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I Just delivered 18LBs of baby! - Page 2

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congrats, I think you broke a record, wow 16 lbs of baby!!! Congrats and good luck with you twins!
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Congratulations & welcome to Jake and Alexander!! You're probably all pumped up on adrenaline now, but try to get some rest. You're gonna be one busy mama.
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: Congrats!
and on those weights!

I am so glad everything is well and those little ones are nursing so well!

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Whoa :
Congrats mama!
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Way to go, mama. You are my hero!
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Congrats!! Thats great that there so big and healthy!
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OMG how cool! congrats! you go with your big bad birthin' self!
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: :
Congratulations!!!What an accomplishment! Now you can sit back, put a babe on each boob, and enjoy your babymoon.........whew!
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Yay!!! Congratulations
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You are awesome! Thank you for posting. That's so cool!
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wow 9lber twins!! impressive! Congrats!!
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Congratulations Mama! That's Wonderful News!
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Congratulations! You rock! Happy Birthday to the new babes!
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congrats mama. wtg :
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you ROCK!!
congratulations, mama
love the story
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I sent congrats on the ap-multiples list already but CONGRATULATIONS again. I'm so impressed by their sizes. You did awesome! Happy Birthday babies!!!
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WHOA, holy cow! That's a lot of baby!!!!

Congratulations! Good job!

I'm so glad for you reading that story that you chose the epidural. Yowza!

Now take a nap!
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Congratulations!! That is so amazing!
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Wow, that is fantastic. You are a wonderful mama. Congratulations!
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Holy moly roly poly! Congratulations on your big healthy bundles of joy!!
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