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Taiyan Christopher arrived 8/12

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Our first son was born 8/12.


It was, thankfully, a much shorter labor than with DD (12 hours as opposed to 55). I also got the drug-free hospital birth I wanted. Unfortunately, I didn't cope well at all with the last portion of labor and transition, becoming flat convinced I couldn't take one more contraction - at one point I actually asked my husband to knock me out! My husband and OB agreed the best word to describe me at that point was "belligerant" . DH has flat stated he won't agree to another drug-free birth, and I can't say I'm willling to argue it at this point.

I ended up with the anesthesiologist in the room to give me the epidural, but my OB insisted on one last check and determined I was fully dialated. She said I had a choice of getting the drugs and waiting 20 minutes for them to take effect, or just push the baby out now. Some choice!

Anyway, it all worked out in the end, with a happy, healthy baby boy. He's amazingly well behaved, sleeping consistently through the night from Day 1 (OK, he wakes to eat, but goes right back to sleep).

DD is adjusting - we obviously rocked her world. She's doing okay, though I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out what to do when they both need me at once. Fortunately, I've got family rotating in and out for nearly a month, staying with us to help me juggle two kids.

Here's the funny thing about the birth. Taiyan's birth stats are nearly identical to his sister's; scarily so, in fact.

Gestational age: 1 day difference
Birth date: 1 day difference (11th vs. 12th)
Birth time: 8 minutes different
Birth weight: 1/10th of an ounce different
Birth length: exactly the same

Oh, and the explanation of his name:

It started at a local Sirloin Stockade, with a cartoon wolf named Taiya on the side of the crayon cup. "Hey, that's a cool name!" we both thought.

So I went home and looked it up. Not in any baby-name directory that I could find, but.....

Taiya is the name of an inlet and river in southeast Alaska, near Skagway. Alaska? This has promise.

So I started digging as to the origin of the word. All I could find was that the river's name came from a Tlingit (local Native American tribe) word, but no resource could tell me what that word was.

I posted in an online parenting group for research ideas from folks in Alaska, and one of them put me in touch with the leader of an online discussion group of Tlingit elders. I had two questions - what does the word mean (is he going to be embarrassed to find out it means Stink Bait or something?) and would I offend any cultural mores by adopting the word as a name?

After much discussion, the elders concluded that Taiya was sufficiently Anglicized from the original Tlinglit word so as to not be offensive. Some elders felt that the name would honor the original language. Others felt that respecting the needs of a child was well in line with Tlingit tradition. In the end, I received the permission I needed.

Oh, and as to the meaning? Literally, "Pack trail to the water". It's a reference to the old trails up in to the mountains, the most famous being the Chilkoot Trail the gold rushers used.

The middle name, Christoper, literally means "Christ-bearer". With one of Christ's names being Living Water, we put them together to mean "Trail to Christ". If you're familiar with the geography around Skagway, it's not an easy trail at all, but there's gold at the end <g>.

At least it should be interesting to see what sort of reception he gets if he ever visits Alaska <G>.
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I totally understand you on the beligerant part! If I had been in the hospital I would have been a goner

Beautiful explanation of the name! How cool that you went through so much work to find out if you could use it.

Great job, mama!!!
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congrats mama, what a great name

welcome to the world Taiyan

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Congratulations!! Welcome Taiyan!
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Congratulations mama! Beautiful baby boy!
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I LOVE the story of the name!!! Congratulations. And, oh, um - you were BIRTHING A BABY - you have the right to be belligerent if you darn well please! Honestly, I was much the same way birthing ds. I was in the hospital - and we had a doula. I was begging for drugs, and thanks to her support and a great midwife, didn't get any. Being at home was totally different. I think I would have been begging for drugs a third time had I been at the hospital, but that's just me! Anyway, congratulations!
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Blessings to your family. What a great name and excellent meaning! Enjoy your babymoon!
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Congrats momma!!! Enjoy your babe ~ oh, and wonderful name!!!
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Congrats! I love the meaning of his name and it's so neat how you researched it.
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What an awesome post to introduce Taiyan. He's lucky to have such a special name.
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congrats KC and welcome to Taiyan

beautiful pictures, and a wonderful story about his name!
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congratulations, and I have to say I'm chuckling a little over your DH not wanting to deal with you "belligerant" again. What a wonderful history behind his name, and he is a total cutie!!
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I just saw that Taiyan was born at LMH, which is right in my neighborhood! We must be close by. More congratulations from a Lawrence mama.
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What a beautiful name for a beautiful boy! I love it.

Congrats to you, mama!!
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