm relaxed. But thanks for your concern.
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I had an AMAZING birth with my youngest!!!!

I was due the day before the anniversary of my sister's death and the possibility that my new baby would be born on that day was really not a good thing emotionally for me. With this being my 3rd baby, I went to my m/w appointment the day before my due date and requested to be checked. I was 5cms/50%effaced and baby was fully engaged. I was only at -1, but, this was a 3rd baby afterall and things would go fast once started. I begged for her to get things going so I would *hopefully* not give birth on the anniversary day. I cried with my midwife and we talked for about an hour. We decided to get me into the hospital and induce me that evening. Well, I got to the hospital was given prostglandin gel and that was enough to put me into labor. I never had external fetal monitoring on. I was never checked other than at admission until 90 minutes before I gave birth and that was at my request. I asked for a birthing ball right away when they put the gel in. I was assigned the most FABULOUS nurse!!! Once every 30-45 minutes she would come in and just listen to baby's hb with the doppler and respect my birth bubble I'd created. I was NEVER ONCE told I couldn't do something or that *policy* would restrict my choices. I was left to labor my own way in my own time. It was fabulous. I walked the halls and just was in my zone. I laid in the tub and just moaned as needed. Finally about 90 minutes before I delivered (just 6 hrs after admission to the hospital) I requested to be checked since I felt in there and baby's head was about an inch in. I could only feel a little cervix left and I was getting *grunty*. 8cm/fully effaced +1. She called my m/w. The birthing tub was filled and I got in. I pushed as *I* wanted. I was only told to slow down the pushing so I wouldn't tear. When baby came out I pulled her up onto my chest! The cord was not cut until I was ready to get out of the birthing tub about 20 minutes later to deliver the placenta. It was cut at my request since Megan's cord was very short and too difficult to get me and baby out of the tub connected. I declined hep b, vit k, and eye ointment. The nurse was laughing that as I was pushing I took the time to yell "No hep b, vitamin k or eye goop!" All baby vitals were taken with her on my chest either being held or nursing. She was never held by any nurse or doctor at the hospital. We put every cloth diaper and article of clothing on her. The nurse asked if I would like to wait to bathe Megan until I went home!!! Megan and I were discharged less than 10 hrs after delivery!!! The experience was the best it could have been!!! If we have any more babies I would be blessed to have as fabulous of an experience as we did with Megan!
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I've had two really wonderful hospital births. The first was medicated up the wazoo (I did not know then what I know now), but was exactly what I wanted at the time. The second was totally unmedicated and, again, exactly what I wanted--peaceful, quiet, happy. Neither time was I pressured to do anything that I didn't feel comfortable with.

I think that I would do a homebirth with the next one, but my husband has veto'd that option and I feel great about going back to the same hospital that I used for my other births.
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what does your husband know about hb? If you really think you want to- call a mw talk to her. get some solid info for our husband. hb is great ,,,,, check out my new sig line.
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I think I should have said that he has veto'd it as of right now. I'm still working on him, mama.
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yeah!!!! Have you read birthing from within- the art stuff I'm not toointo- but it is an easy and informative read i feel. dh was not on board either. we had a really bad hospital experience tho- so he was willing to listen.
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Not yet. I'm working my way through some other things right now. It's on the list, though.
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good! i never would have considered it- omg- central il? where- my mw covers you and she is the best there is! .....if you are interested sometime in talking pm me- i promise- ill be nice! hb changed my life- i am passionate about it.
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My first birth was a hospital birtth that was just a horrid experiance. so i had a home birth for my second. also horrid. so we went back to the hospital for #3. finally we had a winner

My midwife was amazing. She agreed to only have one nurse in the room (instead of the standard two) and she hand picks and trains the nurses in OB. She was supportive but realistic of my birth plan. She really did offer me options. if I wanted a test fine. if wanted to wait and see with something fine. when I was spotting and wanted to know right then what was up she didn't even hesitate to give me an ultrasound even though it wouldn't change anything or even predict if the baby would be ok. but it comforted me to see her there doing the happy dance. i would have been a wreck not knowing and being calm was more important than avoiding an unsessecary scan. she understood and respected that.

so when the big day arrived, I went in for my regular prenatal, I had been having some cramping and wanted to see if I was getting any closer. I was 10cm. i'll say they were getting me closer. The whole thing was a train wreck. my water broke during the cervical check (it was buldging . . she wasn't expecting it to be there) and I stood up fast. Ava crashed into my pelvis hard and we lost her heart beat. fortunately she was out in under three minutes (no tearing thankyouverymuch and my midwife assured me that was because of her awesome skill ) but ava was in shock and completely unresponsive. her apgars were 0 and 1. she finally came around but was still having issues breathing and they thought she was having problems with oxygenn because she was blue. (an obvious conclusion). The whole time my MW was calmlyexplaining to the panicing crowd (we were still in her office at this point) that things were being handled, could someone please go get some oxygen, mother and baby do not wish to be seperated . . . If the NICu thinks thier services are needed they can come down here, etc. .like this just happened every day and nothing terrible was happeneing. So by this point I am having some sort of hormonal break down and start violently shaking, almost to the point of convulsions (I still think this was a good birth ) so they put me in a wheel chair, throw a blanket over me, give me may baby and throw some more blankets on us and run us over to OB.(her office was in the hospital compound and connected by tunnels and skywalks) So we get to the room and the baby is put on the warming table, given some oxygen through a mask, gets a O2sat meter thing, is assesed and they are trying to figure out whats wrong with her and why she won't pink up, they are piling hot blankets on me and bringing in heating lamps trying to stop the shaking (it was below zero outside an they are thinking the walk over gave me a chill). after about my 5 minutes my midwife walks in and says "STOP! the mom has a birthing plan" I say "I htink that ship has sailed" not to mention I didn't have it with me. it was back at home with all my labor stuff etc . . . BUT the MW had committed it to memory and what I wasn't aware of was they were about to move on to routien infant shots and goop etc. Saved by my superhero MW (my husband was with her. we got the special elevator that you don't have to wait for as it is for OB only and they got stuck in the general elevator that stops at every floor etc). So by this time it had been decided that she wasn't blue but that she was bruised from hitting my pelvis (which evidently was a pretty violent blow that more or less knocked her out. So make a note. if you're laying down when your waterbreaks and your baby has not yet settled in your pelvis all nice and snug don't make any sudden movements. no jumping up allowed. bad idea. give them a few minutes to adjust to thier new accomodations and get in a safe place.) it turns out she also had a broken collar bone. but once we got over all that initial trauma (ermember it was a 3 minute birth so this stuff didn't go on forever) we settled into a back corner room (everyone else was up front), it started to snow for the first time that year, and quiet sweet nurses came in every now and then to check on us gently and respectfully. they ask permission before laying hands on us, never ever woke me or the baby, and request were made such as "this is what we usually do, what would you like us to do" . . "you were sleeping when we usually do this, when would be a good time to reschedule" . . "here is when we would like to do her hearing check, would you be able to make it down to the nursery then or would you like us to reschedule". They had to do a lot of blood work (GBS initial blood work came back wonky and they were concerned then she wouldn't bleed) when I asked for a NICU nurse to come and do it she was already on her way (my needs were anticipated!). overall the stay was very positive, the nurses were amazing and attentive and respectful, the rest of the staff was freindly and gentle and loving. I wouldn't do it any other way.

I really enjoyed being somewhere where away from home too. it was nice to not worry about it. no one tok mykids when I had a home birth but tell people you are going to the hospital and they are lining up to help. i didn't have to climb stairs, do laundry, tend to children. just me and Ava and our little babymoon. with friendly sweet attendants coming in to gush and love on us and bring me snacks..
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I had a terrific post-birth with DD (won't post here about the c/s though I was respected even with that ). My hospital was the first in my state, (and one of only a few to date, I believe) to win the "baby-friendly" name for support of positive early parenting and breastfeeding. The rooms are big, very private, and have great bathrooms with tubs and big showers with benches & hand sprays. Family-sized rooms, with lounge chairs, recliners, benches. You can't see any medical equipment (entertainment-center-type wall cabinets). I was the first non-medical person to hold DD within a minute of her birth, DH was the only person to touch her until I was back with them (nursing staff keeps all family/friends away as a matter of protocol for postop moms so that they never have to hear "while you were recovering DD did the cutest little face..."). They assumed I would nurse, had no formula-company-sponsored bag of crap, and when DD was proving herself to be a ravenous little hog not satisfied with my slow/little colostrum initially, helped me to pump and to use a supplemental nurser tube to keep her on breast while the milk supply built. Rooming in is assumed and the absolute standard. It's assumed that whoever you want will sleep overnight with you, and double bed is available if dad wants to cosleep too. Nurses assume you're doing all in-room baby care yourselves unless you specifically ask/ring for them. No testing out of our arms. Pediatrician rounds & weight checks were done in my room with me. Cosleeping encouraged and supported. All nurses LC trained, and two LC's specifically on staff. Fantastic support ... can't wait to have a VBAC there with my nurse midwife!!
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Skimming through all these posts, I've noticed that the running theme in most of your positive hospital stories is the use of a midwife. Hear that ACOG?!?
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Originally Posted by Herausgeber
I've never known anyone to have a positive hospital birth, but I'm really glad that you did. :-)
I am wondering how many women you know? Maybe you don't know many who have hospital births?

I have had two phenomenal hospital births. Granted my first was about as bad as it could be, but I learned from it.

That said, I would love to have my next baby at home.
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