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i need M names please....

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i want to name for my grandmother, but we're having a really hard time. Dh agrees that it would be lovely to honor her memory. My family is jewish and she's not been named for yet.. she's been gone almost 10 years. there have been 4 babies born in our family, all named for other loved ones.

she was really one of my favorite ppl. A true Matriarch. At 84 she was still knitting and going out for lunch with the girls. She was affectionately known by some as "big red" cuz she always had her hair dyed a bright shade of red. lol.

i couldn't pronounce gramma as a wee one and called her "Memar" and the entire family called her that from then on.. all the cousins and even her own children (my father and his brothers and sister) refer to her to their children to this day as Memar.

Her name is confusing. It was actually Min. (not minnie or minerva. just Min). She changed it to Mildred. Her Hebrew name is Micha.

so far the only name we like (ultrasound says we're having a boy . yay! ) is Miles. And tho dh says its "ok" neither of us is totally thrilled. He vetoed Micah, Matthew, Michael, Morgan, Monroe... we've been thru so many names already.

With Zoey we both knew it was perfect. She is Zoey Arone (Arone was his mothers name) and it worked beautifully. So he wants to wait for the Perfect name to hit us and tho i do too... i want some ideas.

as unique as i like to be, thats how traditional he is. He likes strong traditional male names. Zachary, Nicholas, Thomas...
and i like things to be a bit more unique.

can you help? Just list out your favorite M names for me so i can go thru them with him?

i really want to name for her. If it doesn't happen i'll be a bit sad. But we do both need to love the babes name.

Hey, at least we're off the "i want a Thomas duncan Jr." thing. LOL

thanks for your help
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Well, my daughter has two M names--Molly Melinda, but those won't help you.

Ummm, boy M names? I really like Micah--too bad he vetoed that one. I'll just list some at random:
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from "Memar":

from Min:

from Mildred:
Milt (can't say I'd recommend Milton)

I know a Miles who is a really cool person, maybe spell it different, like Myles?
too bad he doesn't like Micah, it seems like the most obvious choice from her hebrew name, or Michael

my favorite is Meijer
good luck finding the right thing!

PS- what about Red or Rhett? It's a stretch, but you'll always think of her bcz you know where it came from
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Max= the greatest (Latin)

Madan=delightful (Hindu)

Marlow=from the hillside (Old English)

Maslin=litte twin (Old French)

Meka=eyes (Hawaiian)

Myron=sweet oil (Greek)


Manan=thinking (Hindu)

Muna=wish desire (Hindu)
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I know a lil' Jewish boy named Matthew who EXCLUSIVELY goes by Misha...

I don't know much else about it....reminds me of the whole 'Sasha' thing for Alexander/a from Russian.....and this family's heritage is a bit Russian.
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I was going to say Misha as well. I thinkn that's a really cute name.
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I know EXACTLY what you mean about waiting for the perfect name to hit you. With Samuel we just knew his name would be Samuel Ellis. With this one, everything we like seems to be just that...something we like, but not *THE NAME*. I'm glad we're not the only ones waiting for a lightening bolt out of the sky to say "That's it!"

Only male M name I can think of that hasn't been mentioned: Malachi.
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How about Milo?
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My name is adapted from Myrrh and can be used in
Myrrha ( said meer a)
Mira ( like Sorvino)
Myrrhiah or Mariah
Myrrhine ( I spell my name Mirine, sounds the same)
My girls are Mallory and Marley
My nick name as a kid was Mimi and Later in life Max and Maxi

Boys I like
Malikai or Biblical would be Malachai I think
: although I like Molokai for the island
I like Mehdi ( said may dee) which is an Indian name
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