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How long to Pump?

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[COLOR=blue]Hello, I don't normally post but read a lot of the posting...
I have a 11 month old and she is ebf even though I have gone back to work when she was six months old... my question is I don't want to wean her just yet BUT I am looking forward to not having to pump at work... how can I do this? or can I ? Shie is still getting up at night to nurse once about 3am... I don't want to give up the nursing relationship yet but I do want to give up the pumping love/hate affair.
If I have to keep pumping I will but I would like some advice as to what to do...
Thank you in advance.
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DSild (11)
DD#2 :bf (11 mon)
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No answers, but maybe some questions to help you sort through the possibilities:

How often do you have to pump now? Do you find that your milk supply goes down when you don't get a chance to pump? Is your childcare arrangement flexible enough that perhaps someone could bring your little one to you to nurse at lunch or some time during the day?
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I think you could definitely stop pumping if that is what you want to do, yet still nurse when you are home. Many toddlers nurse only once or twice a day, and that could be morning and evening for you, and maybe once during the night. The question mamaste asked about how often you pump now is an important one, because you don't want to go from pumping three times a day (for example) to not pumping at all. The key is to lessen your pumping gradually so that you don'tt get engorged. Maybe go to twice a day, lessen the amount of time, then once a day, lessen the amount of time, then not pump at all. You might find that dd nurses more on the days that you are home all day, and thus you could be full and need to pump to relieve engorgement at the beginning of your workweek. To relieve engorgement, just pump unitl your breasts are a bit less full, but not a full pumping. (If you do a full pumping, you will likely continue to make that amount of milk during the day.) Good luck finding the right balance for you and dd, and congratulations on making the decision to ebf! You are giving dd something that will last a lifetime.
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with my son, i pumped until he was 17 months old, but probably could have stopped several months sooner. is your daughter drinking most or all of the milk you pump? if so, and you don't want to give her cows milk or any other substitute, you might consider continuing to pump. alos, if she's eating a lot of solids and will drink other fluids (like water) when you aren't around, it will be easier to pump wean. i dropped from two pumps a day to one at about the one year mark, following my son's lead (he cut way back on the amount of ebm he drank). by the time i totally stopped pumping at 17 months, he was only drinking a couple of oz a day of EBM and preferred water to EBM. it actually went very smoothly and i didn't have to deal with engorgement at all. at 26 months, he is still nursing, so pump weaning really didn't affect our nursing relationship at all.
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I am still pumping twice a day (harvesting about 8-10 oz ebm). Dd drinks most of that during the day when I am away from her (I do go by and nurse her at lunch most days). A complicating factor is that dd won't drink anything besides momma's milk (fresh or expressed) and water (we have tried EVERYTHING from all brands of soy, rice, organic cows, etc. plus all kinds of juice). Soooooo, though I had looked forward to stopping pumping , I came to the conclusion that for us, given the fact that she still wants it and needs the nutrition, I still pump. I keep trying the other liquids, though, on the theory that I do want to stop pumping some time this summer, if possible.

Kim, momma to 14 1/2 mo Tayte
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Thank YOU!!!

Thank you Ladies!!
I knew I asked the right buntch of ladies! Right now I am pumping twice a day getting about 12 - 16 oz total... Fiona is drinking about 10 oz at daycare and the rest gets put in the freezer for nights out! I am going to let her wean the way she wants to but it really does look like I will be able to stop pumping at work in the next few months. Thank you
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