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I Just delivered 18LBs of baby!

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Here is my (long) birth story....

Saturday night at 11:30 I was geeking (surprise) and my water broke on my leather computer chair. Labor started about an hour later and man was I already exhausted. I got uncomfortable really fast and very fatigued and wasn't keeping anything down/in. By 2ish in the morning on Sunday the shower was no longer helping and off to the hospital we went. Our doula Isabelle met us there.

The first nurse sucked! Repeatedly trying to get long test strips of the boys which involved me laying flat on my back which was nearly killing me. The pain from contractions were unbearable that way and I could barely breath. I was SO exhausted I decided to break the birth plan and go for an epidural. It really was the best choice for the situation. I slept until noon, could sleep on my back for monitoring and by the time I woke up I was complete it was time for the OR to push!

We got to the OR around 3pm on Sunday, they let my doula in and had about 12 people themselves: nurses, anesth., peds, 2 high risk docs/c-section capable, etc....

The epidural definitely impacted my pushing abilities by slowing them down a bit... Jacob Nicholas was born at 4:32pm. He came out covered in vernix (post-maturity my bum) screaming and apgar was a 9. He wanted to eat right away but I made him wait until his brother was born at 5:43pm. Baby B did decide to flip breech so they internally/externally moved him to come down head first, ouch but yay epidural! He was delivered fully sunnyside up which is a touch rare, usually they flip at some point...

Alexander Justus came out a bit in shock and was whisked to the other side of the room with Lon but in about 30 seconds I heard his powerful lungs and knew he was okay.

Jake latched on and both placentas FLEW out. The placentas weighed a total of 3.5 LBS and were lush! At this point things were a bit rough on me, I lost a lot of blood, they had to go in and manually scoop out some clots and massage the uterus and again glad I had the epidural! I ended up loosing quite a bit of blood overall but finally after many different meds and lots of massaging it slowed down.

The stats on the boys:
Jacob was 8LBs 15.2oz 21 1/4 in
Alexander was 8LBs 15.2oz EXACTLY (huge size discrepancy my arse!) 22 1/2in.

So I've been rounding up and saying I delivered 18 LBs of baby, what's an ounce and a half between friends?

I broke the longest gestated twins for a few years at 40 weeks 2 days. And of course the biggest twin babies in at least over 20 years, delivered at U of M. Plus there was no GD involved so they weren't super inflated weights, that was just straight up growing!

Both Lon and Isabelle were amazing and for a twin birth especially a doula made a world of difference. She could tend to me while he was holding baby A or vice versa, very nice! Plus I was pretty high maintenance! They did a great job at sticking up for me and my birth plan and also realizing when I or the situation really needed it to change...

I am so glad to be home! The boys are nursing well so far, of course around the clock. I think my milk may even be on its way in already, yay!
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Holy smokes!! Congrats on your two new arrivals!!
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WOW!! Congrats on your new little ones!!
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Lurking in but had to post!

Congratulations times two!

Way to grow babies!
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Wow!! Congratulations!!!
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Super congratulations on your new bundles of joy--great baking!!!
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wow, mama! congratulations! amazing birth story!!

enjoy your babymoon!!
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I am so happy to see you went 40w and over 8lb for the babies, thats wonderful !!!!!!!!!
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Holy Moly!! You rock MOMMA!!!


Just reading those numbers leaves me :

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Lurking in but had to post

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Yay!!! In a couple of months when you are carrying one of them around and he starts to feel heavy, you won't be able to imagine how you carried all that weight around on the inside for so long...I felt that way and I only carried 15 pounds of baby!

Way to go mama!!!
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Congratulations and welcome!! What a great story and what great boys!!!
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WHOOT! WHOOT! Way to go mama! Glad to hear everyone is doing well and that you are happy with your birth choices! Now get some rest, because the fun is REALLY about to begin, lol!
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Oh my gosh!! I thought my twins were big when I had them!! :

Congrats to you mama
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YAY!! Congrats on your babies mama
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Originally Posted by sunshinegal
Holy Moly!! You rock MOMMA!!!


Just reading those numbers leaves me :

That's exactly what I was going to say...Way to go mama!!

Happy babymooning......
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Just lurking--your title caught my eye! I just had to post. You rock!!! Congratulations, you wonder Mama, you!! Healthy, Healthy twins. You must be so proud!

Blessings to you and your family!
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WOOOOOWWW, Jenn!!! Congratulations to you and your healthy twins!!!

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Congratulations on the birth of your healthy, HUGE twin boys!!!! How's big sister handling the new arrivals? Wow....18 lbs. of baby. And I thought my 14 lbs. total was impressive!
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Wow, huge babies!!! Congratulations mama! Paige
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